Not the babies fault

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Chapter 13- The End

~ 3 Years Later~

“Daddy! Daddy! Sissy won’t leave me alone!” Jacques screamed through the apartment. Jackson groaned and removed himself from the living room and looked into the kitchen.

“What’s going on..” He stated and tucked his phone in his back pocket seeing his son hide behind his pant leg.

“Sissy hit me!” Looking down at his son and saw his daughter run into the kitchen but stopped once she saw her father.

“Madeline...Why are you hitting your brother.” He asked sternly and the tough girl blew her cheeks up.

“He took my stuff! He took my colors and broke them!” She stomped her foot. She had been wearing jeans and a blue shirt with ruffles, while Jacques had been wearing some overalls and a pair of small glasses.

“Why did you break her colors?” He looked at his hands.

“I didn’t mean to…” He mumbled and Madeline growled.

“Both of you, say sorry to each other.” Jackson furrowed his brows and folded his arms. They both whine and he looked at them sternly.

“Sorry…” They both said in unison. Just as the little spat ended the door had opened. The long-haired woman walked through the door. Luna had grown her hair out and it had grown to an amazingly long length. She mainly kept it in a bun most of the time, but it dropped all the way down to her thighs.

“Mommy’s home!” They both squealed and almost got knocked down by them running to their mother.

“Hey, twinkies! How was today with daddy?” She asked them and they both smiled and responded. She rubbed the top of their heads and removed the hair bow from her hair and kept it in a ponytail.

“How did they behave?” She asked Jackson, he didn’t look gruff but he had grown an iron man goatee look going on. She smiled and kissed him as she set her stuff down and the noises of her kid's giggling stopped them.

“Now what are you two up to? You ready for your first day of school soon?” She bent down to her knees and looked at them.

“Yeah!” Jacques had jumped up and smiled as his glasses bumped his face.

“I don’t want to do school…” Madeline had scrunched her nose. Jacques seemed to be the smartest of the two, while Madeline had been into sports since she could walk. She started out with soccer and now was in gymnastics. She was a pretty strong girl and was tough for her age.

“Did daddy make your dinner yet?” She asked him and they both shook their head.

“Daddy says Auntie Harley will make us dinner!” Jackson groaned and facepalmed. Luna questioned the two and lifted up.

“Harleys coming over?” She asked and Jackson sighed.

“Kids...Well anyway, it was supposed to be a surprise but i was going to take you out somewhere tonight.” She tilted her head to the side.

“Oh, well... I don’t know where. so it still technically is. When do I get ready?” She asked and decided to pick Madeleine up as Jacques was handed off to his father.

“When Harley gets here.” He smiled and kissed her on the cheek.

“There’s a dress I got for you. Harley should be coming any minute now actually. So they will be playing out here while we get ready.” She plopped herself on the couch and looked at her daughter.

“How did you do her hair? I can’t manage to do her hair like this.” Luna placed her hand against her smooth edges.

“It takes skill baby and a toothbrush.” She was confused on the toothbrush part but shook her head. For a while they had played with the twins, they had wrestled like regular twins but seem to just love each other in the end.

Jackson couldn’t help but stare at his cute little family, the twins tackling their mother and tickling them both and vise versa. Soon a knock had come to the door and he stood up.

“Hey Harley.” Harley smiled and held her arms out for a hug.

“Whats up bro, the kids all good?” She questioned and he nodded. When hugging him she slowly slipped something into his pocket and walked off and he smiled.

“Best frand!” Harley squeaked out and placed her purse off to the side and hugged her friend.

“Auntie Harley!” The twins squealed and wrapped themselves around her legs.

“Did you bring us something!?” They asked in unison.

“Hey! Mind your manners.” Luna scolded them and they had their heads down.

“Did you bring us something, please miss auntie Harley?” Luna threw her hands up and questioned herself.

“I sure did…” Harley winked at Luna as she was being pulled away.

“So do tell me, what’s this surprise dinner?” She asked and he just pulled her into their room.

“Secret love.” He told her and wrapped his arms around her waist under her trench coat she had been wearing. He furrowed his brows as he felt her gun on her side.

