Not the babies fault

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Chapter 9

“It’s literally taken you five months for you to say you’re coming! When I was eight months pregnant you told me you were coming! You can’t just sit there and do that!”

Well I knew you were doing training, I didn’t want to go while your children are with that...boy”

“That’s not the point mother!”

Well well, look at you. You’re yelling at your own mother. What will your children think? Hmph. Anyways we’ll be there in a few hours. I hope everything is presentable.” A beep of the other end on the phone had ended the call. Luna had been outside on the porch in the back for an hour now, she didn’t want to end up waking everyone.

A sigh had been released from her lip and she tucked her phone under her arm so she could fold hers. It was particularly warm outside, considering it was seven AM in the morning, it surprised her. She watched as the sun was hidden behind the trees and houses of the neighborhood.

She had felt arms snake around her waist. She almost dropped her phone but caught it before she did. She let out a huff of relief once she saw the dark-colored arms wrap around her. She leaned her head to the side as Jackson’s chin snuggled into her neck.

“You’re up early?”

“I got a call, I had to take it.” She stated vaguely, hoping he wouldn’t ask more about it.

“Who?” Her eyes went down softly, she might as well tell him.

“It was my mother, she wants—she will come over to my apartment later tonight or today. They’re coming over from France to see the twins. And honestly, I don’t want them to. They’re always judgmental and they’re horrible people, but I guess they haven’t done anything wrong so far for me to keep their grandchildren away from them at least.” Luna frowned thinking about her parents.

They had truly never been there for her, especially when she needed it. She felt like she couldn’t trust them anymore especially after La troisième, 9th grade in American, her 10th Year of school in France. She dumped the thought way back into her mind hastily and decided not to bring it up again.

“Oh..? I mean they couldn’t be so bad?” Jackson questioned, and like a light bulb popped over his head he smiled.

“Why don’t we all have...dinner together?” He questioned. The last family dinner he had hosted was one with Seline, it was such a long time ago but he remembered his etiquette.

“What? God no, that’s ridiculous” She brushed the thought of it as it began to get chilly, she removed herself from his arms and walked back inside into the nursery.

“Why? Come on” Jackson stated as she went into the room. Dinner with her mother, father and him would be the end of life itself.

“Because it’s ridiculous. It’s crazy. It could never work.” She whispered to the male gently as she moved Madeline’s hair out of her face and placed her finger in her small hand.

“Please? I’ll even ask my mom, she makes everything better.” She placed a hand onto her forehead and sighed.

“It’s your death, fine.” She snorted quietly.

“That means we have to take everything to my place before they get here. I don’t want to hear her mouth.” He chuckled softly and kissed the crook of her neck, getting back into the position they were before.

It had only been a few hours but the two had been able to transfer everything to her apartment, the twins had woken up in a fuss but they had been able to handle it together. As everything was moved to the medium-sized apartment. It was about noon so she expected her mother to not be far from her apartment. Jackson had gone ahead and called up his mother to join them before Luna’s had gotten there.

The doorbell had rung as Luna had been in the kitchen making something for dinner, Jackson stood and went to go get the door and was greeted with his mother’s face. He had hugged Jena and led her inside. She was impressed with how the apartment looked, she knew that he still had his house.

“Luna! Oh my god you look amazing!” Jena had exclaimed as she came in contact with the kitchen. Luna had been over a chopping board cutting up some unions for the chicken she had been making for the dinner.

“Oh, hey! Thank you, Jen, you too. Just making dinner for tonight” Gathering the unions she placed them into a pan with some garlic powder.

“Garlic and onions? It smells amazing!” Jena exclaimed and looked around the small but beautiful kitchen.

“I’m going to adore your beautiful twin monsters if you don’t mind? I just haven’t gotten enough of them yet, after I’m done eating them up I’ll come in here and see what you have done?” Jena had hugged her shoulder from behind, all luna did was a laugh and nodded.

Jena walked in on Jackson, who was currently on his back with his daughter in his hands raising her in the air, she was giggling and babbling. Jena stood off to the side watching, she turned her head to Jacques who was chewing on a cold teether.

