Mr. Rude

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Chapter 10

Eros’s POV

“A table for both of you has been booked by Mrs. Miller, so come this way” the waiter said.

I was in a shock that she is the one my mom selected for me.

An unknown feel of happiness erupted inside me that she’s the one.

Bro you are getting crazy day by day. I thought I was insane but noo, you proved me that I’m your inner voice.

I shaked my head and ignored all my inner voices.

And cleared my throat.

“First let’s get seated Ms. Miller” I awkwardly said.

She nodded.

She started walking and I walked behind her.

Damn she looks beautiful from back also.

Right. Oh stop, why am I listening to you?

Because I’m awesome.

I rolled my eyes.

Soon we were seated on a private table.

The waiter is showing more attention towards her.

I’m not liking it. How can he look at her in that way?

Take a chill pill man.

Soon the waiter came and he took order from us while staring Scarlett. How can he look at her like that.

A sudden rush of anger flew through me. I clenched my fists.

I took a deep breath as I don’t wanna create a scene in front of her.

He’s not only staring at Scarlett but he was eye raping her.

I can see she’s getting uncomfortable under his gaze. She was shifting in her seat.

No one else can see her in that way.

Only you can?




He also gave his toothy smile to her.

Oh how fun it would be in breaking his teeth. Then his smile would be priceless.

He wrote the order down and asked me without even glancing at me.

Seriously? Can’t he see me.

Calm down. Scarlett’s gonna get scared by your flared nostrils.

But he exceeded the limit, now no more. I’ll tell him what happens when he sees someone, who is mine.


Yes. Mine.

She’s not your’s.


I ignored my inner voice after that.

I’ll show him where does he stands, bloody creep.

I scolded him for looking at my date like that and making her uncomfortable. I’m going to have a talk with the manager after the date.

Wow man, getting possesive huh? nice, but sometimes act possesive for me too, please.

Now you are irritating me.

Oh sorry. I’m not here. Please continue with your battle.

I calmed only when I heard a melodious voice, when I looked at the source of voice, ohh, so Scarlett is theone with the melodious voice.

Her words calmed my nerves down. Strange. I sighed and nodded my head towards her.

Amazing, you calmed down by just listening her words and here I was literally begging you to calm down and you ignored me. I hate you.

I once again ignored my voices.

I told her that I did all that things because I don’t want her to feel that I felt possesive over her. It will harm my reputation.

Yup, you are Eros Jordan, every girl wants you. You can’t show her that you were jealous over her.

Hey, I was not jealous.

Yes, you were.

No, I was not.

Yes, you were.

No, I was not.




Oh shut up. Let me concentrate here.

When I looked at her she was busy in thinking something and a frown was on her face.

She looked cute.

Control you emotions man.

After few minutes she opened her mouth and started telling me her marvellous or more like stupid plan to make me say no to her and to tell our moms that we don’t wanna marry each other.

She really don’t wanna marry you.

As if I’m going to follow her orders. I’ll do whatever I wish.

And you very well know you can’t do that whatever she’s saying? You know your mom is a pure devil and she’ll not leave you. She’ll eat you raw. Man don’t listen to her. She don’t know your mom.

I was busy in my own thoughts but when I looked at her
She was drooling over me.

I smirked.

I know your charms man.

I cleared my throat to gain her attention.

"Liked what you see” I teased.

Caught red handed.

She blanched.

And suddenly got up from her seat to leave.

She didn’t even wait for your reply. She just ordered you.

She was about to shake hands with me instead I hugged her.

Amazing, she’s totally amazing. My mom was right. She’s perfect for me. Her fragrance, fully toxic. I want to smell it daily. Her body was so soft against me. I want to feel her in my arms.

She abruptly pushed me and with a nod she quickly walked out from left me standing.

What did I just do?

Man you are whipped.

Hush up. Now what should I do.

Do you want to marry her?

May be or may be not. I’m not sure but I agreed to her, but she’s different. I really want to know her more. But I can’t betray her. What should I do now.

But when did you agree? She was the one who was saying everything and didn’t even wait for you to respond.

True. I didn’t accepted her proposal. A smile formed on my face.

Now let’s make her mine.

I grinned.

Now call her mom and say yes to her.

Right. Let me take her mother’s number from my mom.

When I got the number and instantly called her.

She received within two rings.

All the best man.

“Hello? Am I talking to Mrs. Miller” I asked.

“Speaking, who are you?” She asked.

“My name is Eros Jordan, son of your best friend Carol. The one whom your daughter met today” I told her.

“Oh, yes, yes, honey. How are you? And how was your meeting and how do you feel about my daughter?” She bombarded me with so many questions.

“I’m good and the meeting was good and I called you to inform you that”

I took a deep breath and spoke

“I find your daughter very interesting and very beautiful, I liked her a lot especially her behaviour and I’m ready to get married to her” I finally told her.

She squealed in my ear.

Damn! I’m sure that you are deaf by now.

"Thank you, Thank you so much son. I’m glad you liked my daughter. May God bless you” she cheerfully said.

“My pleasure, Mrs. Miller” I responded.

“I gotta go now, will talk to you later” with that I hung up the call.

Congrats bro, you finally found the one.

She will not sit quietly, she’ll soon come to me to kill me. As soon as she’ll know all the things.

Yeah, she’s a fiesty one. Let’s wait what will she do.

I chuckled to myself and soon left the restaurant and started driving towards my office.

Sacrlett you’ll soon be mine.

Only mine.

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