“Oh, sorry. I’ll just…” She removed the holster around her waist and had placed it into her safe box and locked it.

“I know...I promised we’d find a place other than this crummy apartment but-” He cut her off with grabbed her waist and kissing her softly.

“Hey...It’s alright. Therapy has helped and I’m doing all good. No worries.” He leaned down and wrapped his arms around her legs and picked her up, placing her around his waist causing her to squeal a bit and hold onto him.

He placed her against the wall near their dresser and placed his lips on hers, it had been a soft and smooth kiss. Her fingers had scraped the back of his head and down to his neck. His arm had been keeping her legs around him and his body pressed against hers onto the wall.

She felt a shiver go up against her spine when his other hand cupped the side of her cheek and slowly began to take her ponytail out, bringing his hand through her hair. They had both been startled when a knock came to the door.

“Hey! I hear you there! No hanky panky and get yourselves ready already!” Harley yelled from the other side of the door and Luna just burst into laughter. Jackson, on the other hand, looked unamused and placed her down.

“Fine…” He stated and walked away from her to the closet. She rolled her eyes.

“Here’s the dress, I had it tailored and designed by a really good friend. I sold her a really great house so she said if I ever needed anything then to ask, so I took advantage of it.” He smiled and held a dress bag for her.

“You most likely want the bathroom to get ready, I have everything in here currently.” She took the dress bag and looked at him.

“How much was this?” She asked and all he did was shake his head and pushed her into the bathroom.

“Okay okay! I get it!” She told him and unsheathed the dress. It was an Ericdress Sheer Neck Mermaid Lace Evening Dress. The color was green and it had no straps to it. She looked and admired the tailors and smiled. She knew this must’ve cost a lot and just felt the dress in her hands.

“It’s...amazing.” She breathed out to herself and hung it up on the door. She turned on the shower and stripped. She placed her hands in her hair and looked at it. The color was still a light grey, not showing she was old.

She smiled at it but then felt a sharp pain in her chest. She let go of her hair and turned her head away. She didn’t bother touching it until she finished and washed it. Getting out of the shower she put her hair up in a towel and grabbed her phone. She had made a hair appointment, to cut it back to the length it was before.

After putting the dress on and styling her hair and putting makeup on she looked at herself in the mirror. Giving a breath of air she opened the door and picked up the dress so it wouldn’t drag.

“Wow, mamma…” A smile was brung to Jackson's lips.

“This is the most expensive dress I’ve ever worn...and the highest I ever paid for a dress was 60 dollars.” She looked at her and then looked at him. He was wearing a simple but elegant Floral Satin Shiny Black Lapel, Two-Toned Mens Tuxedo. The white had contrasted hers well and he had a bowtie on which made her laugh.

“Seriously, what’s the occasion?” She asked and he held out his hand.

“We just got to go soon, alright.” She nodded and looked for a purse that would match her dress. Grabbing a small pocketbook she held it and went to go look for shoes.

“I got shoes also.” He stated and went under the bed and pulled out a box. A green pair of pumps her size. She smiled and him and kissed him quickly.

“On a cop's salary, this would have been death.” She told him and finally finished getting ready. When finally finished getting dressed he opened the door and Harley was playing with the twins.

“Oh, girl you look sessy!” Harley squealed and stood up.

“Mommy look pretty!” Jacques smiled and ran towards her with open arms. SHe smiled and picked him up while Madeline scowled.

“I don’t like dresses! But mommy looks pretty.” Madeline ran up to her dad and reached her arms up waiting to be picked up.

“You take us to?” Madeline asked and messed with his bow tie.

“No, sorry baby. Well, see you later though okay? Harley is gonna take good care of you.” He kissed her cheek and then kissed his son's cheek.

“Make sure that they in bed by nine okay?” Harley nodded and saluted to her best friend as he escorted her out the door. While doing so she held onto Jackson’s hand and he hummed. He could help but just stare at her hands. Her nicely long but trimmed nails and soft skin. He couldn’t help but not breath when he was next to her. She was tall and lovely. Her eyes bring out the best of herself and she brings out the best of him in general.

