Mr. Rude

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What will you do when you bump into an unknown guy and... You came to know how rude is he.. After few days you again get bumped into the same guy... Few days later your family bursted a bomb and arranged your marriage with someone... and when you came to know that he is none other than.. Mr. Rude What will you do?? Let's find out in the story...

Romance / Humor
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Author's Note

Hey guys✌🏻

Thanks for giving my story a chance,
I hope you all like it and feel free to comment and tell me how you all are liking the story and also tell me about my mistakes so I can improve it in my further stories.🙂

It is my first attempt to write a story, I tried my best to write this story as interesting as it can be. If it does not make you happy please don’t judge me or say rubbish about me. This is my first attempt and I’ll surely try and improve in my further stories,

Give this story a try just for fun basis. I’m sure you’ll find some part of the story funny. And please, don’t copy my story, it takes a lot of efforts to write a story. If you want you can write your own by using your own imagination.

Please forgive me if you find errors and grammatical mistakes 🙇 in the story as English is not my first language. Please don’t kill me for those mistakes😐 I’m too young to die😣

Now enough of my rambling,
You can enjoy your story✌🏻

Have a nice reading 🙂

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