Mr. Rude

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Chapter 23

Eros’s POV

Kiss me Eros, please. I want you to kiss me please. I want your lips on mine.

Really? She wants me to kiss her, I’ll surely complete her wish.

I hold my Scar firmly by her shoulders and pulled her forward towards me.

She closed her eyes and was waiting for my lips to attach to her.

I looked at her pink plump kissable lips, begging me to kiss her. I moved forward towards her.

I was about to kiss her.

I can feel on breath on my face.

I was so close.

So close to her.

So close,


I heard a scream.

My eyes jerk open and the view in front of me was not good..

It’s worst man.

I was holding Nick’s shoulders and was about to kiss him.

Can someone please say, Ewww.

"Please leave me for my future wife. I didn’t know that you have feelings for me. Leave me please. For the sake of your would be wife “he cried by joining his hands.

Thank god I didn’t kissed him. How would I have lived with such a guilt.

Then I won’t be able to live with you too.

“Oh shut up, I didn’t do that intentionally, I was sleeping. It’s your fault you shouldn’t have to be so close to me” I replied by rubbing my eyes.

Yeah, you were dreaming about your bumping girl.

“Right, you are right. It was all my fault now, how rude can you be of accusing your only friend who is so smart and sexy and who is totally straight and was going to be kissed by his bestie. I wanna die, I can’t live in this cruel world where a poor man like me can’t be safe” he over dramatically sad.

Poor Nick. I feel really bad for him,

I rolled my eyes.

“Nick shut all your drama right now, and tell me what are you doing here at this hour” I asked while getting up from the bed.

“It’s not drama bro, you scared me by doing that horrible thing. How would I show my face to others, oh holy Jesus! what have I done to have a friend like him who was about to kiss me ” he fake cried.

That’s enough.

“Nick” I yelled.

Hey don’t scare him, he is not at fault.

“Forget it, You won’t understand my feelings” he said by standing up from my bed.

“Anyways, I came hear as my bro you have your wedding to attend, and it’s half past 11. You should start getting ready, we don’t have to be late, do we?“he said by folding his sleeves.


Bro I too forgot about the wedding, your friend is a tremendous actor, he literally made me hate you.

I rolled my eyes.

“I seriously forgot about the wedding just because your drama” I told him.

He just shrugged.

“Your tux has arrived and every thing is in the room, hurry up now, get yourselves ready” he said by clapping his hands.

He then left my room and I went to the bathroom and took a nice shower.

I came out and wore my tux, which has white shirt and black pants and a white blazer, with a black bow tie, I gelled my hair back. Sprayed my favourite cologne.

I glanced at the mirror.

After approving my look I exited my room.

When I reached downstairs my mom, Anna and Nick was looking at me constantly.

Are you looking like a joker? Why are they staring at you like that?

I walked towards them and stood in front of them.

My mom burst into tears. I moved forward and hugged her.

Aww, such a lovely moment.

“My son is getting married today. I can’t believe that it’s actually happening today. You look so handsome. I’m very happy to see you like this” she said by tightly embracing me.

I also can’t believe you are going to marry a girl, who is stupid as hell.

“I’m so happy for you brother, you found your perfect match. I wish you both live happily in future” Anna said.

I hugged her then kissed her forehead and smiled at her.

Soon I heard someone’s sniffling sound.

Who can it be? You have comforted your mom and Anna is in front of you, then, who’s the one crying now?

I looked towards my right.

And there I found the one crying.


He was flowing waterfall from his eyes. He was trying to control himself but miserably failing in it.

I moved towards him and hugged him. And patted his back to soothe him.

Then he started crying out loudly.

True love. I can’t see scenes like this. Do you have a tissue?

“My bestie is getting married. I can’t believe it, you’re looking so smart and handsome as always, my only friend. Please don’t forget me after getting married ” he said by tightly embracing me in a bone crushing hug.

He’s so nice man. I really love him, you’re really lucky to have him.

I rolled my eyes.

“No Nick I’m not going to forget you even if I try” I said by rubbing his back.

I won’t let you.

“I love you bro” he said.

I love him too.

“Shall we leave now for the venue?” I questioned.

“Someone’s getting restless to see his bride” Mom teased.

I just shrugged.

In real I want to see her, her single smile can make my heart go insane.

What is she? A clown?

I ignored my inner voice.

Soon we left for the venue.

The venue was looking so beautiful with white surroundings.

I walked towards the stage and waited there for my would-be wife to arrive.

Have patience, she’ll be here soon.

After few minutes of tapping my foot and counting all the chairs, the music started playing.

And it’s my cue to look at the entrance.

Here comes the bumping girl of your dreams.

A beautiful looking Scarlett was walking down the aisle towards me, slowly slowly, she glanced at my side, I smiled at her.

I can see that she’s damn nervous.

She’s looking so beautiful like an angel walking towards me, in a white gown and in a long veil holding a bouquet of flowers.

She was walking with Richie.

Soon they came towards the stage I walked forward and gave her my hand.

Richie kissed her forehead and nodded towards me and left.

“You look gorgeous” I told her with a smile.

She nodded.

I squeezed her hand in assurance.

She was looking so beautiful I can’t remove my gaze from her.

We both were standing hand in hand in front of the priest.

Then we take our vows in front of the priest. Now I have to kiss my wife.

I removed the veil from her face and moved my face forward.

She’s looking so gorgeous without this veil.

“Mrs. Eros Jordan” I said with a smile.

And kissed her lips.

Her soft and plump lips.

You are mine now Scarlett Eros Jordan.

Congrats bro.. you finally got her.

We both pulled away when the crowd cheered and clapped for both of us.

Then we both turned towards the crowd. I slid my hand on her waist and showed my toothy smile to everyone.

Scarlett is finally mine and only mine.

We both walked hand in hand towards the place where our wedding party is going to be held.

I was in no mood of leaving her hand.

I smiled to myself as I see her walking beside me.


We both were now seated on the chairs which are alloted for us.

I was still looking at her. How can someone be so beautiful.

Yeah she’s beautiful from face but too damn stupid from mind. How can someone be so stupid?

But she’s cute too.

I can’t help but smile at her beauty which is now mine.

“You are looking ravishing today Mrs. Eros Jordan” I teased.

She blushed.

“Thank you Mr. Jordan” she curtly smiled.

I had an urge to hold her hand so I did it and hold her soft hand in mine.

I’m getting bore do something. Let’s irritate her, this will be so much fun.

“Now you are my lawfully wedded wife, so what do you think we should do after the party?” I seductively said.

Staring at her now widen eyes and a light pink colour appears on her face.

She was trying hard to remove her hand from mine but she’s not getting success.

She then stomped on my foot which made me groan.

Fiesty much.

With which she released her hand from my grip.

Now you saved yourself from me but for how long.

Afterall we are going to live together.

I smirked at the thought.

You have to accept me soon.

My Scarlett.

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