Mr. Rude

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Chapter 11

Scarlett’s POV

He, he is such a jerk, arrogant, creep, psycho, liar. How can he do this to me? He said no to me so why in the hell he did this and said yes to my mom? Ugh.

Go meet him and tell him who is he messing with. Go my one lady army. Tell him who Scarlett Miller is.

Don’t he know me?

Just go. It’s not the time for your stupidity.

I have to meet him. How could he betray me? That bloody stupid arrogant idiot, Mr. Rude.

I won’t leave you. You’ll get to know who am I.

Go babes go. If you want any help just tell me.

We’ll throw him from the topmost floor of his office building.

Or we can throw flower pots on his face, no, not on his face. He has a nice face but on his head yeah on his head, right?

May be he’ll get some brain into his skull.

Or we can shoot him with a bazooka?

Last one is perfect, its my personal favourite.

Oh shut up. I don’t need your idea now.

But I just wanted to help.

My inner voice whined.

I took my car out and entered his company address in the gps, and I drove to his office.

When I reached his office I asked the receptionist about his room. She told me it’s at the topmost floor but I’m not allowed. Like hell I’m not allowed.

As if we care. We will burn this office. Babe, do you have a matchstick.

Hush up.

Oh sorry, how can you have a matchstick, stupid me.


So you must have a lighter no?

I groaned.

Got it. I’ll keep quiet and will enjoy the show.

From nowhere a guard came and he tried to grab me but I dodged him.

Hah, you’re late.

Nice one babe, you rocks.

I quickly entered the elevators and pressed the topmost floor number. I can still listen the yelling of the receptionist and the guard.

You were superb down there babe.

I exited the elevators and there stood a lady in her office attire. I asked her where is his office. She told me I can’t go in because I don’t have an appointment.

Appointment my ass.

I quickly ran from there and I barged into his room and saw him.

He was sitting on his chair. When I entered he looked up and soon the stupid lady came behind me.

“I didn’t expected to get a visit from you so soon” he smirked.

He still have the audacity to smirk at you.

Don’t worry I’ll wipe that smirk soon.

I’ll tell you buddy, how lucky you are going to be to get a visit from me.

“Sir, s-sorry sir. I told her not to enter but she didn’t listened to anyone. Do you want me to call the security?” the lady asked hesitantly while shooting daggers at me.

Go to hell. Like your stupid security whom I just dodged will take me out.

“No. You can go. I’ll take it from here” he dismissed her without even looking at her.

What the hell? He didn’t even got up from his chair.

Mr. Rude.

She left the room closing the door after her.

“So, scar...“he started but I cut him off.

“It’s Ms. Miller for you and how dare you? What the hell do you think of yourself, huh? You’ll do whatever you want. Who gave you this right? You bloody sick arrogant rude jerk. How can you lie to me? You betrayed me. You creep, how could you, first you accepted my proposal and now you called my mum saying that you want to marry me, bullshit. I thought you were a nice guy but no, you are anything but nice. God.. why did I even listened to you in the first place” I said all in a single breath.

Gosh, from where did that capacity came?

He was looking at me in astonishment, but didn’t say anything so I continued.

“I thought you were also forced from your mother. I thought that I’ll help you and me both but no, how can you take help. Taking help is out of your league. After all you are Mr. Rude, you are just, uh... ” when I looked at him he was smiling a real smile, not a smirk but an actual smile.

“Mr.Rude, huh?” He said by taking steps towards me.

I audibly gulped. Shit! I rambled the name that I gave him infront of him.

Can’t I keep my mouth shut? Why am I so stupid?

It is yet to be discovered.

He came close towards me and trapped me between him and wall.

“When did I said yes to you?” he questioned.

I was about to reply but then I remembered, he never said yes.

I stood there in shock.

Yes, he didn’t said yes to you. You just imposed him with all your bull shit without even giving him a chance to speak. So that he can share his views about your fantastic plan.

Damn! And you are telling me all this now.

I cleared my throat.

“You could have told me but you didnt, it’s all your fault. You should have stopped me and told me about your views. I don’t wanna marry you and I won’t marry you, ever” I stated while shooting daggers at him.

Well done. Now he must be knowing that to whom he messed.

He was about to say something but I just pushed him with all the strength I got. He stumbled back because I caught him off guard.

“You are the one who started all this and you’ll also be the one who’ll stop all this bullshit. I don’t care how, just do it and end this stupid drama” I said.

And was about to leave but stopped and turned around and said “I hope this is our last meet. I wish we don’t meet each other again. Have a nice life ahead Mr. Eros Jordan.” I curtly said and left his office.

I held my chin high while walking out of the office.

On my way to exit I met the familiar annoyed faces of the receptionists but I ignored them and went towards my car and drove back home.

When I reached home my mom was nowhere to be seen. I tried to call her but no response, so I just walked toward my room.

I change my clothes into a pink shorts and white tank top and hair in a messy bun.

Ah! home sweet home. I’m gonna rest now, every thing is sorted now. That handsome and sexy billionaire is out of our way.

Yeah, but don’t forget the handsome and sexy billionaire is also Mr. Rude. Now I can live peacefully.

Babe? Why did he said yes to your mom? I think his mom also forced him to do so, but why didn’t he grabbed the opportunity?

You know I was also thinking the same and why me? He can get any girl he want. Why is he persistent towards marrying me? I’m not that hot and sexy, like the girls he had dated.

May be he loves you.

Hey, he’s Mr. Rude. He don’t do that love things and I don’t think he will ever love me. May be he’s taking some kind of revenge on me? Because of my stupid bumping.

Any thing can be possible. Now rest and let me also rest. I need my beauty sleep. I need to look good.

Yaa, yaa, you should look good and who’ll see you??

Babe, you just hurted my intentions. You are also becoming just like him.

Suddenly loud sound of knocking on the door heard.

Who can be at the door at this time?

Whosoever is knocking that loud, would have to pay for disturbing my beauty sleep.

May be, my mom came.

But she has her own set of keys.

Yeah right. Let’s check then.

I climbed the stairs to go downwards.

The knocking is getting louder by every second.

“Coming” I yelled.

The person who’s knocking is so restless.

I walked towards the main door open it.

I froze on my spot.

Bundles of shit.

What? Why? How?

The person standing there was none other than,


He was standing there.

When he looked at me he kept on staring me from up to down with an unknown expression.

What is it with him? Why did he came here? What does he want?
Is this his way to take revenge?

Babe I’m getting scared this time.

“Well hello Scarlett... baby” he said with wink.

Why did he came?

What does he want?

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