Not the babies fault

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“Eat me you little punk! You think you can be something you're not?! Touch him again and ill rip your balls off.” Madeline popped her knuckled at a boy in front of her. He was a blonde white kid with his nose bloodied.

“F-Fine!” He yelled out and scrambled to his feet running in the other direction. Madeline smirked and turned around to see her brother on the ground.

“Get up, kid.” She reached her hand out to Jacques and he grabbed it.

“Thanks, sis...but won't you get in trouble?” Jacques fixed his blazer and vest and pushed his glasses up. Madeline had curly dark hair pulled up into two buns on her head. She looked darker than her brother, she looked chocolate while he was mocha.

“Nah, it's not the bus stop and its not on school grounds kid. You gotta stop letting them be mean to you. I matter what ill beat their asses.” Jacques crossed his arms and fixed his book bag.

“Let's go home before dad starts to get worried.” Madeline nodded and grabbed her own book bag. She had been wearing Adidas shoes and joggers with a black t-shirt and a jacket wrapped around her waist.

The two had walked side by side all the way home.

“What did you want to do for this weekend? Aunt Harley should be taking us to her house.” Madeline asked her brother and slicked her hair back on her head.

“I just want to finish my biology should also work on your tricks for competition.” He suggested and held onto the straps of his book bag.

“Right right…” Madeline placed a hand onto her chin and took out her key to the house.

Opening the door, barks had been brought to the door and they both smiled.

“Hey, Bo!” They both stated and closed the door behind them. Bo was the family dog and was a German shepherd. They had him ever since the twins turned ten, they were both 15 now.

“You guys?” They heard their fathers voices and set their bags down in the living room.

“Yeah! Were home!” Jacques walked into the living room where he saw his father fixing the tv.

“How was school?” He asked and dusted his hands off.

“It was okay. I got a 100 on my test today.” Jacques stated with a bored sigh.

“What did you get? Madeline?” Jackson asked and she sighed.

“I got an 80, still good though.” She stated and went to the kitchen.

“Mom still at work?” She asked from the kitchen.

“No, she should be in her room.” He stated and she walked up the stairs. She knocked on her mother's door but no sound came, she slowly opened it.

“Mom? Mom…” She walked into the room and her mother wasn't there so she walked to the bathroom.

“!” She saw her mother on her knees, her long hair was cut in different patches and her hair was on the ground.

“Mom!” She ran from the door to her mother and dropped down. She held scissors in her hand and her hair in the other.

“Mom!” Madeline panicked and held her mother but she almost screamed and lifted her hand but she saw her daughter frightened. Jackson and Jacques had also ran up the stairs with the dog.

“Madeline, what happened?” Jackso ran to her and got to her level.

“She was just sitting here!” She told them and Luna blinked.

“What...Whats going on? hair…” She dropped the scissors and tried to stand up, she groaned softly as they all stared at her.

“Mom are you okay?” Jacques asked and she nodded but looked at her hair.

“Yes, I just. I didn't think of me...I need to lay down.” Madeline took the scissors and placed them in the sink as Jackson lead her to her bed and laid her down and Bo jumped with her.

“Luna...are you okay? Whats wrong with you?” She sat against the bed and the kids stood next to the door. Luna stared into space and placed her head on her hands.

“The...the whisperer...hes in my head...he's in my head.” She mumbled and soon closed her eyes. He couldn't get anything out of her and pushed everyone out the room.

“Dad…” Jacques had looked down at his hands and chewed his lip.

“Isn't the whisperer the serial killer…” Madeline looked at her brother like he was crazy than her dad.

“The what?” He asked and Jacques pushed his glasses up on his face.

“I watch the news from time to time and the whisperer is a serial killer that's...made his way from...New York”

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