Mr. Rude

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Chapter 24

Eros’s POV

It’s the time to cut the cake.

We both reached near the cake and everyone was clapping and cheering for us.

She hold the knife with her hand then I hold the knife not forgetting to her hand in the process.

An unknown sensation ran through me.

I looked at her.

She also looked at me. But she quickly turned my face away.

Did she felt the same?

May be.

We both cut the cake and the crowd applauded loudly.

I took a spoonfull of cake and put it front of her mouth. She ate the cake and smiled at me.

I licked the same spoon from which she ate.

It’s delicious now.

She blushed and I moaned in the delicious taste.

She gulped which formed a smirk on my face.

I came closer to her ear.

“Now it tastes so delicious when my wife had already tasted it” I said.

I can see the goosebumps thay rose all over her body due to our closeness.

She immediately looked down and tried to hide her blush.

She looked so cute at this moment.

I chuckled at her state.

Soon we both were seated on our places.

“You’re so lucky to have an extra hot, extra sexy and extraordinary husband like me, right Scar baby?” I teased.

I just love teasing her.

She was glaring at me but Nick interrupted her.

Why Nick why? We were having fun.

"Shortcake,you didn’t listened to me no, you chose this idiot over me. What is happening in this cruel world? An idiot gets a beautiful girl!” he fake cried.

I raised my eyebrow.

What is he saying? He knows that you are head over heels for her. He knows that you’re totally whipped.

Shut up. I’m not whipped.

Yeah! I’m whipped right?

“I’m so sorry Nick, you should have met me before him, I would have surely married you rather than this idiot sitting beside me.” she replied.

Now this is enough.

Yeah. My lover boy do something. Tell them who is the one who is actually whipped.

I narrowed my eyes at her. She should have known by now that she’s mine and only mine. No sharing.

I put my hand on her thigh and squeezed it a little.

Her eyes widen and her face started turning red.

A smirk forms on my face.

“My bad, don’t worry, when you’ll leave him you can come to me” he said.

She’s not going to leave me for anyone, not now not ever. She’ll be mine forever.

Aaha! Possesive much.

“Oh shut up Nick, she won’t be leaving me.. ever, right my dear wifey?” I said with a press on her thigh.

She gulped and nodded.

I have a very nice effect on her.

I smirked at that thought.

“I know she’s trapped, and she can’t do anything. Poor Scarlett” he said.

I shooted my deadliest glare to him. To which hw audibly gulped.

“Anyways everything happens for good, congratulations both for your wedding” he smilingly said.

“Thank you so much Nick” she smiled.

I don’t from where did she get courage but she slapped my hand away.

No baby no, you’re not allowed to do that.

I again kept my hand on his thigh with a tight squeeze.

She jumped or her place.

Then glared at me.

I chuckled and was about to reply but some one cut me off before that.

“Hey what are you both doing why don’t dance? As it’s your wedding, you should be the first couple to dance. Now hurry up. Everyone’s waiting ” Sonya said.

Yeah man she’s right. Let’s break the floor..

I like the girl Sonya, she always helps us.

“Baby, she’s right let’s dance. It’s our wedding party” I said while getting up.

She rolled her eyes and got up.

We reached the center, soon the track started playing.

A smile came on her face.

Is she happy for the dance with you or she’s insane.

Don’t know man, but she look beautiful with her smile.

Bro, you are totally whipped.

I put my hands on her waist and pulled her towards me and she puts both her hands on my chest.

I melt under her touch. I can feel the heat of her hands beneath my shirt.

She blushed due to closeness may be.

She looks so stunning with her red cheeks. My hands are itching to touch her now red cheeks.

“You look beautiful when you blush dear wifey ” I teased.

Which makes her cheeks turn into dark pink.

We danced for don’t know how much long but when we stopped the crowd was cheering and clapping.

She lowered her gaze due to embarrassment.

Soon it’s the time to wrap up the party.

I left Scarlett to complete her further rituals.

I met a few important people to see them off.

Suddenly I heard someone’s laughter, when I turned around I see Scarlett laughing.