Getting her to a car he helped her inside and sat in the driver's side. He hummed as he drove and caught Luna staring at him.

“What are you staring at?” He questioned and she smiled and shook her head.

“Nothing just...enjoying the sight of my boyfriend.” She admitted and leaned back. He smiled at her and then drove for a couple more minutes and soon ended up at a fancy looking restaurant.

“Wow...Les t'ua? This is just great…” She smiled at him and was escorted out of the car by a valet driver. Jackson walked up to her and gave her his arm. She wrapped her arm in his and held him tightly.

“I didn’t think we were going to this place. It’s one of the fanciest places on the block.”

“Everything for you, love. Don’t worry about it, just enjoy the night and take it all in okay?” She nodded and hummed softly as he gave them a small ticket for the reservation and walked inside. Classical music was played throughout the restaurant.

“So, now for tonight, I had reserved a table by the window that has an amazing view of a fountain.” Luna looked out the window and sat down in front of him.

“This is...the fanciest date I’ve ever been on. I don’t believe I ever would have done something like this on a regular basis or something. It's crazy…” She gushed over the exterior and she felt overwhelmed.

“That’s good because today is just a day that I think would be...special. It’s a great night.” He held onto her hand and looked at her. The thing he wanted in life, was the woman in front of him. The woman that brung him happiness when he least expected it.

The night went on with laughter and love in the air, They had been at the end of their dinner and had been waiting on the check.

“I just want to ask…” He asked her, he wanted to know just a bit more.

“Yeah?” She asked placing her finished wine glass down.

“Who...who was your first?” He asked her and her eyes widened.


“I just want to know, don’t I have a right.” He joked and she rolled her eyes.

“Wow, play that card. Well if I tell you, you have to tell me.” She taunted and he nodded. As she thought, she sat frozen, her eyes wandering off to the back of her mind.

She felt cold as she thought and Jackson broke her out of her trance.

“Babe, you okay? You zoned out.” She looked at him and nodded.

“Yeah, so...Michael.” She told him and he leaned back in his chair.

“That'” She flicked some bread at him.

“Hey hey...fine I’ll tell you mine…” She leaned in close, her face had seemed a bit solemn now but was fixed with talking to him.

“This one girl I dated in high school. Julia?” He questioned his memory and paid for the dinner. Luna paid no mind to the fact that the girls' name was Julia and he was in high school.

“One more surprise okay?” He told her and lifted her out of the seat. He almost dragged her to the car that was at the front. Getting into the driver’s seat and gave her a blindfold.

“Kinky?” She stated and he rolled his eyes.

“It’s going to take some time so just put that on.” He smiled and leaned over to her and kissed her quickly. He had seemed excited, it made her happy and she placed it over her eyes, making sure not to smudge her makeup.

Thirty minutes had passed and the ride was short and sweet. “Are we here?” She asked and all she heard was the door being opened.

“Ready?” She nodded quickly. He stood behind her and placed his hands on her hips.

“Are you ready?” He asked and smoked, kissing her neck and holding her.

“Yes!” She clapped her hands together and reached for the blindfold. She felt the wind on her skin and opened her eyes. She sucked in a breath and placed her hands to her face.

In front of her was a large house. It had seemed to be two stories and the exterior looked amazing with brick and marble mixed in the right combination.

“You got a house! A house for us?” She felt his hands release from her hips and her tears filled her eyes. Turning around she gasped, Jackson was on one knee with a red velvet box in his hand holding a diamond ring. Luna’s eyes widened and her hands dropped to her side.

“Buying a house, having children with you had opened my eyes. This is long overdue but i...have been ready to commit to you for the rest of my life...Will you marry me?” Jackson took the ring from the box and placed it down with the ring in his hand.

“Oh...OH my god...yes!” She squealed and almost toppled Jackson. As her arms wrapped around his neck and he put the ring onto her hand.

“Tonight is the night we spend our first night in our an engaged couple.” He told her and held her bridal style.

“Take me away then…”

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