Not the babies fault

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Chapter 7

“I love you, I hope you know that?” The female mumbled into her fiance's chest.

“Oh? Do I? I thought I just asked you to marry me because you’re incredibly sexy?”

“Idiot” Seline had hugged her fiance and smiled.

“I’m going to get to work okay?”Jackson kissed Seline's cheek and sat up from bed grabbing a shirt from the floor and placing it over his head, He then pulled some pants up on his body. Seline watched he went to the bathroom and immediately went on her phone. She did some texting before getting dressed, she waved her fiance, Jackson, goodbye and went to sit on the couch.

As Jackson walked out he didn’t realize he left one of his housing pamphlets on the counter till he had gotten to the house he was going to sell. He cursed himself and checked the time, he had only a bit of time to get to his house and then get back.

He turned his car around and called the family who was going to be checking out the house first thing today. He had to tell them that if he’s not there by the time they get there to wait a bit. He wouldn’t be long.

As he drove he tied to call Seline, but she wasn’t picking up. He shrugged it off and placed his phone into his pocket and arrived home quickly. He rushed in and grabbed his pamphlet and stopped for a second. He decided he would check on Seline so he walked up the stairs and as he did he started to hear small noises coming from their room.

He thought it was the tv, but getting to the door and grabbing the doorknob he placed his ear on the door. He managed to slam the door open and what he saw brought pain to his heart.

Twenty minutes, it only took twenty minutes for his entire life to be shattered. A white man was engulfed in his fiance and when he slammed the door they had jumped to the sound of his entrance.

He yelled he cursed, and he screamed. The last thing he said to her was for her to get out of his house as he ripped the engagement ring off of her finger. He barged out of the house with her screaming and the white man with blood running from his nose. The rest of the day went on as if nothing had happened.

He just shoved his emotions down his throat for that entire week.

After the incident with his fiance, he had gone back to his one night stands and boyish ways. Seline was the one woman who grabbed at his heart. He couldn’t bare having the ring, so he had pawned it and went on with his life.

A sigh came from his lips, five months, they had just turned five months old and already Madeline was standing up in her crib, Jacques, not so much. He seemed frail, but not too much. He seemed to be a smart one though, and his sister seemed to be brawn.

It was evident what they would be like when they grew older. They were in a playpen in front of him and he was speaking to a client on the phone about a new house that was being built. A brow had risen once he heard a knock on the front door.

He twisted his mouth for a few seconds and stood up telling his client to have a good day. He took one more glance at the twins who were messing with their teething blankets. Walking to the front door, he had opened it and rubbed his face. As he did, he quickly tried to close it back up, but the female’s hand stopped him from doing so.

“You can’t just ignore me forever Jackson!” The feminine voice yelled from the other side.

“Three years strong! I think I’ll be good, yeah?” Seline was currently at the door, for what reason? He didn’t know. She was able to knock him inside and close the door.

“Out of my house, woman.” He didn’t want to yell due to not wanting to scare the children in the living room.

“Look, you never heard me out, you never listened to what I said, never even considered to listen to what I have to say.” He turned his head and kept his mouth shut. She wasn’t this persistent before, but this was different. She pushed him inside and now he was going to just keep quiet.

“Come on say something…”

“Here, I’ll say this. I don’t know why or how you didn’t get the memo. Throwing your shit out my house, deleting you from everything I own, ignoring you for three years. That memo? Yeah, that’s to say stay away from me, the reason why? Because you brought a white man into my bed, into my house and betrayed me to the very place we slept. Get out of my house I will say once again.” he warned her and opened the door to let her out, but she closed it and launched herself around him.

“Please! You have children! The woman you have children with hasn’t been with you for almost a year! You need someone… I, I want you back. I know I did wrong, you’ve heard this before, I know you have heard this before, but please let me, let me be with you...I can be a good mother, she’s a cop, Luna, I know what cops do...we could...we could get away from here, we can tell the twins that I'm their real-” he cut her off by pushing her, her back coming in contact with the door, but not hurting her.

“You stay the hell away from me. what you’re proposing? That’s impossible, it’s something that I couldn’t live with myself. You come near me, or my family again, I will do something I’ll regret one day.” he grabbed her arm and threw her out of his house and slammed the door shut.

"You don't know what you're doing! I never gave up because we had something!" He heard her from the door. He only stood at the door for a couple of moments until he heard her car turn on and drive off.

As he did so, he placed his back against the door. He hit the door and went back into the living room.

He sat beside his children and engulfed them in his arms placing his lips on both of their cheeks.

“I gotta make this right, I need to make this right,” he mumbled to them and played with them for a bit. He knew it was going to be just a few more days till she had finally gotten off, he made plans to actually, try to please her.

Having and being near the two kids had changed him, delete his tinder account and much more had seemed to change his mind on things. He even met other dads that were like him and were successful, he liked this taste of fatherhood. He thought it was nasty the first time, but now it had seemed to consume his mind and boy, He loved his children. If that was the proper word for what he felt.

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