Mr. Rude

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Chapter 19

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Scarlett’s POV

My wedding shopping was going on a great rush.

I have to go to the designer and give my measurements and to buy various dresses.

As the days are passing I’m getting nervous about what will happen at the wedding?

You’ll get married to Eros. Duh. What are you thinking what’ll happen?

I rolled my eyes.

I know that I’m going to marry Eros.

And the most amazing thing is that my wedding is tomorrow.

Today we all have planned to celebrate my last day as a bachelorette, so Sonya and Richie planned a party at a club. I am not at all interested in celebrating but what can I do.

Yeah, you are a bore type. Who can sleep the whole day on her last day as a bachelorett.

Shut up. That’s the best thing anyone can do.

I have to agree as both my friends were showing their puppy faces.

So today I chose to wear a black strapless dress, whose upper portion is filled with sequins.
With my favourite red heels. smokey black eyes and red

I was admiring myself in the mirror as I did all the make up by myself.

Damn! I look sexy.

I think God is with you that’s why you didn’t turned your face into a clown.

But it’s unbelievable, you can make your self that good... totally shocking.

Sonya came into my room more like barged in.

“Wow, you look hot. He won’t able stop himself” she complimented.

Who’s he?

“He?” I questioned.

“Uh nothing. I’m saying that everyone in the club will have their eyes on you” she said.

For that I’m sure.

“Oh, I don’t look that nice”I blushed.

“You too look stunning, even more than me” I replied..

“Thanks babe. But it’s your day today. Now let’s leave, Richie is waiting for us in the car, if we don’t reach on time he’ll surely get mad and mad Richie is not a good Richie” she said.

Why am I feeling that your friend has planned something?

No, you’re exaggerating.

I still asked her.

“Sonya? Eros is not coming there no?” I questioned by narrowing my eyes at her.

“Noo, pfft..not at all, what would be he doing there? He have his own party to attend. Now hurry up” she said.

I hope everything wents well.

With a last glance at mirror we exited my room.

“You are looking so hot. I should have tried on you “Richie said with a whistle.

I punched his shoulder.

“Oww, you punch like a man” he cried.

I chuckled.

We got seated in the car and drove towards the club.

The club was fully packed with people, loud music was playing, neon lights were making my vision blind. But still it was fun.

We entered and reached towards our booth. Where we all got seated.

We ordered our drinks.

“We can’t believe you are getting married, our stupid little Scarlett is going to become a wife. Someone selected our stupid friend to get married” Richie fake cried.

Yeah. I am also in shock for that. Why Eros is selecting you? He can do much better.

Shut up.

"May God bless that poor guy ” he continued.

I rolled my eyes.

Such great friends I have.

“Oh shut up” I rolled my eyes and took a sip of my drink.

“Wow, this drink tastes nice, what is it?” I took another sip.

“Just enjoy the drink babe, don’t ask just drink. After all it’s your bachelorett party” she winked.

“Hello everyone” a voice came from behind. When I looked there, Anna was standing their grinning.

Sonya waved back and told her to come our way.

Who invited her?

"Me” Sonya said.

Did I said that loud?

“Yup” Sonya said.


I got up and hugged Anna.

“Thanks for coming, it meant a lot to me” I smiled at her.

“No problem, I wanted to be here. I was getting bored sitting at home doing nothing” she smiled back.

Look she also gets bored sitting at home.

Everyone is different.

You’re not different. You’re one of a kind.

Is that a compliment?

Well it’s not but you can take it in whatever way you want.

Anna got seated and ordered her drink.

After talking sometime with Anna, I found her very sweet and polite.

How can anyone be jealous of her?

I know. I’m stupid.

Suddenly my vision started to blurr, what is happening to me, does the drink? No, Sonya knows I don’t drink because I do stupid things after that.

I shaked my head to clear my view.

“Babe, let’s go to dance floor and show them who’s the boss” Sonya winked and dragged me to the dance floor.

Yeah, let’s do the dancing.

Richie and Anna didn’t came, they wanted to have a few more drinks.

Love is in the air.

I started swaying my hips according to the music, and started dancing on the beat.

A few minutes of dancing I found similar green looking at me in admiration.

Doesn’t he looked like Eros?

But why would he be here? May be I’m hallucinating.

And look Nick is also with him.

But why would they be here?

They are not them. My mind is playing games with me. And my inner voice is helping my mind in fooling me.

The duplicate Eros came towards me and hugged me.

Why is he hugging you?

“Woah man stay away. I’m engaged to someone. Can’t you see the ring” I pushed him away and raised my hand to show my ring.

“Scar, are you alright?” he asked.

The duplicate even knows your name.

“Yes I’m fine ” I grinned.

Why the hell you are grinning.

I don’t know. I can’t stop myself.

Isn’t the guy looks just like Eros, too sexy, too hot, too charming, too...

Okay. We got it.

I raised my hand and touched his cheek.

“You know you look exactly like my Mr. Rude, the one whom I’m getting married” I told him.

