Mr. Rude

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Chapter 14

Eros’s POV

I was at the door and she was staring at me in pure shock.

She didn’t expected you here, nice job. Her expressions are priceless.

She put her both hands on her hips and asked me annoyingly.

“What the hell are you doing here? Is there any problem with you? Can’t you understand my words? Let me repeat once again for you, I said I . Don’t . Want . Any . Connection . With . You. Am I made myself clear now? Why can’t you just leave me alone?“She huffed angrily.

Still she looks cute.

I was holding myself to not to smile at her outburst.

She’s still not letting you to speak.

I was looking at her in amazement.

She was debating with herself to what to do.

I smirked.

I was about to speak something but from behind I heard a lady’s sound.

“Honey, is everything alright? Who’s at the door? And why are you not inviting him in?” The lady questioned.

Scarlett groaned.

“Um.. mom...” Scarlett started.

Oh so she’s her mom. She is same like Scarlett but in an older version. Her brown hairs were tied up in a bun. She’s having blue eyes but not are as sparkling as my Scarlett.

Hey, she’s the one who tried to make you deaf.

"He is Mr. Eros Jordan, as you know” Scarlett continued.

But I cut her in mid and moved forward, pushing Scarlett aside and put my hand in front to shake.

Instead her mom broke my bones in a bone crushing hug.

What’s with the mom’s and their deadly hugs?

“Oh Mr. Jordan, how are you? Is everything alright? Why did you came at this hour?” Her mom questioned worryingly.

I smiled at her mom and was about to say something but this time Scarlett interrupted me.

Why isn’t anyone letting you speak? Don’t they want to listen your sexy voice? I don’t like them.

“Ah mom, he’s about to go” Scarlett said while fluttering her eyelashes.

And who told her that? She’s trying like hell to make you go.

I choked a laugh at her attempts.

“Actually Mrs.Miller. I came here to have a talk with Scarlett. If you don’t mind can I talk to her in private?” I asked her mom but still my eyes were on Scarlett.

She rolled her eyes at my statement.

“Oh dear, why would I have any problem with that? You both are getting married soon. You can go to scar’s room and talk as much as you want” her mum cheerfully said.

I smirked knowing that she can’t refuse me this time.

Nice bro, you trapped her.

She narrowed her eyes at me.

“This way please” she said with a grim smile and showed me the way to her room.

I nodded and followed her.

Oh so she lives on the second floor.

It would be hard for you to climb up to meet her from the window, don’t you think?

Shut up.

Soon we entered her room.

She moved inside the room.

I locked the door and turned towards her.

Her room was not a typical girly type, her walls were painted in soothing colours not pink. A bed, a dressing mirror, a window in the center, perfect for her. I can smell her sweet scent, it’s totally intoxicating.

When I shifted my gaze towards her, she looks shocked.

The same expression as I thought.

I smirked.

I came closer to her and said “Scarlett baby, you have a very bad habit of not listening others point of views. You directly jump on to the conclusions and that’s why I have to come here”

She looks dumfounded.

I know my words would affect her.

I came more closer to her and slided a hand on her waist.

Her breath hitched.

Her eyes widens and she started getting embarrassed due to our closeness.

I made a firm grip on her waist so that she won’t move.

I stared her for a few minutes and then continued.

Bro tell him, tell him for what you came here. Tell her to whom she belongs.

“You will marry me, only me and no one else. You’ll be mine Scarlett. You were mine from the moment I laid my eyes on you. You’ll be my lawfully wedded wife and you won’t disobey me ” I stated.

Her body stiffens at my words. Soon her cheeks started getting a shade a dark pink.

She’s blushing, awww, so cute.

I smile came on my face at her look.

“Before I was doing this for my mom but now, I’m doing this all for me. I want you to be mine, my wife Scarlett” I said as I lift my hand and touched her now red cheeks with the back of my knuckles.

Her skin is so soft just like a baby.. I want her to be mine, she’ll only belong to me, my Scarlett.

I can feel that she’s enjoying my touch.

She’s getting affected by my touch.

Which means?

She has feelings for you, wow.

I don’t know what came into me. I started moving my face forward. She closed her eyes because of the closeness. I kissed her on her cheek.

Her eyes shot open on an instinct. she was scarlet red now just like her name.

