Mr. Rude

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Chapter 16

Eros’s POV

Last night was amazing as Scarlett finally agreed to marry me.

She didn’t agreed, you made her agree.

Whatever. She’s marrying me.

I’m happy that I went to her home and met her.

My happy moment was interrupted by a phone call and the person was none other than by best friend, Nick Wilson.

I was ingnoring him since two days but now I think I have to attend this call.

“Hello” Nick said.

“Hey” I said.

“Where the heck were you and why are you not answering my calls? I’m such an ass that I’m wasting my precious time by calling you and you who choose to ignore all my calls, bloody hell” he hissed. And I kept my phone a little bit away from my ears otherwise he’ll surely make me deaf.

Aww, he’s such a nice friend.

“I was indulged in something” I replied.

“Wow man, what a reply. Seriously? That’s what you only got? I know you are a bloody ceo but you should also know that I’m your only friend but no, you bloody ignored me. What have I done to have a friend like you?” he spoke.

“Stop with your drama Nick. Now tell me what do you want?” I huffed.

“Drama? Really? You think all this is drama? You hurt me. You just punctured my poor heart. My best friend hurted my feelings” he cried.

I groaned.

“Stop being a cry baby and tell me what do you want?” I questioned.

“Can’t a best friend ask about his best friend? You are so mean. So how are you?” He asked.

“I’m fine” I replied.

“So? what’s going on in your life?” He asked.

“Nothing much” I replied.

He sighed.

“You stupid arrogant rude man. How could you? Don’t you have a heart and here I was thinking that I’m important to you but no, you proved me wrong. Oh Lord, I don’t wanna live anymore in this world where my only best friend don’t share things with me” he fake cried.

“What the hell happened to you?” I asked.

“You are getting married and you didn’t even tell me, bro, I’m your best friend or was, I don’t know. Still, you didn’t tell me anything about you getting married. When we’re you going to inform me? When you have became a father or a grandfather? Oh my lovely lord, take me away from him” he dramatically said.

I sighed.

“Who told you? Is that my mom?”

“It’s not important, you didn’t informed me. Leave it, and tell me who is the unlucky girl, who said yes to marry you? When is your engament party man? Is your onlu friend invited or not?” He questioned.

“She’s a beautiful and smart girl. Her name is Scarlett Miller. You’ll soon meet her and I’m sure you’ll also like her and the engagement ceremony is day after tomorrow and I know even if I don’t invite you, you’ll still come to the party. So you’re with due respect are invited ” I smiled.

“Yeah you are right,perks of a best friend. Wait a minute, how can you even think of not inviting me?” he huffed.

He’s such a baby sometimes.

“Now stop your drama and be there on time, if you want to meet her and attend my engagement” I said.

“Okie dokie, by the way I want to meet the unlucky girl, who agreed to marry such a jerk”he teased.

I was about to reply but he hung up my call. I’ll deal with him later.

After few minutes my office room door flung open and my mom came with her toothy grin.

“Oh honey. I love you so much. I’m glad you find Scarlett perfect match for you and I know she also can’t resist your charms..” my mom said smilingly.

Oh really? As much as I know she surely didn’t fell for your charms.

"Why are you here mom? If you wanted something you should have tell me. I would have given you a visit” I asked carefully to not being rude.

“Oh dear. I’m not that old and don’t compare me with the oldies. I’m not became a grandmother yet ” she said laughingly.

“I came here to you give you your grandma’s ring. Do you remember? This our family’s heirloom and I want you to give it to Scarlett” she said giving me a box of ring.

When I opened it, a beautiful ring was there. I have seen it before but every time I see it I remember my grandma.

Give this ring to the one whom you heart wants, whom you want to be your, whom you want to cherish and love your whole life"
My grandma’s words.
I smiled at the memories.

“Okay mom I’ll give it to her soon and mom I have told Scarlett that you’ll go with them tomorrow for wedding shopping and did you tell Anna about the engagement and the wedding?” I asked.

Anna is my little sister who is studying right now in abroad and would be back soon.

“Yes dear I called her yesterday and told her about all the details. She was so excited for the wedding and to meet Scarlett and I’ll surely go to Maril house tomorrow” she smiled.

“I think I should leave now, love you dear” she kissed my forehead and left.

I sighed.

When should I give this ring to her?

Why not today?

You’re right today is perfect and I can meet her. I grinned.

Lover boy.

I called Maril, Scarlett’s mom and asked Scarlett’s number and her whereabouts.

Then I left my office and drove towards the cafe.

When I reached there I called her phone number but she didn’t pick up.

After few attemps of calling she received the call.

“Yes?” She questioned.

“Hey babe” I said.

“Who are you?” She asked bluntly.

“Don’t tell me? You forgot me? That’s really rude of you. I’m your future hot and sexy hubby, Eros Jordan” I teasingly said.

“How did you get my number? And what do you want?” She questioned me.

“I have my sources and I want only one thing... you” I stated.

“Go to hell” she curtly said.

I chuckled. She’s fiesty.

