Not the babies fault

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Chapter 12

“Jena, please it’s alright! You don’t need to take them right now. Jackson is getting out today so I’m sure they can be with us.” Jena held the twin on her hip.

“No no sweetheart. Jackson has been in rehab for five months straight, I’m pretty sure all he wants to do is see his girlfriend. Lord knows that he hasn’t had some time alone with you. So I’ll get them ready, you go enjoy helping him go home.” Jena placed her hand onto Luna's shoulder and pushed her towards the hospital room. A sigh escaped her mouth and she entered the hospital room seeing Jackson standing at the window.

“What are you doing up?”

“Just wanted to look outside...I’m basically all healed up so why shouldn’t I be up and about.” He joked and turned around to her. She couldn’t help but smile as he looked healthy. He spent just one month sitting in bed and healing, while everything was rehab and getting back up on his feet.

“Yeah, but you just healed.” She walked up to him and placed her hands on his arm.

“I can’t believe I was in the hospital for their first birthday…” He mumbled and looked down at his hand. She saw his distraught face and sighed moving his face to hers.

“Hey, it’s going to be okay you know? It was their first birthday and I’m sure they had a nice time spending it with their a hospital room.” He tilted his head back and shook his head.

“I did never ask...where did you learn to fight? Micheal was beaten up really bad.” He let out a huff. Glancing at her questioning eyes he answered.

“I just learned. I may have been a good kid in school but I wasn’t a saint you know.” She nodded and she pulled him to sit on the bed.

“Are you ready to go home though?” She asked him and he hesitated.

“Yeah…” She saw something in his eyes and let him go. She went ahead and began to finish packing up everything that they had in the room. She now hated these white and blue walls, she had been staring at them for the longest of six months. She gathered his things and then held onto his stuff and wheeled up a wheelchair to him.

“You know I can walk right?” He told her and rubbed his hair.

“Yeah yeah, but just sit in the chair till we get out the hospital okay?” She asked him and he had nodded. He sat down and tilted his head back with a smile.

She leaned down softly and kissed him.

“Ah yes, those million dollars lips.” He stated and she laughed with his bags behind her and saw Jena playing with the twins.

“Ready?” Jena asked and picked both twins up. Jackson nodded and they all had walked out to the pickup area. Jackson stood and stretched his arms out.

“I’m driving alright?” Jena stated while putting the kids in the car seat in the backseat if the car. Luna placed his bags in the car and then let him sit in the front seat. After Jackson got in and Luna sat between her twins they began to drive off. Luna had finally caught a break that day and fell asleep with the twins.

“You know…” Jena stated and made sure that Luna was fully asleep.

“Yeah, mom?” He asked and tilted his head towards her.“I...I know. About everything I mean…” Jena felt a weight being lifted off of her chest as she said that.

“What do you mean? With me being...shot?” He asked and she just shook her head.

“No...just the little white lie you told me over the phone, and in front of my face a year ago.” Jackson's body tensed up and he just stared at his mother.

“Of course I didn’t realize it till the family dinner thing, but I didn’t bother to say anything because it seemed as if you had everything under control.” He hadn’t known what to say. Did she really know this entire time and just..kept quiet?

“M-mom i-” She stopped him with a shush.

“ need to explain yourself. I already know what you were most likely thinking but I’m glad you made the right choice. Did I like you lying to me? No, I didn’t. Did you make up for it? Yes, you did. I love you and respect you for it.” He just sunk into his chair. If he had known all this time that she did, he wouldn’t have done some of the things he did.

“How did you figure it out…?” He asked with slight hesitance.

“Well, when I went over to her apartment. No pictures of the both of you and it was apparent you both were not living together. Then at the table when she found out you were Jewish and then when she mentioned coming back from training. I see through people sometimes and I figure out the lies no matter what happens.” She told her son and gave him a smile. He felt ashamed but then he felt relieved that she was...approving of his choice where he is at now.

“” He told her and he turned his head to the window. She looked at him once more. Her son was different, not the playful and flirty guy she knew and raised, but someone hurt and probably shocked. She most likely wouldn’t be able to get it out of him but she knew Luna probably could.

When getting back to her apartment, Jena left the small family home and went on to her own place.

“Mama! Mama!” Luna had put the kids in the playpen in the living room. She had been making dinner for the both of them, she let Jackson rest in the bedroom. Placing her knife and apron down she washed her hands and walked into the living room.

Madeline had been pushing and pulling on the playpen bar as Jacques was messing with his blocks, putting them in his mouth.

“Come to me little girl, how are you?” She asked her child and she just reached for her mother’s grey hair.

“Ow..but yeah. My hairs getting longer, isn’t it? I might cut it.” She brushed her child’s hair back and looked at the curls. She let out a sigh, she already knew to do this girls hair was going to be the hardest thing she would have to do for the next few years.

