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Not the babies fault

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A cop and a realtor walk into a bar together, they walk out and what do they get in return? Twins. Think...a man meets a woman in a bar for one night and finds out he's a father sometime later. How would you expect him to react? Runaway or live up to a fathers name? Become someone better than his own or become the deadbeat lowlife that was almost expected of him?

Romance / Children
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Chapter 1

“Sweet Christmas...” The male had documented towards the gray-haired woman. She had her hands cupped around his dark ones, his lips were planted against the side of her neck.

The woman that laid beneath him was Luna Shard, Chief Commissioner of the L.A.P.D. One of the most skilled officers there ever was and ever will be. The man on top of her? You could say he was a charming pick up from a bar. Why exactly was a woman like her, spending the night with a male who only wanted her from the neck down? To explain, we tell our story.

“Put your hands up, and let the girl go. Simple and easy. ” Luna had just been in the heat of a foot race. Her gun pointed towards a madman who was holding a small girl in his arms, she was sleeping. It was his daughter.

“She’s my daughter! She’s going to go with me! We’ll be together.” Luna looked at the man and aimed. He was getting ready to jump off of the building. She held her gun up and threw it at him, she makes a go for the girl as the gun hit his face. She grabbed the girl’s waist and then the man’s arm. They were both knocked out now.

“Comish! You should have waited! You’re not supposed to be. It even supposed to be out as much!” She heard one of her officers come grab the male as she hoisting the girl into her arms.

“You know me...always being me” she stated as she held the girl in her arms.

“I think we should hurry and get this girl to her mother” The woman picked up her gun, and she placed it in her holster. Getting down and calling the mother, telling her that they found her daughter, and then she returned the child. Looking at the time, she sighed to herself and clear up the precinct, sending herself home. She walked into her apartment with a soft smile knowing her boyfriend would probably be sleeping. She had been in a relationship which was half the reason she was so ready to always be moving, but this time it wasn’t the case. The only reason why she didn't sleep in her office.

“Michael? Micheal, you home?” She had called out and looked through the rooms and then going on her own. She found a few drawers open and didn’t think anything of it, so she called him.

“Michael? Baby where are you?” She walked into her kitchen and looked around, seeing some things empty and twisting her mouth.

“Luna? What the hell? Didn’t you get my note? Eh...wouldn’t have caught your fucking eye anyway. Might as well do it over the phone. You know I’m leaving, right? Leaving you?”

“What? Micheal quit playing.” Luna held her hand up to the phone and walked around to find that note he had mentioned. She did a nervous laugh and gripped her phone tighter, she hated surprises. She eventually found the note under a pile of her socks on the ground.

“Listen, babe. Delia and I-”

“Delia? What are you doing with Delia?” She kept her calm listening, what if it was a birthday surprise? A very late birthday surprise...

“Were leaving town for a vacation, and if you didn’t mind I took some cash. I needed it. Goodnight sweetheart. I have to go. Cant call and drive right?” The phone had hung up and Luna looked into the phone. Luna was the type of woman who would forgive but never forget. She was a sweet woman, she had short gray hair and soft blue eyes.

It took her an hour to figure out what had happened, her 3-year long boyfriend just took a vacation with her forever best friend and dumped her. For a forever best friend, she was a hoe.

The entire night she couldn’t sleep, thoughts going through her head, she was strong, but with being strong; she over thought a lot and sometimes she couldn’t fully register things. 6:00 came earlier than she thought it would, and that’s when she had decided to understand at the moment. She wanted to stay in and process more and ‘investigate’ on how her best friend since high school just ran off with her now ex-boyfriend and it made her furious.

However, she eventually knew she had to go to work, so she showered, brushed her teeth, got dressed and grabbed her accessories. She walked into work, this time not smiling like she normally does with a bounce in her step.

She loved her job, everyone respected her, loved her, and even adored her. She was the best, and no one could say otherwise. She walked into her office and slammed the door behind her, everyone looked towards the office door. They all began to whisper, but just thought it was because the stress of new cases being piled on her desk.

One of her co-workers, who had also one of her best friends since high school had, noticed this and entered her office. Now this woman, was a true best friend.

“Luna? Girl, are you alright?” Luna glanced at her and looked back down at the papers.

“He dumped me! After three whole years, he dumped me! Plus, it was right after I caught a child kidnapper! What kind of male does that!?” Luna shouted and threw her papers down.