She sat down next to him and placed him on her knee. It had not been too long after Luna finished up with dinner. She set the table placings and placed the conjoined highchair right behind the chair she was going to sit so she could reach if they both had needed something. She checked her watch and furrowed her brow.

’Of course, my parents are late’ she stated to herself and placed the food in front of the plates in the middle of the table. “Uh, Jackson?” she peeped her head out of the kitchen and tilted her head, her eyes asking him to come to her.

He gave the baby to his mother who was happily enjoying the twins time.

“Um, Jackson, so my parents they are...they are a bit..tight? If you get my drift?” He gave a chuckle and he placed his hands on her shoulders.

“Babe, listen, it’s going to be fine okay? We’re going to be fine, moms going to be fine, your parents will be fine, why would they hate you? or us?” She rolled her eyes softly and wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled a bit.

“I’m just worried, they’re traditional people and they...they don’t exactly know that you’re-”

“Black? They don’t know I’m a black dude?” He had taken the words out of her mouth. She nodded sideways and he kissed her lips.

“We’ll be fine okay? I’ll get the kids and mom at the table. You’ll do great” He patted her back and walked away to the living room. She took off her apron and washed up the kitchen, doing the dishes so she wouldn’t have to do it all after they had eaten. Hearing the doorbell ring, she froze.

“Okay, okay luna it’s okay, you’re the chief of police, you can handle your parents.” She placed on a smile and went to the door flattening her attire. Opening the door she was greeted with her parent’s faces.

“Mère ! Père ! Je ne m’attendais pas à vous montrer très tôt !” She turned her head to her mother, then her father and then back to her mother again.

“Nous sommes évidemment très chers, maintenant nous inviter à afin que nous puissions répondre aux...salauds.”

“Mother. Come inside, and father?” She sucked in a hoarse breath after her mother made the comment, turning to her father who had stayed behind his wife and hadn’t said anything the entire time. She turned her body and let her parents in and closed the door locking it. She saw what her mother and father had been wearing. Her father was wearing a red suit, it was elegant but simple, her mother, on the other hand, had a Cruella Deville style.

“Mother, father, before you meet my les enfants, I need you to understand-”

“Comprendre quoi? Vous avez des bâtards pour les enfants?”

“No, mother, we will speak English. We may know french but they don’t, got it? We will not call my children, bastards. Got it?” She told her mother discreetly and turned around as she heard her baby start crying. She took a breath and walked into the kitchen, Jackson and Jena had been standing in front of the twins soothing them, they only wanted their mother.

A pause came to her parent’s footsteps when they entered the kitchen. Luna smiled and reached for Madeline to hold into her hands.

“Mother, this is Madeline and this is Jacques. My twins, my children.” she furrowed her brows at her mother and her father who only looked at the mixed children. She waited for a comment from her parents but Jena interrupted.

“It so nice to meet the both of you!” She cut the tension and she walked forward to hug her mother and she did, she seemed uncomfortable but hugged her with a discomforting smile.

“It’s amazing to meet you, I am Jena Barley, Jackson’s mother.” She looked at the black woman as luna and Jackson had been getting the twins placed in their seats as the grandparents had introduced themselves.

“It is...very nice to meet you, Ms. Barley.” Jena nodded with an uninsured smiled and shook hands with Luna’s father. There was an awkward silence for a few moments before Jackson spoke up.

“Alright, let’s have everyone sit down and have a great dinner!” He placed his hand onto lunas back. Luna sat in front of her mother with Jackson on her left. Her father on her mothers right.

“So, Jena what do you do? As in job occupation? Seeing that you have a successful boy...must mean you have had a good career to put him through school and such? Yes?”

“Well, I’m not working currently, but I did raise my son to be good, professionally and emotionally.” Luna licked her lip and gripped her fork as she passed on the platter of food to Jackson who was beside her.

“You’re not working? You must have had a great work ethic to retire at your age”

“No, I help her pay for everything, it’s an honor, really.” Jackson interrupted the conversation, he could see where this was going. Cheryl, lunas mother placed her fork down onto the napkin and lifted a brow.

“If you pay for your mother, how will you pay for your-”

“Mother, stop.” The food had been passed around and now they sat there staring at the mother and the daughter.

