Not the babies fault

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Chapter 2

“It was better than I thought it would be,” Luna told the woman in front of her.

“Oh really?” Harley had smiled and leaned back.

“Tell me? Did he look like a rich white guy? Not like Michael, but you get the point”

“Oh no no...he was tall, dark and hot.”

“He’s black? Ooh, girl now I know you got something good!” Harley smiled and looked at her.

“Did he know you’re a police officer? Well, the boss basically.”

“No...I didn’t want to ruin the mood, but by god...I was...I had no idea.”

“He wore protection, right? Where did you put your gun?”

“Huh? Oh of course yes! As we were getting undressed I wrapped it in my dress, didn’t want to start an alarm.” Luna said as she turned around and sat in her chair.

“But there’s no way in hell I’ll ever see him again. He was a sweet talker.” Luna said sighing and placing her hand on her face.

“But this doesn’t prove anything, it only proves that I was blinded. Again and now I have to be more careful than I was before.”

“Don’t worry doll. You’ll get someone knew, in time of course.” Harley placed a hand on her friend’s arm as she sifted through cases.

~Some time later~

“This is chief commissioner of the L.A.P.D. Come out with your hands up.” Luna spoke into the speaker and held her hand on the holster of her gun.

“I’m coming out!” For 2 months, she has had been dealing with a lot of hostage situations. A woman came out of the abandoned building holding another.

“I want no one following me! I’ll let her go if you leave me alone!” She said as she held the gun to the ladies head.

“You know I can’t let you do that” saying this, she waved small signal for her guys to move in behind her. Just a few seconds later, they had taken the lady into custody and a shot went off, a pearling pain going through Luna’s arm and leg. She didn’t feel it at first due to her adrenaline going all over the place, but when she did, she screamed out and held onto her arm first. Her back hitting the ground and her hissing looking at them.

“Shit…” she mumbled to herself before she closed her eyes. Thankfully, they got the woman and called the ambulance right away. She had been shot before a few times, but she forgot how painful it usually is, especially since it takes a lot out of her most of the time.

As she was being rushed to her hospital she felt worse than it had ever felt before. It only took 5 minutes for the van to get there, and 10 more to get to the hospital. She went in; however, as soon as she got in, she lost consciousness.

They probated and got the bullet out of her leg and Harley was called, but as suspected, she had not picked up. They only had to do one surgery, the first bullet was a through and through, but the second had lodged itself in her leg. Of course, it was removed. Soon after, she finally awoke.

“What..god that hurts” Luna gasped softly as a white light shined on her face. Her eyes widened, as she saw the light she had no words but had thoughts that told her she was dead.

“She’s awake!” Hearing the shout, she grunted with a sigh of release and closed her eyes softly again.

“Don’t be so loud...Harley?” She asked and placed her hand in front of her face.

“The one and only hun” Luna smiled and rubbed her eyes as she saw her there. She was sitting beside her in a chair holding her other hand.

“I guess you have ranked up in the number one best friend” Luna joked with her friend, a small grunt of pain coming from her chest.

“I wasn’t before?” Harley joked and hugged her softly.

“I got the doctor, he’ll be coming in. You lost a lot of blood in your arm. You’re gonna need to take a leave of absence from your job until you heal fully.”

“She’s going to need to take a very long leave.” another voice, a male, came from the doorway.

“Doctor?” She questioned and he nodded. He pulled something in and looked at her charts.

“You shouldn’t be working, it’s dangerous for the both of you, and you lose that much blood I’m surprised you both survived. I would say you almost died, but I guess you’ve heard that a lot.” Luna lifting a brow questioning him.

“Uh, Harley wasn’t at the scene, and I was the only one shot. Hopefully, unless you’re talking about the other person…?” the doctor gave her a questionable look. She had the same look, trying to lift up out of her slumped position.“I’m talking about the baby.”

“Baby? There was a baby there?” The doctor gave a small stern look and rubbed his face.

“No..i’m talking about the unborn one, you’re pregnant commissioner.”

"Mom...come on. Do I really have to go?”

“Yes, you do! She’s my sister and it’s your nieces birthday!”

“But why tell me this now? Isn’t her birthday like November?”

“Yes, sweetheart. I know how you like to procrastinate, so I’m telling you now. Mark it on the calendar. Remember she’s turning 3, get something she would like.” Jackson sighed and rubbed his head. For the past two months, he had been with at least a few more females, not knowing of the obvious train wreck he would soon receive. The male sighed as he heard his mother began to scold him.

“And’re 5 years away from just being 30. I really do hope you find someone and settle down. I do want grandchildren soon.”

