Not the babies fault

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Chapter 11

“I expect you to leave, I expect you to walk out of this room in the next 30 seconds and never come back. If you’d like to prove me wrong, then go ahead.” Luna told him and crossed her arms. Jackson sighed and looked at the twins and then her.

“I...yeah. Good luck.” He told the new mother and walked out of the hospital room. Jackson wasn’t going to end his entire life here. He wasn’t ready to be a father, to twins at this age in life. This was something he thought he would never get himself into.

He glanced at the woman who seemed to be the woman’s friend and she gave him a look. He shook his head and stepped into the elevator and decided to forget about everything that had happened in the past few hours. Getting into his car he revved it up and drove home. The voices of the children rang in his ears.

It was right to leave...they would be better without me as a father anyway’ He thought to himself and continued to go home. Made a small call to his mother telling her that he felt as if the world was in his favor and just talking to her. He did as he usually did, shower and get ready for bed because it had been a long day.

“Luna...Luna baby is...what’s wrong?” Harley looked at her best friend who was crying, her hands had covered her face and she was a mess.

“I’m such an idiot...I can’t believe I actually thought he would stay. I...i can’t believe I had hope for them.” Luna balled, Harley, held onto her best friend and let her cry into her shoulder.

“Hey...look. You’ll be fine without a baby daddy, he...They will also be okay. You have me alright?” Harley looked at the woman and held onto her. The father of her children just left, without giving them a thought at least.

Months soon had passed, Luna was never able to train for a new but simpler job. Her twins had followed her everywhere. She went to work with them, and only stayed in her office most of the time. Harley, of course, was a big help and agreed to be the godmother. Harley had retired early only for the sake of her best friends kids, she eventually became a second mother to them and everything was just normal, even without the father figure.

Jackson went on with his charades. His children drained from his mind. Of course, Seline had her own thoughts and decided she could get her lover back one more time, only led into a world of destruction.

The woman had gone feral and ended up trying to kill Jackson weeks after a confrontation with her and he ended up doing to her what she was trying to do to him. Jackson was sent to jail, gaining manslaughter charges and getting fifteen years in prison.

Jena, his mother had learned of this charge and almost died of heartbreak, this endeavor had reminded him of what his life would’ve been like if he stayed with her. The woman whose name he can’t even remember and the kids he never took care of. He ended up telling his mother of the woman and she never called back or visited him when he went to prison after his confession to her.

Fifteen years had passed for both of them. Jackson Had grown into another person, and Luna was happy being a single mother. Jackson felt as if he should amend for the shit he’s done in the past, starting with the woman he left. He could only remember that she was the police commissioner.

He walked out of the Prison, the wind on his face and he knew what to do. The first thing of finally being a free man was to go apologize, possibly meet the people that they had become if she would let him.

He got into a cab and was driven over to what he thought was a precinct. His eyes furrowed looking at the building. He was now a known felon and was hesitant to go in, but a newspaper clipping caught his eye before going in.

He grabbed onto the paper and read the headline.

Commissioner’s daughter kidnapped and killed. The condition of the son unknown’ The wind was taken out of him, his daughter's face was printed on the front. He didn’t even have to think twice about her, she looked like the exact look-alike of him. He suddenly flipped the paper to read more about it.

Serial killer is known as ‘The Whisperer’ has struck again. The man was a professor at a local high school for the children of the current commissioner Luna Shard. It had seemed as if he has had a fascination with the commissioner for a long time. The whisperer had attempted to kidnap Jacques Shard, the commissioners' son and ended up kidnapping her daughter. Days later she was found mutilated-’ Jackson ripped his eyes from the paper and threw it down to the trash nearby.

He wasn’t heartbroken, but he was shocked. He felt guilty. He looked back at the date of the paper, only a few days ago. He then grabbed another newspaper that was recent and read the headline once more.

‘Commissioner Luna Shard missing’ Not that his life was already screwed up, it was as if he had screwed up the life of the people he left in that hospital room.