“I am sorry, well. Jena, please do tell me how you felt about you son impregnating my successful, hard-working daughter with a life, out of wedlock?” Luna’s father, Adam had placed a hand on his wife’s hand to seemingly calm her down.

Jena still held her composure, unlike Cheryl.

“They made their own choices, and I am sure that I raised my son well enough to know that he would take responsibility for his life choices and so for your daughter.” She scoffed and tilted her head upwards.

“Lets... let's not fight okay? Can we eat a normal a In a way. Okay?” Luna gripped onto her fork and hoped she wouldn’t break anything. It soon went quiet and they had time to actually put food int their mouth.

“If I may ask...are you planning to get married?” Cheryl broke the silence with her question. Luna just messed with her chicken with her fork and sighed.

“I don’t know, mother. We just...I just got back.” Jackson froze and softly pushed his leg against hers.

“I...I mean...we didn’t expect this after a few years...” She spoke quickly, still keeping up that little lie that still hasn’t been broken.

“What do you mean?” Adam spoke up for once and his eyes widened.

‘Shit...what now...’ She averted her eyes to the table and sucked in a breath.

“We’ve been together for a couple of years...” Adam and Cheryl’s faces seemed to show a certain emotion that Luna couldn’t quite put.

“I thought you were dating-”
“We haven’t been together for a long time mom. Please. Subject change.” She pressured on and slowly a vein on the side of her forehead began to show.

“How...are you going to raise the’re Catholic I hope Jackson?” She thought this part of the dinner would be rather smooth, but everything just seemed to go downhill from there.

“No...” Jackson glanced at his mother and she gave him a nod. At this point, he wasn’t sure what the hell to do now.

“I’m Jewish-” Luna had her wine glass to her mouth and as soon as those words came out of his mouth she almost spits out the wine across the table but kept it in her mouth and swallowed hard.

They all looked at her with a surprised looked on their face and she coughed.

“Sorry, I swallowed to fast. Keep going.” She hadn’t known he was Jewish, she didn’t even think he had a religion but for this to happen she knew this night would end up in a fire.

“If I do ask, Jena you...condone this?” Cheryl asked Jena, who seemed to stay quiet during this entire endeavor just watching.

“Of course, it’s the way I raised him. I do hope that Luna has been able to look past the religion in order to have a healthy relationship”

“This is...This is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Luna finally took a moment and looked at her mother.

“Mother, please don’t.”
“First it’s an interracial relationship, and then you have children out of wedlock and now it’s interfaith?!” Jena’s eyes widened and she almost slammed her fork onto the table.

" I don’t see the problem with this relationship at all, what is the worst possible thing that could happen?” Cheryl stood up slamming her hand onto the table.

“My child cannot be...mixed in with a bunch of...Neg-”
“Mother! Don’t you fucking dare!” Luna then stood up herself and pointed a finger at her other.

“Vous n’osez pas crier à moi! Tu es laseule avoir des enfants avec un nègre et quelqu’un qui va tout droit en enfer! Vous! avez donné naissance à des abominations!” Adam almost looked as surprised as Luna once she heard her mother say what she said. The room went silent and Luna had boiled over the top.

She looked down at her hands and gripped onto the tablecloth. That still didn't keep her mother from speaking.

"C’est vrai... vous ne pouvez pas vous défendre.Tout comme le temps,vous étiez en dixième...L’ur-" Lunas hand was raised and had came across her mothers face.

"I can't believe you would say something as...horendus as that." Luna felt the tears well in the back of her eyes but she kept them hidden, at least until this was all over.

"Get...Out of my damn house." She told her mother who was flabbergasted at what just happened.

"I said get out!" She almost screamed making her twins finally start to fuss and cry. Adam grabbed onto his wife and began to walk.

"You...You need to be saved! You need help!" Her mother was dragged out of the apartment and Luna gripped onto her nose.

"Dont...i just...give me a second." She walked out of the dining room and into her bathroom in her room.

Jena looked at her son and just shook her head. Jackson wanted to go after her but he couldnt, his mother stopped him.

"Let her be...just for now."

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