Mr. Rude

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Chapter 9

Scarlett’s POV

“A table for both of you has been booked by Mrs. Miller, so come this way” the waiter said.

I looked at him and he was looking at me.

For a few minutes we were staring each other.

Such a cliche moment.

Back to Earth Ms. Miller

He cleared his throat.

“First let’s get seated Ms. Miller” he awkwardly said.

I nodded.

We followed the waiter’s direction.

Soon we were seated on a private table. I can feel that the waiter is extra polite towards me.

“What would you both like to order?” the waiter asked, by looking only at me and ignoring Mr. Jordan.

At least someone is finding you beautiful.


“Um..cappuccino for me with a blueberry muffin please” I said with an uncomfortable smile.

He also gave me his creepy smile. I shuddered at his smile. He wrote the order down and asked Mr. Jordan without even looking at his side.

I started feeling uncomfortable under his gaze.

“One black coffee for me with a cheesecake and can you stop eye raping my date, and tell me what is your name? I want to have a talk with your manager.” Mr. Jordan huffed.

Aww, your knight in shining armor.

But calm him down otherwise he’ll soon be puffing out the smoke from his ears.

“It’s okay Mr. Jordan” I tried to calm him down.

He looked at me and nodded.

Oh.. thank god he stopped. I thought he’ll turn this restaurant into a battle field.

"S-sorry Sir” the waiter apologized.

The waiter’s face was priceless. Bravo Eros.

“Now leave and bring us our order.” Mr. Jordan ordered.

The waiter hurriedly left from there.

“Thank you, Mr. Jordan” I smiled at him.

“Eros is fine. Mr. Jordan makes me feel old and no problem, after all he ignored me.” He said.



He did all this because that waiter guy ignored him.

Seriously he is Mr. Rude.

Exactly that’s what I’m saying.

I raised an eyebrow at him. He winked at me.

I rolled my eyes.

He is so damn rude and self obsessed, you can’t marry him. Say no to him and say bye to him for ever.

“Okay, Mr. uh.. I mean Eros” I nervously said.

“So Ms. Miller” Eros said.

“You can call me Scarlett” I told him.

There was an awkward silence between us.

Say something.

What should I say?

I don’t know? Just say anything.
Say that he’s sexy, no not that say that he’s too sexy for you.


Umm, nothing. Forget it. Firstly eat the food then say bye to him.

Food is much more important.


Soon the orders came but with different waiter and he didn’t looked at me like the previous one. After serving he left.

“So Scarlett, how are you?” He said after taking a sip from his coffee to broke the silence.

Why is he being so polite now? After all he can’t think anything else except him.

I took a sip of my coffee and took a deep breath.

Here we go.

It’s now or never.

“Cut the crap and stop being someone you’re not ” I started.

“What?” His eyes widens.

“We both know that our moms planned all this and we both don’t want it. We don’t wanna marry each other, so it’s better we both end it right here. Why marry when we don’t even know each other, let’s stop our mom’s stupidity.” I stated bluntly.

He gave me a confused look by frowning.

“Listen, we don’t even know each other, so why don’t we end all this drama” I said.

“What do you mean? Ms.. uh.. Scarlett” he confusingly asked.

“You don’t wanna marry me I don’t wanna marry you, feelings are mutual. So you tell my mom that you don’t like me and I’ll tell your mom that I don’t like you. End of discussion.” I stated while taking a sip of my coffee.

He frowned.

“And why do you think I would do that?” He asked.

“Simple, we are not made for each other. You love only yourself and I can’t marry someone who thinks all of himself and we don’t even know anything about each other besides our names. So this relationship is not gonna workout. Why not end it now” I coolly said.

He was getting annoyed as I was speaking

“So? What fantastic idea do you have, Scarlett?” He scoffed.

“You’ll call my mom and tell her that you don’t like me and I’m not compatible for you, etc etc etc. and I’ll do the same with your mom” I said.