“It does make sense...sorry, but Luna didn’t I say this a few years ago? Plus, he’s a rich French boy, didn’t your parents send him to you? God...” The woman, Harley Fox had stated. She would set this woman straight if she needed to.

“I...It was simple--It seemed okay at the time!” Luna began to twist her mouth.

“2 years you said he hasn’t even given a few touchy-feely feel sensation. When’s the last time you had an orgasm? Like what. 3 years ago?” Harley sat in her chair and crossed her arms. Harley was up front, she hated sugar coating and sweet talk.

“That’s irrelevant, for your information, it hasn’t been that damn long. Don't use that language in my office” Luna stated and stood up. Harley gave her the ‘bitch try me’ look and it worked.

“What am I kidding. ” She mumbled and plopped down into her chair. Letting out a sigh, Luna dug into her desk and pulled out a picture.

"All I have now is old memories, a messed up apartment, a load of fucking cases, and the whole L.A. Police departments to run.”

“Well I can suggest one thing, but you just got out of a relationship. I can also see that you haven’t broken down and cried yet. That’s a good sign. There’s this bar I know, go there, and get laid. You will be a new person tomorrow.” Hearing this from her best friend reassured her, just a bit. Not sure if getting laid a night after her ex-broke up with her, so she put in an all day thought of it as she worked.

"Wha-- what kind of advice is that?"

"Listen, that was a one night stand and that’s all it will ever be..” Jackson placed his phone face down and groaned. He hated when they called back after a few days or even the next day.

“Damn, always so fucking picky” He plopped down in his chair and picked up his Xbox controller. Wanting to play games before he goes out tonight. Jackson was currently 25, he had a stable home if you could call it, and stable job, However, he didn’t have a stable mind, a playboy state of mind.

All he cared about was living life to fullest and making himself feel good. He was raised just by his mother and started his whole crusade when he was 17.

He didn’t care how he treated women in the sheets, but he would never intentionally hurt them, in any way. He wasn’t a full on feminist, but one guess you could say he liked equality, only for his mother’s sake. He would always target women he thought would be right for him, but only for the night.

Checking the time a few times, he didn’t want to be late, he wanted to go to his favorite bar this time instead of a club. He turned off his console and grabbed his jacket. He looked himself in the mirror, sprayed a spritz of his cologne, and began to walk out. He felt lucky, but he had always felt lucky on nights like these, especially since today was his birthday.

Before he got into the car, his phone rang.

“Momma? Why are you calling me so late?”

“Oh, right, I'm supposed to make an appointment to call the man I gave birth to 25 years ago today. I didn’t think I needed too.”

“Uh, no mom. What’s up? Something wrong?” He asked his mother stepping into his car.
"Does rent need to be paid again?"

“No, no, just wishing my baby boy a happy birthday! Not every day you’re 25. I also don't like when you pay my rent without me knowing. ” He rolled his eyes and smiled.

“Yeah yeah, thank you, mom. Since you gave birth to me, why is it so hard for you to understand that I want to pay you back for all my...activities i did starting from being born?”

“Now, now... I sent you something, but I’m not sure it’s there yet. You give me a call once you get it. Now I gotta go, have to finish making this sweet potato pie” He laughed a bit and then hung up the phone.

As he arrived, he stretched and fix his clothing, entering the bar. It was dark as always, and as soon as he lifted his head to the bar he saw his target.

It had been a woman sitting on a bar stool, black dress going all the way down to her ankles, gray hair, but she hadn’t seemed old. He just wanted to make sure. His first encounter with a cougar wasn't pleasant.

He looked her up and down as he watched closely, she was his definition of thick and curvy. He got beside her barstool, and he was shocked. It was a white girl. Not the average 'fake girl' white girl, but one that looked all natural. Nothing like Kim K type. No makeup, nothing crazy but she did have some bags under her eyes.

He saw at least two other men make a move to sit beside, but all he did was make a face stating that she was his for the night. “Well damn...” Luna lifted up her head in question, she looked off to the side to see the voice. She stared in awe at the male, he was tall, dark and pretty fucking cute.

“You talking to me?” She asked and placing her hand on her cheek. It had been a long time since he had seen a white woman this beautiful without makeup, and he had a knack for seeing things as fake or real. He could tell all of her was real, no silicone breast or anything. He didn't just have this great eye for picking up chicks, he used this eye for good. He was a realtor.

