Not the babies fault

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Chapter 10

“It was her fault...If she didn’t decide what she did this possibly wouldn’t have happened.”

Luna groaned as she pressed her face into her pillow. She hadn’t felt this horrible since forever. When turning over in her bed she once again stared at the empty spot next to her. She rose from her bed and rubbed her eyes. The smell of bacon had stung her nose and she rose her brows.

“Bacon..?” She questioned and started to remove herself from the bed.

“Don’t get up! Don’t get up yet!” She heard a familiar masculine voice come from outside her door. She had shook her head in realization.

“Jack...son?” She questioned and stayed in bed like he had requested.

“Good...” He seemed to mumble and he walked into the room with a tray.

“You made breakfast?” She asked him and sat up as he set the tray down off to the side.

“Yep, I was top in my culinary arts class.” She tilted her head staring at him. She rubbed her face trying to figure out what had happened after her parents left her home.

She went to her room and fussed a little bit, then she went to Jena, the only woman that seemed to be stable enough to have a conversation and she reassured her and so forth.

After everything was cleaned up she fed her babies and just went to sleep. So far that was the only thing she could remember at that point. He placed the tray of food in front of her and sat on the bed. She looked as he got everything ready for her and she sighed.

“Something wrong...?” He asked her, he knew something was wrong he just wasn’t sure how to go about it.

“Of course there is...My parents think that my babies are abominations. My children will not have a close bond with me because I didn’t breastfeed them for five months straight and I don’t even know you that well but you seem to want us to work?” She was close to yelling but stopped herself.

“Yeah, I do. Of course, the other night was a doozy but we can start...from the beginning. We can make today the start.” He stated. She just looked at his face.

What the hell did those kids do to him...?′ She thought to herself. He was so different when the first time they met but that was only one night.

“How do you suppose we do that?” She asked and folded her legs.

“You eat first, get dressed and go into work. I’ll take care of the kids and then we start.” She did as he said and ate her breakfast. After doing so she felt the sides of her breast before she went to the bathroom.

“The babies?” She asked in a hurry and walked to the living room, they were still asleep and she gave a breath and got down to them.

“Mommy's here” She stated and Madeline began to get fussy.

“What time is it?” She asked and turned her head.

“Pretty early, I guess you cops need to wake early so I just...woke up early.” He stated and walked over to the kitchen. She rocked Madeline but she didn’t stop crying and sat down, unbuttoning her nightshirt and getting ready to feed Madeline. She gave grunt once she latched onto her breast and she tilted her head back but then stopping once she heard another cry.

“Oh Come on…” She forced herself up and looked how she would pick him up.

“This is ridiculous…” She grunted and got onto her knee and reached down to grab her son.

“Do you need help?” Jackson asked from the side and she grunted.

“No. I have this.” She moved her hand in a different position but couldn’t grab him in a safe way. She then saw dark hands reach for her son and she squinted.

“I said I got it.” He gave her a look and rocked him on her shoulder but he still kept crying.

“Yeah yeah, I get it. I’m pretty sure you can do the rest…” He stated and gave the child to her after she got herself ready. She fed them for about thirty minutes straight, constantly squeezing her breast a few times. She let out a sigh after they had finished and buttoned herself up and placed Jacques on her shoulder.

As much as she didn't want to, she called for Jackson, she needed him to burp Madeline. He gladly took the little girl into his arms with a small towel on his shoulder and began to burp her.

“Did they...Did they run out of food while I was gone?” She asked him, she couldn’t believe she put the hands of her children of a guy she had only known for a short time. She felt like a horrible mother at this point.

“Surprisingly only up until the last week and by that I had um...asked a friend.” Her eyes widened and she placed her hand on Jacques' head.

“You gave them someone else’s breast milk?” She furrowed her brows.

“What did you expect me to do? I didn’t think that it would actually last that long.” He defended himself and she leaned back into the chair.

“I did give you almost ten gallons.”

“How?” He questioned, her eyes widened and she didn’t exactly want to tell him how she was able to just give him that much.

“I...don’t feel like telling you. Just say its a plot hole.”

“Okay? It’s not like they really ate that much..” She nodded and heard her son hiccup, she removed him from her shoulder and smiled looking at him.

“You’re getting so big!” She kissed his cheek and stood up putting him in an automatic bouncer and looked at him as she went into her room to change. She looked down at the bra she was going to wear and grunted. The stress of the other night caused her to start leaking.

She threw it in the dirty clothes basket and went on to take a shower, doing her hair and getting dressed in her usual attire. Getting out the shower she had called for her escorts. Grabbing her gun and her badge she placed it into her holster and grabbed a jacket from her closet.

Walking from her bedroom she saw Madeline being put into another bouncer and glanced at Jackson.

“We will part from...this and we’ll just have the kids going to separate homes till we figure things out...okay?” He reassured her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah...yeah.” She nodded and ended up walking out of her apartment. Unsure about the entire situation.

“You need to get my daughter away from that mongrel. The children...Do whatever you can.” The blonde haired woman begged the man in front of her.

