Mr. Rude

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Chapter 22

Eros’s POV

Days went on a great speed and tomorrow’s my wedding to my Scarlett.

A totally whipped man talks.

I rolled my eyes.

Since the day of engagement party when I kissed her. I want her more. Everyday I think about her all the time. I want her to be mine as soon as possible.

Now whipped plus possesive man talks.

Shut up.

She will be mine in few hours.

I smiled to myself.

I was getting ready for my bachelor’s party where Nick is forcefully dragging me.

It was before that I want a girl to hangout with but now there’s only Scarlett, I always think about her. I have to go as Nick emotionally blackmailed me by showing his drama, from which I can’t slip away.

So here I’m getting ready for the party. I am wearing a white T and beige coloured pants, a black blazer and I completed my look with white sneakers. I sprayed my cologne, finally I’m ready to go to that stupid party.

My room’s door burst open.

Nick came in and glanced me up to down.

“Bro? Why do you always look better than me” he huffed by crossing his hands over his chest.

I chuckled.

“Because I’m better than you..“I smirked.

“Yeah yeah why not, so are you ready to go?” He asked.

“Is it necessary for me to go. I don’t wanna go” I said.

And there will be no Scarlett.

"Are you insane? It’s your bachelor’s party and you’re saying you don’t wanna go. After tonight you’ll be no more bachelor, you will be a married man. Oh my dear friend” he fake cried.

“You’re overreacting ” I stated.

“Am I?” He questioned.

I nodded.

“Okay then I’ll stop. Now let’s get moving” he said.

With that we both left my room.

We were going to my club to celebrate.

What would Scarlett be doing?

She would be celebrating her last days as a bachelorett.

Yeah. You’re right.

We entered the club and reached to the vip lounge, a few girls were drooling over me but I just ignored.

And got seated to our places.

“What do you think Scarlett would be doing?” I asked Nick as I sipped my drink.

“Aww, my friend is totally whipped. He’s missing his soon to be wedded wife” he teased.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Okay okay. Don’t scare me, about Scarlett, according to me she would be partying hard in a club where she was enjoying with a lots of men” he said.

Lots of men? What?

“What are you saying? Why would she be enjoying with lots of men?” I questioned.

“These are the usual things that happens in a bachelorett’s party”he stated.

“I don’t think this would happen, Scarlett is not that kind of girl” I said.

“Bro chillax, yes she’s not like that but the things I told you were common in this type of party. Let her enjoy, it’s not like she’s going to sleep with anyone, she knows she’ll marry you, if she was surrounded by male strippers or..” I cut him off.

“Shut up! Do you know where would she be?” I asked.

“Yeah but why?” He questioned by raising an eyebrow.

“Let’s give my would be wifey a visit” I said and got up from my seat and went towards the car and drove off to the club.

It’s the time to show her whom she belongs.

When we reached at the club, I searched for the blue eyes and when I found her, she’s looking so hot, my eyes widen.

What is she wearing? Isn’t it so short? But damn she looks sexy as hell.

She was swaying her hips with the music.

When she notices me she stood straight on her spot.

Without wasting anymore time and ignoring Nick I went towards her.

When I reached in front of her I hugged her but she pushed me away.

“Woah man! Stay away from me”

What the hell happened to her? Why is she pushing you away?

“Scar, are you alright” I asked.

She’s not Scarlett. Is she her duplicate? Because she’s too sexy to be Scarlett.

“Yes I’m fine ” she grinned.

Why is she grinning? Bro I think it’s the time.

For what?

To take her to the mental hospital.

I rolled my eyes.

Shut up!

As you wish.

She raised her hand and touched my cheek.

“You know you look exactly like Mr. Rude, the one whom I’m getting married” she told me.

Mr. Rude? She’s your Scarlett, the speaker.

“Oh I see, and why are you marrying me.. um..Mr. Rude?” I questioned.

Suddenly her grin disappers and sadness reflected on her face.

“I have to otherwise he’ll break my mom’s best friend’s bond” she sadly said.

She must be hating me for forcing her, but what can I do? I want her to be mine.

“So you hate him?” I asked.

“No, I don’t hate him, he’s rude, arrogant and insane but I like him. Don’t know why but can’t control myself for not liking him. He’s not that bad.” She stated.

Wow man, she doesn’t hate you. I thought she would be ready to kill you by speaking her lungs out.

“Do you know him?” She asked.

Man she’s drunk, she don’t even recognises you. She’s totally stupid but cute.

Let’s know about myself from her, what does she think of me? I shaked my head in response.

