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Prissy’s Bed & Breakfast opened eleven months after Tara burned to the ground. Cassie and Jacob married over the Thanksgiving holiday in a small church ceremony, with Margo and Mark at their sides. Patricia and Paul also attended.

The happy couple moved into their dream home Jacob built where Tara once stood five months before the opening of the Bed and Breakfast.

Cassie gave birth to a healthy baby boy precisely nine months after their first night together. They named him Jacob Benjamin Miller II. Mark and Margo, who married on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, were named as his official godparents.

Patricia, Paul, and Phillip took the first steps to mend their severed relationship during Christmas break, spending time together.

While Cassie doubted she would ever find it in her heart to forgive Phillip and Melanie, she did hope they were as happy in their life together as she and Jacob were.

Well, maybe not as happy.

Prissy, the cat, spends most of her days soaking up the sun from the comfort of her favorite chair in the parlor of the B&B. She does venture outdoors on occasion, keeping the mice and rats at bay.

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