“Oh I see. Are you happy to marry him?” He asked.

“Don’t know” I shrugged.

“Then why are you marrying me.. um..Mr. Rude” he questioned.

Suddenly I felt sad.

“I have to otherwise he’ll break my mom’s best friend’s bond” I sadly said.

“So you hate him?” He asked.

No, why would I hate him? Do I?

No babes, you like him.

A smile came on my face.

“No, I don’t hate him, he’s rude, arrogant, annoying, stubborn and insane but I like him. Don’t know why but can’t control myself from liking him. He’s not that bad.” I stated.

“Do you know him?” I asked.

He shaked his head.

“That’s good. May be if you know him you’ll also fall for his charms and let me tell you one thing. I don’t share” I told him.

I can see the duplicate blushing. But why would he? I let it go.

“And why would I fall for him?” The duplicate asked.

I actioned him with my hands to come near.

I got closer to his ear and told him “You know he’s very smart and sexy, sometimes I drool over him, but because of his arrogance he his Mr. Rude” I giggled.

“This name suits him a lot. I’m so good in putting names ” I laughed and patted my back.

You are seriously getting insane.

“Don’t tell this to him otherwise he’ll be on the seventh heaven, that I praised him” I told him with a giggle.

Why can’t I stop giggling.

Because you are stupid.

I know I am.

I again giggled.

He smiled his toothy smile.

Wow he also have a beautiful smile.

Just like Eros.

“Lets get seated somewhere, I like talking to you” I literally dragged him to the bar area and we got seated.

The duplicate was staring me constantly.

“One martini for me, do you want anything?” I asked the guy.

He shaked his head in no.

“Why did you agreed to get married to him?” Duplicate guy questioned.

“You know Mr. Rude forced me into this marriage at first I didn’t like it at all but now I’m looking forward to it. Every girl wants his hubby to be too damn sexy as him. I want to say no to him but..” I said.

A slow smile crept on his face.

I continued.

“Whenever I’m with him I’m always in a different trance and when he kissed me. Wow.. just wow, fireworks started in my body. Kissing him is an amazing feeling” I said by taking a sip of my drink.

“So you like his kisses?” He asked.

“Who would not like them? He’s a pro. Totally awesome” I told him.

“I think he’s a lucky guy to have you, you are so beautiful, young and cute” he smilingly said.

He’s finding you cute. May be he’s also drunk.

Shut up.

“Mr. Rude should be like you, you are so sweet. If I don’t have to marry him I would have surely married you. Because you look just like Eros. My fiancee” I said by pulling his cheeks.

He chuckled at my action.

I suddenly started feeling dizzy. I gripped my seat tightly.

“Are you okay?” Duplicate asked.

“Yeah, just a bit dizzy.” I replied holding my head.

“I think we should head home” he stated.

I nodded.

He paid the bill and hold me by shoulders and walked with me to the exit.

He took me to his car. We got seated. A very familiar fragrance came into my nostrils.

“You smell very nice. Just like Eros, are you Eros? But how can you be him? He must be enjoying his bachelor’s party with some beautiful girls “I murmered.

“Seriously you don’t recognise me?” He muttered under his breath but I heard him.

He glanced at me then back on road.

Don’t you have a feeling that he is Eros?

I also feel the same, if he’s Eros why did I rambled everything to him?

Because You are stupid as I told you.

When we reached home I was very sleepy.

“Are you able to walk?” He questioned.

I nodded. When I got up I stumbled and was about to fall but was grabbed by the guy.

He swiftly carried me in his arms and took me to my home.

I burried my face into his chest..

“You really smell very nice. Can you suggest Mr. Rude the same cologne?” I deeply inhaled his scent.

“Sure” he replied.

He entered my room and placed me on my bed and got seated beside me.

“You look very cute when you are drunk “he said by touching his fingers along my body.

He came closer and was looking me like he was remembering my facial features.

An unknown feel came into me and I wanted to be in his arms, wanted to touch him, feel him.

I put both my hands around his neck and asked “Can I kiss you?”

I can’t control myself. I was in different frenzy, I know he was none other than Eros, I have a strong feeling.

He shocks for a second but soon put his lips on mine.

Sparks ran through my body.

Goosebumps rose all over my body. I can’t get enough of his kisses. He’s totally a pro, my soon to be husband.

He deepens the kiss, his one hand was on my cheek and other was balancing him.

Soon he pulled away when we both ran out of oxygen. He stood up and was about to go.

Why is he going? I don’t want him to go.

So I grabbed his hand.

“Eros? ” I whispered.

He turned around.

“Please stay” I requested.

He think for a minute, then,

He nodded and sat beside me.

He kissed my forehead.

“Good night Scarlett” he said.

He lied beside me and tightly hugged me.

He burried his face deep in my neck, he inhaled deeply.

“We both have a big day tomorrow, sleep nicely.” he said.

“Then you’ll be mine ”

Was the last words I heard.

I soon slept in a deep slumber.

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