“That’s good, may be if you know him you’ll also fall for his charms. He’s too hot and sexy too be real” she told me.

Ohh! She also fell for my charms.

I didn’t expected that from her.

I’m am the one who can’t be resisted.

“And why would I fall for him?” I asked.

She actioned me to come near her.

She got closer to my ear, an unknown feeling crept through me because of her.

“You know he’s very smart and sexy, sometimes I drool over him, but because of his arrogance I named him Mr. Rude” she giggled.

She thinks you are smart, sexy, nice. She’s not that stupid then.

She looks cute when she’s drunk and her giggling is so melodious.

“This name suits him a lot. I’m so good in putting names ” she laughed.

I take my words back, she is stupid.

“Don’t tell this to him otherwise he’ll be on the seventh heaven, that I praised him” she told me with a giggle.

I can’t help but smile at her giggling and words.

“Lets get seated somewhere, I like talking to you” she dragged me to the bar area and we got seated.

I stared her, she’s looking so hot in that dress and her drunken state makes her cute.

“One martini for me, do you want anything?” She asked me.

I don’t want to miss this, I don’t want to get drink.

Yeah! Who wants to miss this live entertainment.

I shaked my head.

“Why did you agreed to get married to him?” I questioned.

Let’s know her real feelings about me.

“You know Mr. Rude forced me into this marriage at first I didn’t like it at all but now I’m looking forward to it, don’t any girl want his hubby to be too damn sexy as him. I want to say no to him but..” she trailed off.

She believes that you are sexy. I thought she was blind.

A slow smile crept on my face.

“Whenever I’m with him I’m always in a different trance and when he kissed me, just wow, that was an amazing feeling” she said by taking a sip of her drink.

She liked the kiss, yes!

“So you liked his kisses?” I asked.

“Who would not like them? He’s a pro, totally awesome. He’s perfect at it” she told me.

Congrats, she’s also totally mad for you just like you.

She liked my kisses and thinks that I’m a pro.

Well she guessed right on the pro, because you are.

“I think he’s a lucky guy to have you, you are so beautiful, young and so cute” I smilingly said.

I’m really lucky that I’m getting married to Scarlett.

And I’m really happy a 24/7 entertainer would always be at home with us.

“Mr. Rude should be like you, you are so sweet. If I don’t have to marry him I would have surely married you” she said by pulling my cheeks.

I can’t help myself but to laugh at her.

She is too damn cute.

Plus stupid.

She suddenly gripped her seat tightly.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah! Just a bit dizzy.” She replied holding her head.

“I think we should head home” I stated.

She nodded.

I paid the bill and hold her by shoulders and walked towards the exit.

I took her to my car, and she was rambling something to herself.

When we entered my car.
“You smell very nice, just like Eros. Are you Eros? “She asked me.

Is she that stupid or high? That she still doesn’t recognises you. She’s proving me right about the stupid thing.

“Seriously you don’t recognise me?” I replied.

I glanced at her then back on road.

When we reached her home I opened her side of door.

“Are you able to walk?” I questioned.

She nodded.

When she got up sje stumbled and was about to fall but I grabbed her.

I don’t think she can walk. It’s show time.

Show her your hidden romeo.

I swiftly carried her in my arms and took her to her home.

She put her head on my chest and took a deep breath.

“You really smell very nice.” She mumbled.

I chuckled to myself.

I entered her room and placed her on her bed and got seated beside her.

She is too cute when she’s drunk.

And gets more stupid.

I smiled.

“You look very cute when you are drunk “I said by touching her body with my fingers.

I came closer and was looking her face.

She’s a true beauty.

She put both her hands around my neck and asked “Can I kiss you?”

She wants to kiss me. I didn’t expected that at all. But why would I say no to kiss his delicious lips.

I soon put my lips on her and started kissing her deeply.

My one hand was on her cheek and other was balancing me.

Soon I pulled away as I don’t want to take her advantage when she’s not stable. She’s not even recognising me.

She’s never stable.

I stood up and was about to go.

But she grabbed my hand.


I turned around.

“Please stay” she requested.

I nodded and sat beside her.

I kissed her forehead.

“Good night Scarlett” I said.

I lied beside her and tightly hugged her.

At last she recognises you, pheww.

I burried my face in her neck and inhaled deeply.

“We both have a big day tomorrow, sleep tight” I said.

“Then you’ll be only mine ” I stated

Soon I started hearing her stable breathes.

I pecked her lips once more before leaving and wrote a note on a paper as I know she’ll surely forget today’s events by tomorrow.

After writing I left her home and drove towards mine.

Tomorrow you’ll be mine Scarlett.

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