“I don’t understand why you even left her, did you not even get the money we’ve been sending?”

“Yeah, but she was just type. I ran off with Delia because she was just a better girl than she was.” Cheryl placed her gloved hand onto her face.

“This is why we should’ve stayed in France. The moment we brought her back here…”

“That wasn’t really your choice, was it? The incident was the reason why you left right?” Michael looked at his neat nails and grunted.

“Yes, but we don’t speak of that...and you idiot. Wasn’t Delia her best friend or something?” She asked and Michael half nodded.

“Yes, but not really. Harley was the one that was her best or whatever. But yes I’ll get her back if you pay me. I just didn’t expect her to...have kids. She’s too much of a...i don't know Shes just really not fluent.” Cheryl rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.

“Once I know that my daughter is no longer with that man, then we’ll pay you. Our jet is ready for you.”

"Of course, and how long has it been since she socked you?” Cheryl sucked in a breath and looked to the side.

“She did not ‘sock’ me. It has only been two months. Considering it took that long to find you. Now go. Don’t be late.” The woman flipped her hair and walked to her own limo and got in beside her husband.

“Everything settled?”

“Of course darling” Her mother smiled and placed a hand onto her husbands.

“Say mommy...come on say, mommy…” Luna squealed at the sight of her girl in her hands. She was sitting at her desk with Harley off to the side sifting through papers.

“They’re seven months old. They won’t be able to say anything.” Harley commented without looking up from her papers.

“And? It couldn’t help but try. They probably don’t even know who I am. I was only with them for like...a few weeks or something. I need them to understand that I'm their mother.”

“Oh, they know girl, don’t worry about it.” She set Madeline down and then grabbed Jacques.

“Whos my baby boy? Can you say, mommy? Mo-meee. Come on, mo-mee.” She asked her boy and made faces to him.

“Mmm,” He said aloud and her eyes widened.

“See! He's learning!” She smiled and looked at Harley. Harley stood up.

“Look, he won’t talk because-”

“Mama…” Harleys eyes widened her eyes and just stared at her Godson.

“W-what...Say it again baby! You can come on!” She asked but he didn’t say anything else and just held him.

“He spoke his first word! Aha!” She set him down and threw her arms up.

“I stand corrected...He must be the smart one then.” Harley joked and looked at the both of them.

“When should Jackson be coming?”

“Not sure.”

“And how have you been doing...both of you?” She questioned and leaned over her desk while she filed papers.

“Oh...Pretty good, our first actual date was a picnic, and then we went and got pizza for the second. Just simple dates and so far I’ve been appreciative of them. It’s just so close to a year that maybe I think this could work. He’s really sweet, pretty respectful and he’s just so...ama-” She stopped herself when the door to her office opened.

“Hey” Jackson walked in and saw the twins in a bouncer off to the side.

“Hey, I fed them already so they should be alright.” She started and placed them in their car seats.

“You have my key right?” She questioned and lifted up Jacques car seat and handed him Madeleines.

“Yeah. I’ll see you tonight right?”

“Yeah, just make sure they are in the bed.” She smiled and walked out with him to go them in the car.

Luna put him in the car and then walked over to the driver's side to see him.

“So...It’s been really um...nice having you around.” He nodded and tilted his head.

“None of this would’ve happened if you just left the hospital room in those thirty seconds.” He laughed and rubbed the back of his head.

“I'm too much of a nice person you know?” He joked and opened his car door.

“And it wasn’t just because I didn’t want to be an asshole it’s just...i know what it feels like to grow up without one and I couldn’t just have that on your shoulders” He looked at her for a moment and she leaned into the window and kissed him.

“I should...thanks.” She smiled and then walked back into the building. She felt a smile form on her face and she walked up to her office door and going in.

"So the kids are- Michael?” Her eyes widened and stopped seeing the blonde male by her window.

“Oh, yeah. Luna...darling.” He smiled a smug smile and she walked up to him. She gave a breath and soon her fist came in contact with his perfect French-American white jawline.

“Bastard…” She mumbled and rubbed her knuckles.

“W-What the...are you crazy?!” He shouted and stood up off the ground.

“No, but you did run off with my best friend and trashed my apartment.” He stared at her and rubbed his chin once more.

“Sorry, sorry...I just came to...well get you back?” He dropped his arms and got closer to her.

“Get me back? You realize it’s almost been two years?” She furrowed her brows and opened her office door.

“Just get out.”

“Come on, I can be what you wanted me to be. You know...a good husband? A dad? I suspect that...You really need one.” He placed his hand on her shoulder. Her face changed and she sighed. She raised her hand to his cheek and gripped onto his ear.

“O-ow! Let my ear go!” She then pulled him by the ear and walked all the way down to the entrance of the precinct and almost literally threw him out.

“You almost tore my ear off woman!” He shouted and gripped onto his ear and her face was still.

“Walk in here again and I’ll have you arrested. Bye Bye…” She stated and rolled her eyes going up to her office. Harley was miraculously sitting back in the chair.


