Mr. Rude

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Chapter 20

Scarlett’s POV

I groaned and rubbed my eyes to remove the excess sleep from my eyes.

My head was throbbing in pain, like someone was hammering my head.

I had a stupid dream last night.

Where I told Eros to kiss me.

Why would I do that?


I laughed at my stupid thoughts.

Why would I kiss him and will request him to stay?

I snort.

I have to do something for this pain, ughh, its making me insane.

You already are.

Shut up.

I got up from my bed and took two aspirin and then went to bathroom and did my morning rituals.

When I came back to my room I see a note sitting on the side table..

What’s that?

I picked it up and started reading.

"Sorry for not staying with you as you requsted as it’s a bad omen, but don’t worry dear, I’ll make sure that tomorrow I’ll be with you on our bed.

P.S. you look cute when you are drunk and I’ll not tell anything about Mr. Rude to him.


Was he here?

I started recalling yesterday’s events.

I remember going to the club with both Sonya and Richie. Then Anna joined us. Then we danced a lot and then,

Similar pair of green eyes..

Bloody hell!!

Mr. Rude.

Means he was there?


This means that kissing thing which I thought was a dream, was not actually a dream.

How can be so stupid?

Because you are.

Oh my pet’s shit!!

Hey you don’t have a pet.

Yeah, but my neighbour has.

Oh my neighbour’s pet’s shit!!


Omg! I really asked him to kiss me, and all the things that I rambled about Eros. I was actually saying all that to Eros.

How can I be so dumb?

You were not dumb, you are.

I facepalmed myself.

Seriously I didn’t expected all that from you. I know you’re stupid but that much stupid, never imagined. You proved me wrong.

You were also there, you could have told me, so you can’t blame only me.

I’m your inner voice, you should not be so dependent on me.

Shut up.

My head is hurting like hell.

Do you know babes?


You are getting married today.

What the hell?

I totally forgot about today. I really wanna cry now. First this killer headache and now this marriage. I wanna die.

And I’m gonna laugh at you, you’re seriously so stupid.

Suddenly my room burst open and Sonya barged in.

“Babe what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be getting ready by now?” She questioned.

I turned my face to her side and told her about my headache.

“I didn’t think that drink will give you hungover ” she said while thinking.

“No, its not that drink, I drink more after that...wait. What do you mean by the drink will give me hangover? Sonya what did you do this time?” I asked by narrowing my eyes.

My Lord, she’s the culprit of you headache, she should be punished by a cold bucket of water.

“Um.. that’s was just to make yourself enjoy the party” she said.

“I was enjoying the party and you know that when I drink I do stupid things ” I told her.

“It’s fine babe, now tell me what happened after you left from there with Eros, tell me everything in detail” she excitedly asked.

Now I’m hundred percent sure that Eros was there.

“Do you know? Why did Eros came at the same club as me?” I questioned.

“No, no, I didn’t know, even I didn’t tell Nick our location” she closed her mouth with her hands..

I glared at her.

My lord, can I do the honours of throwing cold water at her?


“How could you Sonya? You know I don’t like him still you betrayed me, why?” I huffed and crossed my arms in front of my chest.

She is on your side or him? I doubt that.

“Babe, firstly you were looking damn hot that every guy was drooling over you and second Eros should know how hot and sexy you are. And how beautiful are you. I wanted to show him that he’s lucky to have you ” she winked at me.

I sighed.

“Forget that, tell me the juicy details about yesterday” she again asked.

“Nothing much he left me in my room and then made me sleep and then he left” I told her.

Last night memories came into my mind which make my cheeks go red. That kiss..

“What are you not telling me? Wait, am I seeing right? You’re blushing, oh my gosh! Tell me everything” she stated by narrowing her eyes.

I blushed.

Then told her everything about yesterday night leaving the details where I asked him to kiss me.

Soon the time for me to get ready for my wedding came.

Hurry up my soldier, your wedding is waiting ahead for you to attend.

All the stylists and the make up artists reached on time and started doing my make up.

I started feeling nervous. But Sonya supported me by boosting my confidence.

“Every thing will be fine and you are going to kick everyone’s butt” she said with a squeeze on my shoulder.

