When We Meet Again

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claire stone has a very simple life. she is a doctor, she has great friends and a perfect fiancee but what happens when andrew william enters into her life.everything changes. everything. Is it right to fall for her? when she is already engaged to the love of her life. When she doesn't even know what I feel for her. When she doesn't even remember me. Does she remember the memories of us. Does she know what she means to me. Never knew she could mean so much. Maybe we are not meant for each other. Wait.......did I just ask you was it right to fall for her? you know what I have already fallen for her and now I know that deep down my heart is breaking into million pieces. I am jealous......so jealous of that person who has her heart, her love and all of her. I am cursed because neither can I love her nor can I hate her. I want to hurt her so badly for breaking our promise and breaking my heart but the saddest part is that I can't do it even if I try because I love her. Do I love her enough to let her go....to let her go for her happiness?

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pain. That was the only thing I could feel at the moment.My lower body was totally paralyzed and my upper body was in such a tight pressure that I thought it would explode at any moment. I could feel the wetness of my shirt because of the flow of the blood.

"He has lost a lot of blood" I heard the nurse number 1 whisper to the nurse number 2.

"I know........look the doctors are here" Nurse number 2 replied.

To say that my body was aching was a huge lie like as huge as Burj Khalifa , it was beyond that. I would say that my boy was being sliced by thousands of ninja assassins with their swords or blades or knives or whatever they call it.

I heard the door of the operation theater open and a number of people entered into the room. I guess they were the doctors .

duh isn't that obvious ?

All of them were dressed in white coats. They had their faces covered with their masks.......I guess that's what they call it. They started wearing their respective gloves and the lights situated right above me flickered to life. I couldn't help but cringe. They were whispering to each other in foreign terms or let's say scientific terms. Actually everything about science always seemed foreign to me. Science was never my bae.

How am I even able to think so much when I am about to die. I wonder where am I getting all this strength from.

woah! This lady doctor's eyes seems really pretty. They are almost grey.....um.....no actually black.

Their were almost seven doctors in the room with three nurses.Five of them were females and the other five were males.

Thanks to my observing skills.

"Anesthesia" the grey eyes doctor said. "provide me the scalpel too,I hope the wound is not too deep........he is A+ positive....and yeah keep some extra blood ready from the blood bank.

"Yes mam " Nurse number 2 replied and exited the room.

Anastasia.......hmm...does she mean that lady from the movie Fifty Shades....ow...what was that? ....ugh....needle. I hate needles. who the hell is injecting me that fucking thing?

I looked up and found the most beautiful pair of eyes already looking back at me. Green. Her eyes were green. I couldn't get a look of her whole face because of the mask but her eyes were enough to hypnotize me. She reminded me of her. The one I had been trying to find from a very long time. Was it possible that she was her. She had the same eyes like her.

Wait.....why do I feel so damn dizzy. Am I gonna faint?

After she finished injecting me, she was about to turn around and it was then that I caught hold of her arm with all the strength I could muster up. she stiffened and looked at me with widened eyes.

"yo......you......you are...." Man I couldn't even speak.

"Mam........his heart beat is increasing" I could hear the nurse mutter.

"oh my god his blood pressure...."

Every thing around me was fading out and in the end it was only her and I . By now it was really difficult for me to be conscious. I was losing it.

I don't wanna lose her now . I will try my best to be awake.

The last think that I remembered was that she was struggling to take her arm out of my hold.while i was trying my best to keep my grasp tight but in the end I couldn't and everything around me went black.

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