I chuckled at her condition.

I’m effecting her a lot.

She cleared her throat.

“And why would you think that I’ll marry you ” she awkwardly asked..

She still thinks she have a chance. how stupid she is?

“Baby, you have to. You would say no to your mom, huh? You know that your single no can break the bond between my mom and your mom. Do you want that? Her only friend breaks all her bond with your mom?” I asked her.

Deep inside I know she won’t let that happen. She loves her mom a lot and she won’t hurt her.

I wish someday she also love me like that.

Soon, bro. Soon.

She is a true beauty. Her brown hairs which cascades down her shoulders, her eyes were so beautiful, sparkling blue as deep as an ocean, her little cute nose, her soft pink lips...

I licked my lips.

She debated for sometime with herself.

“My mom will come day after tomorrow to discuss all the preparations of the wedding, go with her and buy whatever you want” I confidently said still touching her cheeks.

I moved my face towards her neck, her eyes closes instantly.
Can’t able to control myself.

I take my face to the side of her neck and inhaled deeply in her hairs, her scent of strawberry. I kissed her neck.

It’s getting hard for me to control myself. I abruptly moved my face away and took a last glance at her.

I took a deep breath and left her room, leaving her standing there.

What is happening to me? Why can’t I control myself?

I groaned and started climbing down the stairs.

It’s okay man. Nothing much happened, you just pecked her on her cheek. Don’t worry much.

Her mom again came again from don’t know where and stood in front of me.

She first looked at me then at my back.

“Is everything okay with you both” she asked.

I stopped on my place and turned around.

Oh, Scarlett was standing there.

She turned her face away. I know she’s still blushing and she don’t want me to see her.

A genuine smile came on my face.

I know she’s still looking at me with the corner of her eye.

“Yes, everything’s good and Mrs. Miller we both want to tell you something. We both decided to get married by the end of the week and in two days we’ll have our engagement ceremony” I smiled my signature toothy smile.

Then I glanced at Scarlett, she stood there frozen. I know she was not knowing that I’ll marry her so soon, but what can I do. I want to make her mine as soon as possible.

“Omg! I’m so happy. You both are getting married. Soon I’ll become a grandmother” her mother squealed.


“But why so soon? How will we manage all preparations in one week?” Her mom asked.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Miller.. I’ll manage everything” I said with assurance.

She nodded.

“My mom will come tomorrow to discuss all the preparation of wedding” I told her.

She smiled.

“I think I should go now” I said glancing at my watch.

“Okay dear, sweetheart, why don’t you go with him to see him off” her mom asked Scarlett.

She nodded with a smile.

I was looking at her in astonishment, as she didn’t refused her mom’s order.

I think her story is same like you.

“What?” She questioned.

Oh, I was still gazing her, her faced was flushed, her cheeks were still red.

“Um.. your cheeks were still red” I chuckled.

She touched her cheeks and blushed again.

I think she was still thinking about your moment.

She’s blushing like this when I just pecked her cheek, what will happen when... Ahem!

We got it.

I laughed out loudat that thought, she’s looking so cute.

“Don’t you wanna go home?” She asked annoyingly.

You irritated her.

I love you for that.

“I was thinking to go but if you want me to stay. I won’t mind, wifey” I teased with a wink.

I know she’ll surely get mad. I smiled to myself.

She groaned “uhh...don’t call me that”

Let’s play dumb now.

“What?” I innocently asked furrowing my eyebrows.

“Whatever you just said in the end” she said.

“ don’t wanna send me home? Aww honey. ” I teased her again.

“Not that...uhh...the last word which you used” she huffed.

“I seriously don’t know? Scar? Why don’t you tell me?” I smiled an innocent smile.

“I hate you” she said.

“I know you don’t ” I said with a wink and came close to her and kissed her rosy cheek.

Her face turned as red as tomato.

She groaned embarrassingly.

I chuckled.

“Good night wifey” I winked.

I was about to go to my car but stopped and turned around and looked at her up to down.

“By the way, you got sexy legs down there, Mrs. Jordan” I winked.

Omg! I can’t take it anymore. I’m crying of laughter.

She tried to cover her legs.

I laughed at her cute gesture.

I got seated in my car and soon drove off.

First step crossed.

Soon baby, soon.

You’ll be mine.

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