I smiled at her.

Soon my make up and hair was done.


I wore my wedding dress, when I came out after wearing the dress, everyone was looking at me in with their mouth hung open.

“Honey, you look gorgeous. I wish your dad was also with us” my mom said first by kissing my forehead.

I can see her eyes watering.

I hugged her tightly and controlled the flow of dam through my eyes.

“Hey I also love to crush others in a hug, don’t forget me. I’m also coming” Sonya said and came forward and embraced both mom and me.

She seriously crushed every single bone.

I finally took a glance at the mirror, OMG... I can’t recognise myself. I was looking totally different in the white dress that I’m wearing.

You are actually looking beautiful. stylists did a nice job in renovating your face. I thought your face was unrepairable.

The upper portion of my dress was embedded with silver sparkly stones, my hair was done in a bun and sone bangs were left out of the bun, with smokey eyes, diamond earings which were totally matching my dress. I wore silver 5 inch heels which looks perfect..heels.

“Seriously babe you look beautiful. Eros will be fainting for sure and I’m gonna capture that moment ” she teased.

Then don’t we need an ambulance?

Blush crept on my cheeks.

My look was finally completed with a long veil.

When I turned around I can see both mom’s and Sonya’s eyes watery.

I’m also gonna cry, do you have some tissues? Please don’t tell anyone that I cried.

Why are YOU crying?

Because they all are crying.

“Hey don’t start waterfall now. Otherwise I’ll also start my tap, which will not stop soon and my make-up will get ruined” I warned them.

They chuckled.

Soon Richie entered in my room yelling.

“When is the bride going to be ready? I’m really getting hungry. When will I have the delicious food. I know whatever the bride will do she’ll still look like a monkey, she..” he trailed off when he looked towards me.

He stared me from up to down.

“Wow!! You look beautiful. I-I know, you’re not my Scar, where is she? She isn’t this beautiful, she was like a monkey”he teased.

I punched his shoulder.

“Oww! Okay, okay, don’t need to be violent. I get it, you are our Scarlett, who punch like a man” he said rubbing his shoulder.

I rolled my eyes.

“Jokes apart, Scar you look damn stunning. Eros is a one lucky guy” he said with a kiss on my cheek.

I rubbed my cheek with an eww.

“Hey, girls die to get a kiss from me” he huffed.

“No, it’s more like girls die after getting a kiss from you” I stuck my tongue out at him.

He chuckled and rolled his eyes.

“Time for crushing each other” Sonya said by grabbing us all in a tight hug.

Are your ribs okay?

We all laughed at Sonya’s childishness.

She is totally a strong woman.

Soon we left for the venue.

Richie would be walking with me down the aisle, as my father’s no more so Richie insisted to walk with me.

I literally crushed him in a hug when he said that, I’m glad to have a friend like him.

When we reached the venue my heart was beating like drums. Every could hear my drums.. I mean my heartbeats..

I was very nervous to go there, as it was my first time.

Seriously first time, are you going to marry like zillion times?

Oh shush..

My sides door opens and I can see Richie’s hand.. I held his hand and exited the car..

Breathe in, breath out.

The music started playing and my heart was beating like it would come out of my body and will accuse me for giving him so much pressure.

I placed my arms in Richie’s and started walking.

We slowly slowly walked towards the stage. I was walking carefully as I don’t want everyone to laugh at my falling. Richie squeezed my hand in assurance.

I took a glance of the surroundings. I was mesmerized by the view, the place was looking so beautiful, everything was decorated in white colour, white flowers, white chairs, white flower petals were spread on my way, which was giving me a real princess like feel.

It felt like a dream, how can real world be so beautiful?

Its indeed beautiful.

While glancing everywhere through the crowd, similar green orbs grabbed my gaze.


He was looking so hot and dashing in his white tux, black pants, he smiled at me, he was staring at me with an intense gaze, which made my cheeks go red.

How can even a person look so damn perfect. he’s like a greek god whom god sent just for you.

Lucky you.

I lowered my gaze and kept on walking.

God help me to no do anything stupid, let the wedding compelte in a normal way without my clumsiness.

I too wish the same.

Fingers crossed.

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