Did I do this? What...Did…’ He couldn’t help but think it was his fault. He dropped the paper and then just began to wonder. He walked in a straight line for miles on the sidewalk. He didn’t understand the meaning of what had happened in the past fifteen years.

“Hey! Watch out!” Someone yelled. Jackson lifted his head, but as he did he only saw the front of a bus hit him head-on. His eyes closed and his body becoming stiff in pain.

“Hng!” Jackson’s eyes opened up as the pain in his chest became greater. He could only use his eyes, his eyes darted all over and he saw faces in front of him, someone familiar showed up.

He saw her lips move and tears covering her cheeks. He couldn’t understand her but just watched as she tried to speak to him.

Is this real? Did I...Did I stay? Am I dad still or...was that all another dream. A nightmare? What is she trying to say? The pain in my chest hurts. I can’t move my head but all these people...They’re doctors right?’ He thought to himself, he saw as Luna was throwing her hands across someone. She began to fade from his vision but it seems as if she was being pulled away.

He just looked straight up to the lights above him and saw a flashlight being put in his face. He was tired, he felt so exhausted he had to close his eyes just for a minute. Just a five-minute nap right? With his thoughts, he closed his eyes and went into darkness.

~1 Hour earlier~

“Hm..maybe-” Luna stopped herself when she had heard a gunshot. Her instinct kicked in and went for the gun on the side of her body. She was on the same floor as her apartment and her eyes widened. She automatically thought of Jackson. Her escorts tried to get in front of her but she dropped her stuff and shot off to her apartment.

The door was closed and she opened it. She almost screamed when she saw Jackson fall over, and Michael dropped to the ground with a gun in his hands. The cries of her baby’s got her ears and she dropped her gun stepping over Michael as her escorts dealt with the unconscious man.

“Jackson! Jackson!” She screamed and looked at the blood pooled under him. She knew her escorts called an ambulance already. She dropped to her knees and flipped him over. She placed her hands on his wound.

“Oh my god, my babies." She lifted her head up and heard them cry.

“I got them ma’am” A male rushed passed her to check on them and it seemed as if they had been okay. Her focus now was solely on the man under her.

“Hey! Jackson look at me” Her blood covered hands touched his face and she heard sirens. The medical team was rushed in and they took Jackson away from her. She only saw in shock as they took him away. She went for her babies and was forced to stay in her apartment.

“I order you to let me go, dammit!” She yelled at her officers. They wouldn’t let her go but Harley had come and helped her out. She rushed Luna towards the hospital and she dealt with the twins.

She was at the hospital hovering over his gurney.

“Jackson, Jackson can you hear me? Dammit, don’t leave me now!” She hovered over him. His eyes were darting all over the place but locked on hers.

“Ma’am I need you to step away please, Someone get her out of here!” A nurse yelled and soon Luna had been pulled away.

“Hey! Let me go! Let me go, dammit!” She screamed out and kicked her legs. She didn’t realize the tears streaming down her face.

“Just...Just let me go please.” She stopped moving in the person’s arms and they escorted her to a waiting room where Harley was.

Harley set the twins down and wrapped her arms around Luna. She couldn’t help but break down in her arms and almost dropped to her knees.

“Its okay girl, I have you. I’m always here for you. Just...hes gonna come back.” Harley gripped onto her best friend and soon she was sat on a chair and the crying had tired her out.

It was hours before they had gotten news. Luna was still asleep to the side and the children were sleeping as well. Harley stayed awake as a doctor came out of the double doors.

“Yes? Whats going on?” She asked.

“He's okay, he's stable for now but it did some damage. He's going to have to stay in the hospital for recovery. He's currently in a medically induced coma just for his healing.” Harley gave a breath of relief and decided to wake Luna up. Telling her about the news they were able to go see him. A tube going down his throat and machines hovering over his body. She sat on the bed and she couldn't help but not leave his side.

“Six months...It takes six months for a wound to heal like this…” She told herself and laid her head down on his shoulder. The sound of the machines helping her sleep next to him.

She was happy that he was okay, she wasn't sure if she could handle him leaving. Handle him not coming back to her.

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