“Mom don't go crazy..and I don’t really want kids. I of course.” His voice wavered as if he was hiding something.

“You haven’t been sleeping around, have you? You know how I feel about that. And if you are...”

“Mom. I’m not. And if I was I would be careful. I’m always careful. Always.”

“I don’t want you to be like your father...luckily you have no other siblings from him. After me, he made sure he would never have another. I just don’t want you to end up like him. Please...” He listened to his mother’s words and rubbed his face.

“Yes mamma.,” he mumbled softly and looked at himself in the mirror. Knowing he was probably going to end up like him, except for the fact that he was careful. If something did happen, he sure wouldn’t be more of a dick then he was already.

“Oh my god...” Harley was holding Luna’s hand and looking at the monitor.

“I’d say about 2 months. Safe to say.”

“Jackson...” she said softly, and the doctor and Harley heard her.“

"No way. Him? I thought..” Speaking in a quiet whisper she placed her hand on her hand. She glanced at Harley and she quit talking.

“I’m assuming...?” She slowly nodded. The doctor had realized what her face meant and looked back at the monitor.

“Listen, commissioner...there’s doctors willing”

“Help? What do you mean by help?” Luna had gotten defensive once he started talking about it. She knew what he was getting at and glared at him.

“An officer of your ranking, it’s dangerous to have a child, especially if you’re always working.” She wasn’t really having none of this doctors crap, her face went deathly pale and straight.

“I want you. Out.” Luna sat up and winced at the pain in her arm.

“Ma’am I’m just-”

“I said out!” She stated, and he nodded and stumbled out of the room quickly.

“I’ll send another doctor.” he had stated and walked out of the room.

“You’re thinking of keeping the baby?” Harley asked with slight excitement.

“Of course!” she stated and sighed.

“You’re going to be an amazing mother! I just know it, and girl I’m gonna be there the entire way!” Harley smiled and clapped her hands together.

“I have so much baby stuff from my sister’s kids I can get you fully loaded, you probably would only need to buy baby food with all the shit I can get you hooked up with girl. I have been waiting for this day for years! Not that I’ve been planning myself...”

“I can’t ask you to do’s too much” Luna looked at her and all she did was shake her head.

“Please. You know I won’t have kids anytime soon. It would be a pleasure, and I’ll be throwing your baby shower. No exceptions!” Harley sat on the bed with her. The two women then began to talk. The entire time she was in the hospital, Harley and she had made a list of things for the upcoming baby.

“So...are you gonna call the father?” Harley asked and Luna froze, she thought for second and realized who she spent the night with and shook her head.

“No...probably not. He’ll probably just say it’s not his, and I don’t really want to be sitting there in public like a blonde bimbo” Luna rubbed her face and looked off to the side.

"Oh baby..."Harley held the woman in her arms.

“You deserve so much better...well promise me this then because I know it’s inevitable, you tell the man that you have his baby, and if he does be like an asshole, you always have me. Hell, I’ll probably marry you to help the baby. I’m your rebound bitch” Luna laughed and shook her head.

“In a bit, I say we discuss how we take care of him, her, or them, and no rebound marriage please!” Harley rubbed Luna’s head and she laid her head on her shoulder.

A few days later Luna was able to go home, she had been able to grab a sonogram and a few pregnancy vitamins, especially for the stress she put on for the next 9 months and more. She went home alone, needing to think more about her situation.

Placing a hand on her tummy she thought for a moment. She slightly gasped, not that she didn’t like it; Its just she realized that her baby would be mixed, and maybe darker than light.

She’s always loved the skin tone of someone who wasn’t white, but wasn’t just black, she smiled at the thought and giggled to herself.

She sat on her couch and pulled out her phone, she slightly wished she could have a real social media, but being the police commissioner you couldn’t put family and friends out on the spot like that, especially if she would be undercover. That was only back then, now a lot of people know her face if they kept up with the news.

Just thinking about needing a bigger place she sighed, she had no idea how to raise a kid, let alone...alone. She thought about him, Jackson and imagined how her kid would look, boy or girl or whatever.

“I’m...having a baby...a baby...possibly more...and i’m alone. So very alone...” Yes, she had people loving her, loving the work she does, but that’s her job, helping and saving people. She never really had someone her or love her. Even so, she didn’t need anyone, her apartment was big enough for two, so that was just enough for her--herself.

She does have a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, but all her parents really cared about was money and publicity. Now that she was single, and pregnant she knows her parents would shun her, along with the fact that the baby wouldn’t be fully...white. She turned on her tv and began to watch the original Teen Titans. Falling asleep with the picture of her babys in her hand.

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