“What’s the surety that our mom will not try to bind us again?” He questioned.

“We both will say a lot of crap about each other, like you can say that I’m not fit for you. I’m bitchy or a gold digger or I’m ugly, whatever you wish and I’ll do the same for you with my mom”I told him.

He put his finger under his chin as he was thinking.

He’s looking so cute doing that, what a mesmerizing view.

You are right.

I put my elbow on the table then put my face in my palm and took the opportunity to watch the beautiful view in front of me.

Brown hairs, green eyes, perfectly sculpted jawline, pink plump limps, little beard doing justice on his look. He’s looking so sexy in his blazer and white crisp shirt. I can see he’s having abs. I wanna touch them.

My train of thoughts got interrupted when someone cleared his throat.

Oh my neighbor’s shit! you were drooling over him.

"Liked what you see?” he teased.


I shifted embarrassingly and ignored him.

“Uh.. I think I should go now. Nice meeting you Mr. Jordan, hope you’ll find you perfect match soon” I said getting up.

I was about to shake hands with him but he hugged me.

What the heck?

Mmm... his cologne, so amazing so delicious.

Scarlett Miller control yourself.

I abruptly pushed him and nodded my head and I quickly walked out from there.

What the hell happened in there?

What was I even doing?

I took a deep breath to calm my beating heart.

Forget it, you should be happy that the problem is sorted and now you can do whatever you want.

I grinned.


I started doing my happy dance but soon felt people’s stare at me.

Control babes control.

I flushed. I quickly took a taxi and went from there putting my head down in embarrassment.

What is happening to me today?

After half an hour when I reached my home I paid the driver and went towards my home.

I stood at entrance for sometime and planned every thing that I should say to my mom.

He would have called your mom by now and she might know everything.

I took a deep breath and entered my home. I see my mom she ran towards me and hugged me in a bone crushing hug.

I’ll pray for your bones. I can feel the sadness.

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much honey. You made me proud. I know you’ll never fail me. I love you my baby” she said while showering kisses allover my face.

What? What is she saying? Have your mom gone mad because of the rejection?

I can see tears in her eyes.

What happened? Why is she crying?

How would I know?

Then ask her stupid.

“What happened mom? Why are you so crying? And why do you sound so happy?” I confusingly asked.

“These are the tears of happiness my baby and you don’t know? May be he wants to surprise you? ” she mumbled the last part to herself.


"Who mom?” I asked.

“Your would be husband, Eros Jordan” she said in a duh tone.

“This time I remembered my son-in-law’s name” she chirpily said.

My eyes widen.

What? Am I missing something here?

Not only you. I’m also missing something.

“What about him mom?” I curtly asked.

“Don’t be rude, he’s your future husband, be polite towards him” my mom said.

Now I’m getting annoyed.

“Mom? Please tell me what about him?” I annoyingly asked.

“He called me a few minutes ago and told me about your meeting and...” she said.

I think I can’t hear it.

My heartbeats were on full speed.

Something’s going to happen that you won’t like.

Oh shut up. Let my mum complete her sentence.

Don’t tell me that I didn’t warned you.

I wont.


Shut up.

No one loves me.

I groaned.

“He said he liked you and your behaviour and found you beautiful and attractive. He said he’ll be glad to marry you” she said cheerfully by clapping her hands.

I froze on my spot,

My eyes widen.

Whaaatttt? Am I listening things or she said he’ll marry you?

Pffft, She’s a real good actor. I actually believed her. She’s so funny.

“Mom you’re lying no? You’re joking, right?” I nervously asked.

“Why would I lie? He called me and told me all this” she innocently said.

This is a whole lot of shit. I can’t handle anymore. I’m fainting.

Oh God, why is all this happening this to me?

Why didn’t he say no?

He betrayed me.

I’m not going to leave him.
He’ll know, he messed with the wrong person.

That’s the spirit my soldier.

Tell him who you are and what you can do.

Eros Jordan, I’ll kill you.

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