Not the babies fault

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Chapter 6

The twins cries had awoken Jackson up only half an hour ago. Jackson currently had his head against a soft pillow he was supposed to be sleeping on. It’s currently been 3 weeks since he was able to take the kids home, upon the request of Luna and Harley. Luna did trust him, her profiling was correct, so he wouldn’t be a problem for her children. They were three months old at this point.

Jackson groaned and smashed his pillow into his face. They had been sleeping in a crib in his room, so when they cried it went straight to his ears. However, it was mainly Jacques that was doing all the talking. He sat up on his bed and stared at the crib, standing up he turned the light on and leaned over to look at him. He was on his back and his hands were balled into a tiny fist and he was moving side to side crying.

“Come on...daddy’s here.” He groaned and picked Jacques up. The screaming subsiding.

“The fuck?” He questioned and placed him back down and he began to wail again, making Jackson pick him up again.

“Oh my god, what, what, what, what do you possibly need? You're not...stinking. Are you hungry?” He asked Jacques and the only response was his stare. He groaned and placed him on his shoulder walking to his kitchen.

“God, you’re getting so big.” He blew a bubble in his mouth and opened the fridge grabbing a bottle.

“Ten seconds…” He mumbled and placed it into the microwave turning it on. When the microwave stopped he got the bottle and sat down with the baby in his arms.

“Here, better?” He tried to feed him, but he turned his head and began to whine.

“Fucking hell, its five in the morning kid. If I place you down you cry. What do you want?” The baby looked at his father and had stretched his arms out just a little. A sigh came from Jackson’s mouth and he sat on the bed, back in his room. Holding Jacques in the crook of his arms tapping his foot.

He leaned against the headboard taking a glance at his sister and placing his head back. He decided to close his eyes and soon enough he found himself asleep with his child in arms.

When morning came, he had been woken up by the feeling of nails scratching his face. He was on his back with Jacques on his chest, he had gotten his hands out of his bundle and was touching his father’s face.

He probably had no idea what was going on, just waking up to a face and being able to touch it. Jackson opened his eyes and lifted a brow at the baby, he turned his face so, his cheek was laying on his chest.

Drool flowing out of his mouth onto the shirt he was wearing and a babble coming from his voice. Jackson lifted up holding onto Jacques and wiped his mouth with the blanket.

“That’s all you wanted? To sleep on daddy’s chest?” He asked his child and he began to laugh and clap his hands together. He smiled and placed him down back into the crib, to his surprise, Madeleine was on her stomach.

She was cooing and then as she saw her brother she seemed to smile and giggle, it’s like they both had been in sync together for a time. He rolled his eyes and leaned down, they both had gotten really quiet for a second and then a foul smell had reached his nose causing him to lift up and turn his head.

“You planned this, didn’t you? You did that weird twin connection thing.” He scrunched his nose and went to the bathroom and opened a baby changer he was able to get. It was a nice white, wooden desk looking platform, shelves beneath held diapers and wipes with some extra necessities.

He took Madeleine and placed her down first and then went ahead with Jacques. He cleaned them up, started a mini bath in the sink, got them dressed, brushing their teeth and fixing their hair.

They had begun to grow very long and curly hair, hopefully, Luna didn’t want to give them haircuts when they got older. He didn’t like having haircuts himself when he was a kid, but as he got older himself, he lived with it.

He put Madeleine in a purple sundress with light purple shorts and some cute little sandals, Jacques had a casual purple button up and shorts. He wanted them to wear somewhat the same clothing, they were twins after all.

He took them into the kitchen and began to feed them. He had learned a new skill of multitasking with babies, people would have never known that he wasn’t a father up until three months ago.

Lately, to get the twins outside, he just sat in the shade out on his porch with them. He wasn’t sure if he could bring them to the park, but then it would be a good idea. As he had sat them down on their tummies, he went to grab the strollers, hearing their coos and giggled from the other room.

He made sure to grab their sunscreen and place it on their cheeks, noses, arms, and legs, making sure he didn’t put too much on them.

He grabbed them and strapped them to the stroller, and had walked out of the house. He made sure to have his baby bag with all the snacks and diapers, etc. He held the baby cover from the top of the stroller over the twins and began to walk.

He had some neighbors out, mowing lawns and gardening. He gave a small wave to some of them, and before he was interrupted by a woman running up beside him.

“Jessica?” He asked as the chocolate haired female walked beside him.

“Just wanted to say hi to the little ones! As you know babies are my strong suit.” Jessica was a neighbor that was very fond of him. The first time he moved here, he had asked her to come over, maybe just a few times, but it got her hooked onto him like a leach.

“You always want to come to say hi, having kids with me doesn’t make things different.”

“Yeah yeah...but these are your kids and well...I don’t see a mother in the picture. You know I have my own kids, were both single parents. How about I take you guys for dinner?”

“Don’t think so, I got a lot on my schedule.”

“Well...I could bring over-”

“No, I’m good. Go to Jessica, I’m pretty sure your casserole maybe burning” He said to her and began to jog. Jessica stood on the sidewalk and huffed her way over back to her house. It’s been a few years, so he knew how to shut her up if it came to it.

As he came up to a clearing of a children’s park, he let out a soft sigh. No one was really there, so he had time to just sit and not worry about any others bothering the three of them. He sat down on a bench and turned the stroller towards him. He smiled pulling out a small beaver, Madeleine giggled and raised her hands.

He gave it to her and she held it towards her. A smile came to his lip as he looked to Jacques; he was fast asleep.

“Sleepy huh little man.” He leaned back and watched them. He didn’t think his life would end up like this, but he could admit he liked it. All he needed to do was get their mother to not dislike him in a few ways.

“You look amazing! You gave birth three months ago and you look so..great! It’s like you never even gave birth to twins!” Lilah, one of her friends who were already in the bureau complimented her on her figure. She looked exactly the way she did before, but with larger hips and breasts, that could be blamed by the pregnancy. It was the end of the day, and she was ready to go to her bunk.

“Thanks Li...honestly I miss them so much. I thought...I didn’t think that I would miss them this much...I know it was only a little bit that I spent with them before I gave them to...their father, so I could do this. However, I have to admit that I miss them, I miss them a lot.”

“Oh don’t worry, it’ll be over in a bit, don’t fret. Your children are safe with their father, but you never told me if he was your boyfriend or something?”

“ he's...he's...he's just, let's say that. He's just their father” She smiled and they both laughed as she had gone off to her bunk to get some sleep. She only had a single picture she could take before she went off, and she looked at it often. A smile came to her lips as she went to shower before she went to sleep.

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