Mr. Rude

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Chapter 21

Scarlett’s POV

When we reached the stage, Eros came forward and put his hand in front. Richie left my arm with a kiss on my cheek and giving a squeeze and with not forgetting to give Eros a nod.

It’s show time.

I nervously put my hand in Eros’s hand and climbed up the stage..

“You look gorgeous” he smiled.

I blushed, but still was nervous about what was going to happen.

Eros didn’t forget to have my hands a squeeze of assurance.

He was still staring me with intense gaze.

Why is he staring?
May be he’s not sure that you are the same stupid Scarlett.

We both were standing hand in hand in front of the priest.

I was getting nervous with all the gazes and mostly because of Eros gaze.

The Priest started to tell us our vows which we both repeated after him.

“Do you Mr. Eros Jordan accept Ms. Scarlett Miller as your lawfully wedded wife and to cherish her and love her with all your heart?” The priest asked Eros.

Eros looked into my eyes then said “I do”.

Everyone in the crowd hooted and clapped for him.

“Do you Ms. Scarlett Miller accept Mr. Eros Jordan as your lawfully wedded husband and to cherish him and love him with all your heart?” The priest asked me this time.

Its the time now.. no going back.. you have to do this for you mom.

I took a deep breath..

“I do” I nervously said.

This time crowd hooted and clapped for me.

“You both may now exchange the rings” the priest said.

We both exchanged the rings.

“I now announce you both lawfully wedded husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.” The priest said.

Eros removed the veil from my face and moved his face forward.

“Mrs. Eros Jordan” he said with a smile.

And kissed my lips.

Sparks ignited throughout my body.

Finally Mrs. Eros Jordan, huh?

We both pulled away when the crowd cheered and clapped for both of us.

Then we both turned towards the crowd.. Eros slid his hand on my waist and showed his toothy smile to everyone.

I hope I took right decision to marry him.


We both were seated on the chairs which are alloted for us.

“You are looking ravishing today Mrs. Eros Jordan” he teased.

I rolled my eyes.

“Thank you Mr. Jordan” I smiled.

Suddenly he hold my hand in a tight grip.

“Now you are my lawfully wedded wife, so what do you think we should do after the party?” He seductively said.

What is going in his mind?

I blushed at his tone.

I tried to release my hand from his death grip but he was too strong.

I stomped on his foot which made him release my hand.

I gave him a victorious smile.

Now it’s the time to cut the cake.

Yess!! I was like dying for this moment.

We both reached near the cake and everyone was clapping for us.

It was so beautiful cake decorated with flowers and a wedded couple standing on the top.

When outerlook is beautiful it would be so delicious from inside. Mmm... I can’t wait.

I hold the knife with my hand. Eros also hold the knife by holding my hand.

Tingling sensations run through me by his single touch.

I looked at him and he was already looking at me.

I quickly turned my face away.

Is he also feeling the same?

May be.

We both cut the cake and the crowd applauded loudly.

He took a spoonfull of cake and put it front of my mouth. I ate the cake and smiled at him. The cake was so yummy.

I was right.

I was about to moan but stopped when I saw him licking the same spoon from which I ate.

Isn’t it yuck moment?

I blushed and he moaned.

I gulped.

He came closer to my ear. I can feel his hot breath on my shoulder.

“Now it tastes delicious when my wife had already tasted it” he said which caused goosebumps to rose all over my body.

I looked down and tried to hide my blush. Which made him to chuckle.

Soon we both were seated on our places.

“You’re so lucky to have an extra hot, extra sexy and extraordinary husband like me, right Scar baby?” He teased.

I was about to reply him but Nick came.

"Shortcake? You didn’t listened to me no, you chose this idiot over me. Where did I go wrong?” he fake cried by rubbing his hands under his eyes.

Aww, he knows how to make a girl smile.

“I’m so sorry Nick, you should have met me before him, I would have surely married you rather than this idiot” I teased.

This will surely make Eros mad.

Eros narrowed his eyes at me and put his hand on my thigh.


My eyes widen.

A smirk forms on his face.

“My bad, but don’t worry. When you’ll leave him you can come to me. I’m always available for you, shortcake” he said with a wink.

Eros’s grip tightens on my thigh. Goosebumps rose all over my body.

I was not able to gather words because of his hand which is making me feel sparks.

“Oh shut up Nick, she won’t be leaving me, ever. Right wifey?” he said with a press on my thight.

I audibly gulped and nodded as no words came to my mouth.

“I know she’s trapped by an idiot, she can’t do anything now. What done is done. Anyways congratulations both for your wedding” Nick said with a grin.

“Thank you so much Nick” I smiled heartedly.

I slapped Eros’s hand away but he kept it back on my thigh with a squeeze.

I groaned.

“Hey what are you both doing why don’t dance? It’s your wedding, you should be the first couple to dance because I really want to dance with some hotties here” Sonya said.