“I mean...who else? Eyes like those I could only see you and me.” He placed his arm on the bar and smirked.

“Well...there’s plenty of others here so. Why not?” She stated and messed with the martini she had.

“But you’re the best of them all.” She stared at him for a moment and looked back down at her drink.

“I’ll speak the truth. You are the sexiest white woman I’ve ever met.” Her eyes widened and gaped at him, wanting to protest she stopped.

“Eh...what the hell” she stated and turned to him.

“How long have you been here? I think it would be nice to get you in some fresh air.” For a while they sat there, him buying her at least two drinks or more. Not wanting them to be too strong because he wasn’t a ‘let’s get a girl fully fledged drunk’ type of guy.

“I...think I know a place where we can get to know each other a whole lot better Luna...” he bit his lip, he saw that she had her poker face under control, but truly all she wanted was to lay down and sleep, maybe even focus on her job even more.

"Tell me a joke first...or a riddle. " She asked and slurred her words. Jackson chuckled and slid his hand into her waist. He shrugged and thought for a second.

"A...A cop and a realtor walk into a bar together, they get drinks, and talk, The cop asks the realtor: What would you like to get out of tonight? So the realtor thinks and says..." He stopped there and thought for a moment.

She decided to just say fuck it, the joke was horrble and he didnt finish it, and it was just a coincidence tht he said cop instead of anything else. They had both left in his vehicle.

While in the car she looked at him as she was on the passenger side.

“And what do you expect to get out of this night?” She asked as he got closer, placing his hand onto her thigh from the drivers side. “Should I always expect something? I may already know since where driving to my place...but do i really?” He asked.

She didn’t understand at first why it would be so hard for her ex, Michael to sleep with her. She was always able to seduce without any trouble, but when it came to him, he was just an ass. She hoped it was truly her that made him want to bring her home with him.

“Depends. You bought me drinks, took me outside for air...Got into your car...You should expext just a least a kiss”

With that, he took her to his house, and his motives were clear across his face. He didn’t make it too noticeable, he was stable, more than others could say. She was the one mainly pulling him inside, he heard his cat meowing in his room and cursed himself slightly.

He didn’t want anything interrupting them, but what harm could a cat do? He walked her into his room and his cat was inside of his drawer scraping the post and messing up the inside. He just shooed his pet away and placed her on the bed. He helped her with her clothing first, feeling her soft nails brush against his skin.

She almost forgot what it felt like, to have sensual rough hands grabbing at her legs, to feel meaningful lips go up to her chest and neck. Usually she would be a bit chatty but she didn’t want to ruin it, and of course, she was slightly shy of her body, even after all the shit she has been through.

He mumbled as he pulled out what he needed, no matter what, he made sure he was careful. It was that or face the wrath of his mother. If he ever wanted, which was a long shot, or ever did get someone pregnant then he would have to own up. He couldn’t leave like his own dad did, which had turned him into the man he is today.

By this time, they were both completely exposed to each other. He took her arms and placing them over her head as his lips explored her body. “With today’s society...I’m surprised to see a real woman like you. It’s rare” He mumbled as he kissed the middle of her breast. She heard the tear of a foil wrapper and balled her fist. She wanted this badly, she needed it as much. Goosebumps covering her legs, stomach, arms, and back, it being painfully bliss.

To her, it seemed like the night went slow, slow and sweet, but truly it was rough and a tint of creamy. She enjoyed it as much. Half the time, she was the one on top. Making long claw marks on his back and arms, not expecting to get more than one climax in only a few hours.

Her body was now hovering his, sweat covering her face as she moved her body forward. His hands guiding her and planted on her side. Watching him, she decided to stay still for a moment. Watching as he couldn’t hold out any longer, pleasing the both of them.

He held his hand through her hair and pulled her down to him, giving one last kiss before he groaned and had let her fall to the side. They both were panting, this being one of the longest nights she has had in a very long while. Most lasting only 30 minutes to an hour before Michael started wanting to finish quickly, only when she did sleep with him.

“You can leave in the morning if you want. You might need to call a friend after. ” he mumbled before he turned his back to her. Luna was completely in another state, her legs were crossed, and she was biting her lip once again.

Finally, she had gotten what she needed, but she realized this one night stand wasn’t going to do anything for her broken feelings. However, it helped. It helped her see how clueless she was to let some guy get in the way of her and forget her own common sense.

She had finally gone to sleep with the sound of a cat meowing from across the room.

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