She kissed her cheek and took her in the kitchen, but not before checking to see if Jacques was alright. Walking into the kitchen she looked at the pictures on her fridge and smiled at them. She looked at her daughter once more and her hand was in her mouth. She smiled and kissed her head once more and set her back in the playpen. She went back to finishing dinner and set the table.

She set the kids in the high chairs and pumped herself. She took a bit filling a few bottles and placing them at their highchairs and went to go get Jackson. She opened the door, the bed was ruffled but he wasn’t there. Seeing his shirt on the floor she walked to the bathroom and the door was cracked.

Looking through it, she saw Jackson over the sink, tensed and gripping on to it. She opened the door more and saw that he had tears coming from his eyes.

“Jackson?” She asked and opened the door fully. He turned his head and wiped his face. She stood there for a moment and walked towards him. She placed her hand on him and he flinched.

“Jackson...are’s okay. You can talk to me.” She then grabbed onto his arm a bit more and turned him around. She saw the scar on his chest, his face turned the other way and his eyes closed.

“Oh...Jackson…” She mumbled softly and wrapped her arms around him. She closed her eyes and squeeze him tightly. She felt wet drops falling onto her shoulders.

“What if I lost them...What if they lost me. What if I just died on the floor of this apartment and left all three of you.” He placed his hands against her head.

“What if I never came from that coma and what if I never stayed.” He kept giving her what if statements and she removed her face from his chest.

“Look at me, that’s in the past and this is the future...the present. You are here, you are okay. You are alive and you wont leave me...or you won't leave them.” Her lip began to quiver and she, herself tried to keep herself from crying. She placed her finger on his chest as she spoke.

“I won’t leave, and you won’t leave. They won’t leave.” He looked at her crying and pulled her into an embracing hug.

“Stop...crying. I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He rubbed her head and she sniffed herself. She laughed at herself and went to grab his shirt.

“Come on, put this on okay?” She told him and wiped her face.

“We have a dinner to eat.” He laughed at himself and rubbed his own eyes. After fixing themselves they had gone to the kitchen and the twins had been drinking from their bottles.

“Breast milk still?” He asked and she nodded.

“Until they are five.” She stated, she was being dead on serious at this point. He didn’t say anything and just grabbed his son first.

“Hey kid, being a good boy?” He asked and ruffled his hair. His son just touched his face and smiled. He let a soft sigh escape his mouth and then set him back down to eat with her.

In the middle of the dinner he kept staring at her door frame. She didn’t notice until he spoke up.

“We should get a new place…” He stated after he finished and cleaned his plate.

"What?” She asked and looked at him.“We should get a new place... I don’t enjoy... I mean...i just don’t like the apartment anymore…” He stated and stood at the kitchen sink.

“Yeah...okay then. Um...we can start looking tomorrow.” She spoke to him and held onto his hand after he finished. He smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“You know...You know what the best part of being in the hospital was?” He asked her and pushed her hair behind her ear.“

Hm? What?” She asked and smiled.

“The hospital bed sex...that was some pretty cool stuff.” She burst into laughter and shook her head.

“Yeah, and we almost pressed the code blue button, the nurse call button, and almost pulled out some of the machine cords.” She joked and he just laughed as well and hugged her to his chest.

“We should get them to bed, then sleep ourselves alright?” She nodded and went to go clean up the kids and put them to bed. She smiled at the both of them and placed them down in their bed pens.

“They fall asleep so easily.” He smiled and watched from his side of the bed. She changed into her night clothes and then got beside him as well in the sheets. She placed her hand on his and kissed his cheek.

“Apartment searching...tomorrow…” She kissed his cheek and wrapped her arms around him as they laid on their back.

“Alright…” He pulled her to his chest and closed his own eyes. Tired from the past six months of seeming torture.

“This one has...three bedrooms, large kitchen, and a balcony. Always liked balconies…” He looked at her for a moment and smiled.


“What? What’s wrong?” She asked him and he rubbed his face.

“You are talking to a full-time real estate agent about this place right here? I can tell just by looking at this advertisement...that this place is a load of bull. Most likely has two bedrooms and one bathroom kitchen, with a balcony but looking at a brick wall.” He grabbed the paper from her hand and tossed it. Her mouth dropped as she shook her head.

“Well, what did you expect me to do?” She asked and he shook his head.

“We can look somewhere else.” He taunted her and gripped her by the waist.

“I just don’t mind living here until we find that perfect new place. I just...want to be able to be with you." She gushed softly and shook her head.

“Well, when I find a place that I can afford then we can do so. You can go back to your house if you’d like.” She gave him the option and shook his head.

“Yeah yeah…” He just kissed her and at that exact moment knew what he wanted.

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