“Aww, honey don’t be rude. I’m standing in front of the cafe in which you are in. Come and meet me. I don’t like to wait. Come faster” I ordered her.

I know she’ll throw her tantrums but I’m prepared babes.

“And why would I do that?” She asked.

As I was expecting.

“You want me to come inside? Aww, you want to tell the whole world that you belong to me and soon you’ll becoming Mrs. Scarlett Eros Jordan. How sweet of you. I’m coming in as you said” I said but she cut me off.

“Wait. I’m coming. Don’t come inside” With that she hung up the call.

I chuckled at my little victory.

I was waiting for and thinking about where should I take her, after few minutes of thinking, a perfect place came into my mind.

Suddenly a sweet fragrance came to my nostrils, ah, she’s here. When I looked up, she was standing beside me with an unknown gaze.

I admired her outfit. She have an very amazing fashion sense. She’s looking hot.

I looked here and there, oh, she’s jealous of other girls drooling.

I smile make its way to my face.

I came closer and inhaled in her hair and kissed her cheek.

She blushed at my actions, her cheeks turned pink.

My smile grew wider.

“Hello there, wifey” I said.

I know she’ll get mad, but I like her getting mad.

“Shut up, I’m not” she huffed.

“You’ll soon be” I winked.

She rolled her eyes.

I chuckled.

I opened the passenger door for her, she got seated then I jogged to other side and got seated.

“Why are you here?” She asked by crossing her hands.

I can’t help but smile at her actions. She looks cute.

“Can’t I meet my future wife.” I teased.

She groaned and I chuckled.

Then we drove off to the place where I want her to be with me.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

I ignored her..

“Can’t you tell me? Where are you taking me” she again asked.

Can’t she keep her mouth shut for a while?

She’s restless man.

She groaned loudly.

“Hellloooooo? Eros..can... you...listen... “She yelled by doing actions with her hand.

She’s definitely trying to make you deaf... jeez... she yells a lot...

“Can’t you keep calm and wait? Jeez, why do you speak so much? Now keep your mouth shut till we reach the destination” I huffed annoyingly.

She turned her face towards the window and looked outside.

Thank god. She’s quiet for a while. I can relax in the peace.

“Are you kidnapping me and going to keep me as a hostage?” She innocently asked.

No more peace. Why the hell are you marrying a speaker?

I rolled my eyes.

“What? Why would you think that? Firstly you came with me with your wish and I don’t have to kidnap you when you are soon going to be my wife and will be staying with me” I winked.

She groaned.

After sometime we reached our destination. I exited the car and jogged to her side to open the door.

She exited the car and looked at her surroundings.

“Are you going to push me off the cliff?” She hesitantly asked.

Seriously? I think she’s in a serious need of doctor’s consultation.

I can’t control anymore.

And I burst out into loads of laughter.

She’s so naive. How can even she think that?

“You are so stupid” I said in between my laughs.

I controlled myself.

Then I put a hand on her back and told her to come with me.

When we reached the cliff her eyes widens.

It was indeed a beautiful view, city lights can be seen from here. Whole city can be seen from here..

I looked at her and she was in confusion.

“Because no one knows about this place” I told her.

“I usually come here when I get frustrated and have a lots of stress on me.. I come here I feel peace and happiness here” I said looking at her.

"Why are you telling me all this? I don’t want to be rude but why did you bring me here?” She asked confusingly.

I seriously don’t know why did I bring her here not even my family or friends but I want to show this place to her.

" I also don’t know. I just want you to be here with me” I smiled.

She was looking like an angel in dim lights. I slide an arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

I came closer and kissed her cheeks, first left then right lastly her forehead.

Then I hold her hand and and kissed the back of her palm.

Her face was scarlet red by now. She looked even more beautiful.

Then I took out the ring from my pocket and slid it onto her finger.

Her eyes flew open in shock. She was looking at the ring.

I kissed the ring on her finger.

Then I smiled at her.

“This is my grandma’s ring. She told me to put this ring on the right girl. The one whom I want to cherish and to love” I said smilingly.

She was shocked by my sudden confession.

But I ignored her and pulled her into a tight hug.

Shockingly she hugged me back.

Aww.. such a cute moment. She looks beautiful but only when she’s calm.

Few moments of hug I pulled myself back. I was looking at her kissable lips. I started getting closer. But,

Suddenly my phone started ringing. I cursed under my breath and excused myself to answer the call.

The call was from Mr. Jenkins and he want the copy of file which was at my home. because of which I have to go home.

Damn! I was about to kiss her. What is happening to me? Why can’t I control myself around her? Something’s wrong with me.

She was standing there blushing red.

I walked back to her and awkwardly said “Um..Scar, I have to go home. An urgent work came up. We should be going now ” I said while scratching the back of my neck.

She nodded.

We reached my car got seated and drove towards her home.

The whole ride was silent, when we reached her home, I kissed her cheek and said goodbye to her and soon drove off.

All night I was thinking about the kiss which never happened.

What will it be like to have her lips on mine?

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