Mr. Rude

By Dreamer1896 All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Humor


What will you do when you bump into an unknown guy and... You came to know how rude is he.. After few days you again get bumped into the same guy... Few days later your family bursted a bomb and arranged your marriage with someone... and when you came to know that he is none other than.. Mr. Rude What will you do?? Let's find out in the story...

Chapter 1

Scarlett’s POV

Only 1 week left to get graduated.

Finally I’m going to complete my graduation and I’m so much happy that now I can live my life according to my own rule.

My mom would be so happy to know that I finally completed my graduation, she’ll be head over heels to see me achieving my goal.

I wanted to be a fashion designer and now after completing my graduation I can fulfil my dreams.

I am a normal girl with brown hairs, blue eyes, pale skin, around 5′5" with all the curves on the best place... I also have two besties.. one is Sonya and other is Richard.

Sonya is like my sister, she is a very smart girl with dark brown hairs and brown eyes and a very sexy figure, olive skin, 5′6" height.. she is every guys dream in our college and not to forget my another best friend Richard aka Richie.. who is a total drool worthy guy, every girl in our college tried to get his attention. He is about 6′ and have light brown eyes, dark brown hairs which looks sexy on him, he is such a flirt. How the girls get mad whenever he give them his toothy smile. We all study in same college and now getting graduated. We are discussing about the party which will held after our graduation ceremony. And I still can’t decide what should I wear for the party. But no problem as long as I’m having my besties with me I know I’ll not face any problem.

After attending all my classes for the day I was heading back home when from nowhere a guy came and he bumped into me and the guy’s phone fell down from his hand. I fall back on my butt and the guy made no attempt in helping me.

“Shit” He cursed under his breath while picking up his phone.

“Sorry” I apologized.

“You should be” he stated looking at his phone.

“What” I asked him little bit surprised.

When he made eye contact with me I froze on my spot. He’s such a greek god. With blue eyes and around 6′2" with sculpted jaw. He is so handsome totally drool worthy.

Omg.. He’s so smart and sexy.. God had made him in free time..

After staring for sometime I came back on the moment and I realised that I was drooling over him. I flushed. He was saying something but I can’t get it.

“Huh” I asked.

“I’m saying that you should be sorry as you bumped into me. Don’t you have eyes or your eyes are only for drooling over boys” he smirked.

“What the hell” I said in shock. He’s the one who bumped into me and now he’s blaming me. Such a arrogant person.

“You know what forget it.. you already wasted a lot of my time.. now move” he said in annoyance.

I didn’t move as I was replaying words in my mind... and after a few minutes he just pushed me aside and kept moving on with shooting daggers on my way.

I yelled at him.. what’s is this guy’s problem. He can’t even apologize for a single thing.

Mr. Rude

Seriously God you have made totally freak persons too..

I hope that this is our first and last meet... I hope we never meet again...

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