“Hm? I went to go get coffee.” She smiled and decided to talk about some police work for the remainder of the night.

“You guys fed, bathed and now you're ready for bed aren’t you guys?” He asked his twins and went into her bedroom, placing them into their small sleeper beside her bed. He just leaned over their sleeper and looked at them. They had been getting darker, most likely due to how much they’ve been outside, of course not too much.

Getting to the kitchen he picked out some items to make a small dinner with. Rubbing his nose he took out some sauce and smelt it, making sure it was good. Before he went to get some more the door was knocked on.

He walked to the door and opened it.

“Uh...yeah?” He questioned the nicely dressed man in front of him.

“This is the residence of Luna? Of course, it is…” The male stated and pushed past Jackson quickly.

“What the hell? Hey, what do you think you're doing?” He got in front of him and placed his hand on the male's chest.

“Oh? Didn't she tell you? I'm...Micheal. Her boyfriend? Or well ex and I've come to...tell you off? Is that how one would say?” The male fixed the cuff of his shirt and turned around.

“Listen, man, I don't think you're welcomed. Considering you just kinda left her so I would love for you to get out of this apartment.” Jackson grabbed the man and started to push him.

“Listen, just leave.” Micheal grabbed his arm.

“Excuse me?”

“Just leave. You can gather your things and just walk out. I can give you as much money as you want. My money is expendable. I understand she may have given you a choice but those eyes and that face of hers...I'm guessing you couldn't just say no. She didn't have anyone and she has someone now, me. So you can leave and go back to your...scoundreling.” Jackson listened to his offer.

It was one he possibly couldn't give up. Yeah, Luna gave him a choice to go but that was thirty seconds and he just found out he has kids. He furrowed his brows.

‘Shes pretty stable and this guy most likely makes a lot more money then I do. Plus he’ll pay me...If I had gotten this offer a lot earlier I would have taken it.’ He thought to himself.

“Lets...How about this offer. You can leave and keep your money. These are my kids and I think I rather have them then some rich French guys money. I can handle my own.” The male's eyes furrowed and sighed.

“Do I really have to resort to violence?” Micheal mumbled to himself. He looked around and saw a glass table. Jackson was confused on what he was doing but he then raised his hands and grabbed onto Jackson's wrist and arm and like a bag of potatoes launched him onto the table. Surprisingly the table didn't break like Micheal thought it would but he shocked Jackson either way.

Jackson coughed and placed a hand onto his chest, he hadn't registered what had happened yet and staggered up leaning against the wall.

“It seems I have to convince you a different way. I was in...well what you call a fight club while in India. Very disgusting but I was able to learn and listen. Unlike you.” He began to take off his suit jacket and placed it on the couch.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” He asked. Before he could react more the male went around the table and punched Jackson in the nose causing his head to go back and hit the wall. Jackson's nose began to bleed and he gripped onto it.

His sight was blurry for a moment before he tried to get a hold onto things. He removed his hand from his face and grabbed a small candle that was on a little stand beside him. He grabbed it and bashed it across Micheals' face. Micheal flung his fist into his direction as he got hit. Jackson blocked his hit and then using his own fist to counter across his left cheek causing him to stagger.

Jackson shook his head and opened his arms and slammed both of his hands onto his ears to discombobulate him. Micheal yelled at the sudden hit and just flung his arm to do a side body hook, causing Jackson to block his hit with his elbow.

After blocking he took his one fist and body shotted him in the stomach.

“You bastard! Where…” Micheal sniffed and rubbed his nose. He did fight in a fight club, but winning one fight doesn't make one an all-star. He was surprised by how skilled Jackson was at fighting, he thought him to be a properly raised man so he didn't think he could fight.

Micheal lunched towards him and did a feral left hit, As Jackson saw this he pushed his arm and socked his right jaw. Jackson gave a huff of breath, everything had seemed to go in slow motion. He needed to finish this and get his kid out of here. He could already hear them cry due to the ruckus that they were making.

They knocked the table over and glass was shattered on the floor due to the candle that was smashed and a few more items. Jackson stumbled back himself, he held onto the curtain of a window and ducked as Micheal tried to land a hit on his face and punched at the point of his jaw once more, most likely causing a fracture.

Jackson pulled his arms back and landed another punch onto his ribs causing him to spit blood over his face. He managed to push Micheal back to give him a breath. He used his other hand to punch the other side of his jaw, causing his jaw to finally break.

Micheal screamed in pain and staggered back. His eyes widened to see a kick being landed into his chest launching him into the couch and falling over. Jackson turned his head to Luna's room and almost sprinted over to them.

Before he grabbed the doorknob he heard a bang. It hadn't registered yet but he felt ringing in his ears. Pain shot all the way through his body and he couldn't breathe. As the door was pushed open with his weight he fell over onto the ground. His eyes going to the middle of his chest. Slowly his green shirt turned red and he used all of his strength to look at the sleepers and closed his eyes against what his mind was telling him.

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