Tangled Hearts

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Can Strangers fall in love? Will Love find its way? Can Everyone grow in love? Read to find out the fate which befalls the lovers... Two strangers meet by coincidence. They became friends and fall in love but fate befalls them.

Anu Menon
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Chapter 1

In a Corporate World, two strangers meet. They both have their untold past in them. They work in the same department and carry on with their work coordination. At times, they do have small fights and be mad at each other to get their work done.

During a long weekend holiday, Ganu goes to his hometown to meet his parents. Sapna feels lonely without his company as she has nobody to fight with. One evening as Sapna was winding her work schedule, her phone beeps. She glances at her phone to see who has sent the message. She saw it was from Ganu and thought it must be for some official work to be executed in his absence. But when she opened the message, she was surprised to see a WhatsApp image of a lavender flower which was captured from his native. Sapna’s loneliness grew into happiness by seeing this spectacular sight. She felt it was very thoughtful of him to send it. A Friendship blossomed between them by exchanging messages and calls.

When Ganu joined back to work after his vacation, he handed over a gift to Sapna. Sapna was eagerly opening to see what it was when she saw he had a cigarette in his hand. Instead of opening the cover, she started enquiring how many cigarettes he had on a daily basis and asked him to reduce otherwise it will have an effect on his health. Ganu smiled at her. By her advises, he could understand that she has so much of concern for him but how could he tell her that it’s due to life tensions he was smoking. She was surprised to see a beautiful frame of Goddess Durga presented by him and thanked him.

Next day evening after work, they were commuting to their respective homes by Metro. Ganu said he has to get down before his stop as he has to meet someone and as it’s just for a few minutes, will she be able to accompany him. She thought how could she say no to a friend and agreed.

They waited for his friend at CCD. He ordered a pomegranate juice for her. While she was sipping it, she was stunned by its yummy taste which she loved. After meeting his friend, they bid goodbye and went on their way. But the meeting in CCD became a daily routine after their office hours and they enjoyed each other’s company.

One day, while they were at the metro, Sapna gets a call from her college mate and talks with him for a long time. Ganu felt jealous that he was not able to spend much time with her. He started searching for matrimony sites on the phone for her to notice it. She notices but acts like she has not seen it. She needed him too but never showed it.

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