Mr. Rude

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Chapter 12

Eros’s POV

I was sitting in my office, happy that Scarlett would be mine soon.

Yeah, she would be yours. Please don’t forget me.

My inner voice fake cried.

I rolled my eyes.

Hey, I think we forgot something. something very important.


Don’t know, can’t point it out.

Okay, when you remember do tell me.

Then I busied myself in my work.

Oh damn!

I remember.


That I we are forgetting something.

And what is that?

You forget to tell the devil I mean your mom about the meeting. She’ll kill you man.

Shit, you’re right I should call her.

I took my phone and dialed my mom’s number.

“Hey mom” I said.

“Oh, you got time to remember me, so nice of you ” she taunted.

Apologise to her now, otherwise she’ll kick your butt.

“Um... sorry mom, I got indulged in work that I forgot to call you” I apologised.

“Forget it, now tell me how was your meeting with Scarlett?” She excitingly asked.

I smiled.

Man you are whipped.

I shaked my head to remove all the thoughts.

“Yes mom, it was nice meeting her and I liked her and decided that I’ll marry her. I found her quite interesting ” I stated.

She squealed in my ears through the phone.

Your ears man, helllooooo, heellllloooo, can you listen to me?

Shut up.

Oh you can.

"I’m so happy son. I love you so much. I know she’s right for you. I’m glad that you liked her” she said.

I think she must be jumping right now because of happiness.

I chuckled.

“Have you told her mom about it? Oh my god, we have a lot of things to do, your engagement, your wedding, your honeymoon” she rambled.

Whoa! I think she also planned the names for your children, she is superfast.

“Relax mom. I just said yes today, all things will be managed, don’t panic” I calmed her.

She took a deep breath.

“Your right son. I’m so much happy because of you.” she said while relaxing.

“I’m glad that you are happy” I said.

“Okay son. I got to go now. I should congratulate my dear friend too. Love you son, Bye” she said after that she hung up.

Man your mom is not that bad, may be, I’m getting her wrong.



Suddenly I heard sounds of people speaking, especially yelling of Maya.

What’s happening?

Let’s wait and watch, because I also don’t know.

I shrugged.

Suddenly my room’s doors burst open and I know it very well who came making such a hurricane.

Right man,she’s really a beautiful hurricane.

Hey she’s mine.

And I’m your’s too.



I ignored him and said looking at her with a smirk “I didn’t expected to get a visit from you so soon.”

I know she’ll get mad at me for not doing as she said.

I know that she’ll come but I seriously didn’t expected so soon.

The sooner the better.

She was kind of taken back from my words, my smirk grew wider.

I’m enjoying it.

Me too, I said to my inner voice.

My thoughts were interrupted by Maya, my secretary.

“Sir, s-sorry sir. I told her not to enter but she didn’t listened to anyone. Do you want me to call the security?” Maya asked hesitantly while shooting daggers at her.

Ohh! so she had already irritated the staff. Nice.

“No. You can go. I’ll take it from here” I ordered her without even looking at her and by didn’t getting up from my chair.

She’ll get more furious.

Maya left the room closing the door after her.

Let’s know, why did she barged in like that? Bro, she must have dodged all your security to come here, she’s professional.

“So, scar..“I started but got cut off by her.

“It’s Ms. Miller for you and how dare you? What the hell do you think of yourself, huh? You’ll do whatever you want. Who gave you this right? You bloody sick arrogant rude jerk. How can you lie to me? You betrayed me. You creep, how could you, first you accepted my proposal and now you called my mum saying that you want to marry me, bullshit. I thought you were a nice guy but no, you are anything but nice. God.. why did I even listened to you in the first place “she said all in a single breath.

Wow! Was she rambling or she has that capacity? If it’s her capacity then you’re gonna enjoy it.

I chuckled to myself and looked her in amazement. When I didn’t speak anything she continued.

“I thought you were also forced from your mother. I thought that I’ll help you and me both but no, how can you take help. Taking help is out of your league. After all you are Mr. Rude, you are just, uh... ” she said.

I smiled at her, she is looking so cute when she is furious.

“Mr.Rude, huh?” I said.

She selected a name for me, Mr. Rude. I can’t control my laugh at her name.

Nice name, it suits you.

I want to laugh but I can’t. I have to stop my emotions. I put my serious look on.

And started taking steps towards her.

As I get closer to her she became nervous.

Man, she’s getting effected by you.

Yeaahhh, we should party for this achievement.

She gulped down in nervousness.

I came closer to her and trapped her between me and the wall.

She looks even more prettier from a close up view.

Sparkling blue eyes, brown hairs coming on her face her cheeks turning pink. Her long cute eyelashes.

My hands were itching to touch her.

“When did I said yes to you?” I questioned her in amazement.

I know she jumps on conclusions very fast, but she is truely innocent.

But don’t you think she is kind of stupid? She didn’t even listen to your views.

Yess, she is.

I chuckled.

When I looked at her she was busy in her own thoughts. I looked at her in aww, she’s so cute.

She cleared her throat.

Oh, she’s back.

“You could have told me but you didnt, it’s all your fault. You should have stopped me and told me about your views. I don’t wanna marry you and I won’t marry you, ever” she stated while shooting daggers at me.

Now she thinks it’s all my fault.

She doesn’t know you yet. Tell her who you are?

I was about to say something but she just pushed me. I stumbled back as I was not expecting this.

“You are the one who started all this and you’ll also be the one who’ll stop all this bullshit. I don’t care how, just do it and end this drama” she huffed.

With that she was about to leave.

But stopped and turned around and said “I hope this is our last meet. I wish we don’t meet each other again. Have a nice life ahead Mr. Eros Jordan.” she curtly said and left.


I was standing there for don’t know how much time.

This is the first. No girl have refused me but she. She’ll be the death of me.

But what just happened?

Again she did the same, seriously? again didn’t listen to you.

I laughed out loud.

What happened?

She’s a unique one, totally crazy, always do whatever comes to her mind.

But she doesn’t know, who I truely am and what can I do.

I think, she needs a demo.

You’re right.

She thinks that she won’t marry me, but I’ll make sure that she’ll marry me, only me, no one else. She’ll only be mine.

My Scarlett.

I smiled.

Uhh, you are scaring me man. What are you going to do?

Just wait and watch.

I exited my office room and told Maya to cancel all my appointments. I’m going somewhere.

But where bro?

To my Scarlett.

While exiting the building I called my mom and asked Scarlett’s address. Let’s show her a trailer of me.

Ooooo, I’m liking it. I wanna see, what do you have in your mind?

I headed towards my car and entered the address in gps and drove towards Scarlett’s house.

I’m coming Scarlett baby to let you know you’re Mine.

I reached in front of her house. I exited my car and head towards the main door.

I took a deep breath and started knocking the door.

After a few minutes a figure came into my view.

The figure was wearing pink shorts and white tank top and when my gaze come up towards the face.

My Scarlett was standing there in shock looking so hot yet innocent in that outfit.

She’s looking beautiful plus cute in those clothes. Her long sexy legs, her curvy figure, she looks sexy.

She was looking at me in pure shock.

She didn’t expected you. Amazing.

I smirked at her.

She was dumbfounded by my sudden visit.

“Well hello Scarlett... baby” I said with wink.

Great job man. I’m proud of you.

Let’s tell her to whom she belongs

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