Not the babies fault

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Not Her Fault-Book 2 Preview

"Why didn't you tell me any of this? It-This...this is horrible. How could you keep something like this from me?" Jackson held his hands together as he sat on his brown leather couch.

Luna stared at him from the kitchen and felt her eyes water. She kept them at bay and gripped her hands.

"It was my own right. I decided not to tell you because... I wasn't ready. I would never be ready. I'm still NOT ready. It hurts to think about." Luna removed herself from his line of view and closed her eyes wiping her silent tears.

"You could have told me." He rose up and went to her. Placing his hands on her arms and she flinched just a bit. He wrapped his arms around her body and she broke down crying gently.

"I really couldn't. I couldn't. It haunts me and it pains me to know that it ever happened. I felt it. I felt every bit of it and I hated it. My parent blamed me. I didn't have help when it mattered the most. I just shoved it in the back of my mind and... I cant. I don't want to remember."

Jackson could remember reading stories on the internet, or even in the paper or whatever of thing happening like this. For this to happen to his wife, the police commissioner, mother of his children, one of the best women he's ever known? It seemed impossible.

"I don't want them to know. Please don't tell them. My mother had no right to tell you that and I don't want them to know." He nodded and rubbed her back. Her long hair had been cut back to the length it had been before. The breakdown she had weeks ago had contributed to it.

The silence had been broken by the front door being slammed open. They both turned and looked and saw Jacques limping through the door.

"Mom...Mom..."He whispered out and wheezed before dropping to the floor. Part of his face was bloody, his flannel was torn and he didn't look too good. His sister? Nowhere behind him, as she should have been.

As Jacques fell to the ground he said one thing.

"He took her...he took her."


Not Her Fault. Coming soon Summer 2019

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