I doubt that she’s your friend.

I narrowed my eyes at her.

She just shrugged.

“Baby, she’s right let’s dance. It’s our wedding party” Eros said while getting up.

I rolled my eyes and got up.

We reached the center, soon my favourite track started playing.

I smile came on my face due to the track.

Eros put his hands on my waist and pulled my towards him. My heartbeat quickens. I put both my hands on his tight chest.

Mmmm, What would his body look like underneath his shirt?

I blushed at the thought.

“You look beautiful when you blush my dear wifey” he teased.

Which makes my blush go deeper.

We danced for don’t know how much long but when we stopped the crowd was cheering and clapping.

I blushed.

Soon it’s the time to wrap up the party.

Now I have to throw the flower bouquet to the girls.

Sonya was glaring at me if I didn’t threw it at her, she’s going to kill me for sure.

Isn’t she so desperate?

I think the same.

I turned around and threw the bouquet back.

I heard gasps.

What did you do?

Did you break someone’s face or something?

But they were just flowers.

But they were the flowers thrown by you.

When I turned around the bouquet was in Nick’s hand.



I laughed out loud.

He has an innocent expression on his face.

Poor Nick, now he have to face all the girl’s torture.

Soon me and Eros left the party and headed towards his home after an emotional farewell with my mom and friends.

And unexpectedly Richie cried his heart out. He was looking cute when he cried like a baby. He was sobbing like a baby.

When we reached his home I take a look at his house, sorry not house. It was a mansion, a very beautiful mansion.

I looked at Eros he smiled at me.

“I hope you like your new home ” he said.

I also hope the same.

Eros hold my hand and took me towards the entrance.

He opened the door by punching some code.

As I was about to enter but I felt myself lift off from the floor.

Eros lifted me and look at him in shock.

“Can’t help, rituals” he said innocently.

Wow! Ain’t he so sweet.

I rolled my eyes but on inside I was blushing.

He made me stand in the middle I looked around in aww.

Wow! Am I dreaming? Are you seriously going to live here.

The mansion is more beautiful from inside as from outside.

The mansion was coloured in grey colour, in the center was a black coloured sofa. I can see the kitchen which is on the right side and from the left side the stairs were going up.

“Your house is beautiful” I told him.

“Honey it’s ours now” he winked.

Aww! Our huh?

I blushed.

“Do you want to see our bedroom?” He asked by coming closer to me.

“Um, y-yeah.. s-sure”

Why the hell I’m stuttering?

Because you are stupid.

What an answer.

“This way, do you wanna walk or want me to lift you up” he teased.

I blushed.

“N-no.. I’ll walk” I said.

He chuckled.

Soon he started walking towards the stairs.

Soon we entered a large room having a king size bed, with beige coloured walls, a brown coloured couch on the right, a dressing mirror near it and two doors both in the opposite direction.


“The door on the left is for washroom, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in a few minutes” he said as he left the room.

I sighed.

Let’s get relieved from this dress. I can’t breathe properly in it.

Yeah you must have gained wait after eating like an animal in the party.

I didn’t eat that much.

I can only see you in the whole party stuffing your mouth.

Shut up.

I sat in front of the dressing mirror and wiped off the makeup from my face. I removed all the accesories from my hairs as they were making my pain in my head.

I tried to open the zipper of my dress but I was not able to reach it.

How did I wore it.

With the help of the stylists, duh.


After a lot of attempt I gave up.

I’ll ask for someone’s help.

I sighed.

Suddenly the room’s door opened. Eros came in with a velvet box in his hand.

What’s in the box?

I instantly got up.

He came near me and gave the box to me.

“What’s this?” I questioned.

“This is your wedding gift from your handsome, hot and sexy husband, my dear wifey” he grinned.

“What is in it?” I again asked.

“Why don’t you see it by yourself?” He said.

No she can’t. Because she’s too lazy to do that.

Shut up.

I confusingly took it and open its lid. My eyes widens at the thing in the box.

The box contains a very beautiful pendant. Its silver in colour and diamonds are embedded into it. It was very cute. I took it out and gazed towards its beauty. Then I look towards Eros he was staring at me with a dazzling smile.

This is so beautiful.

“May I?” He asked.

I nodded.

He took it from me and turned me around and tied it.

I looked in the mirror, it looks perfect on me.

“I personally requested to make this, it is one of its kind, it suits you. Do you like it?” he asked by kissing the back of my neck.

I blushed.

“Thank you so much, I really loved it, it’s really very beautiful, you don’t have to bring this “I replied while touching the necklace.

“You were really looking so gorgeous today” he said.

“And not to forget, you didn’t bumped into me today” he teased.

Yeah, that’s a new thing.

I blushed and covered me face with my hands.

He laughed at my action.

“You’re seriously so cute wifey ” he teased.

Did he forget about yesterday’s night?

I wish he did.

How am I going to survive with him?

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