A slow smile came to my face. When I looked towards the way she was laughing also made me laugh.

Nick was holding the bouquet that should be in a girls hand.

All the girls were accusing him for this.

He has an innocent expression on his face.

Poor Nick. I feel bad for him.

Soon me and Scarlett bid our goodbyes to everyone and left the venue and head towards my.. oh sorry.. our home.

I smiled at the thought of our home. We’ll both live together.

Yeah, before now you were living with the ghosts and devils, like your mum and now you’ll be living with a speaker. Sorry, stupid speaker.

I rolled my eyes.

When we reached our home she looked at house with wide eyes.

Don’t she like the house?

Relax bro she is stupid but not this much to not like a mansion.

After few minutes she glanced at me.

In reply I smiled at her.

“I hope you like your new home ” I said.

I took a hold of her hand and walked with her towards the entrance.

I punched the codes and opened the door.

Hey bro you remember no? The devil.. um, I mean your mom told you about the rituals after the marriage. Please don’t forget them, otherwise your mom will make Eros name forget from the world.

I totally forgot about it, thanks for reminding me.

Anytime bro, I want myself to be safe. I don’t wanna see your mom’s devil side.
Now be a good husband and do the rituals nicely.

I nodded.

I turned towards her and lift her off the floor in my arms.

She’s too light weight.

So? Do you want a light weight bride or a bouncer.

Oh Shut up.

She was purely shocked because I lift her off without informing her.

She started wriggling in my arms.

“Can’t help.. rituals” I told her.

She rolled her eyes.

I made her stand in the middle and searched for any staff available or not.

She was glancing the house in aww, her expressions look like she was amazed to look at the house interiors.

She was looking at the house and I was looking at her.

After few minutes she spoke.

“Your house is beautiful” She told me.

“Honey it’s ours now” I winked.

She blushed.

“Do you want to see our bedroom?” I asked by coming closer to her.

Her face turned red like a tomato. I controlled my laugh.

“Um.. y-yeah.. s-sure”She stuttered.

She get’s nervous because of me.


“This way, by the way, do you wanna walk or want me to lift you up” I teased.

She blushed.

“N-no.. I’ll walk”She said.

I can’t help but to chuckle at her nervousness.

I started walking towards the stairs by glancing back at her time to time.

Then we entered our room, Our bedroom.

She was looking at the whole room in aww.

She was looking at the doors so I told her about the doors.

“The door on the left is for washroom, make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back in a few minutes” I said as I left the room.

I have to give her the wedding gift which was customized on my demand.

It was a very cute pendant which I found perfect for her soft neck.

Control man control your thoughts.

I kept it in my office as I did’nt found any more safer place to keep it.

I hurriedly walked towards my office and opened the locker and removed the velvet box from it.

I ran towards the room as I don’t wanna be away from her when she is already in my room

I opened my room’s door and found her sitting in front of the dressing mirror.

Now she looks even more beautiful without any layer of make up, her hairs were down from the bun. She’s literally a real beauty.

She first looked at me then at my hands. She stood up from her seat and turned towards me.

I walked towards her stand in front of her, and gave her the box which is in my hands.

“What’s this?” She questioned confusingly.

“This is your wedding gift my dear wifey” I smiled at her.

“What is in it?” She again asked.

She’s so restless.

“Why don’t you see it by yourself?” I told her.

I stared at her with a smile as she was glancing the pendant. I hope she liked it.

“May I?” I asked.

She nodded.

I took it out from the box and turned her around and tied it to her neck.

“I personally requested to make this, it is one of its kind, it suits you. Do you like it?” I asked by kissing the back of her neck.

She blushed.

“Thank you so much, I really loved it, it’s really very beautiful, you don’t have to bring this “She replied while touching the pendant.

“You were really looking so gorgeous today” I told her.

I slide my hands on her waist.

“And not to forget, you didn’t bumped into me today” I teased.

She embarrassingly lowered her gaze and covered her face with her hands.

She looks cute doing that.

I laughed.

“You’re seriously so cute wifey ” I teased.

She’ll be the death of me.

I feel completed today.

All because of my dear Scarlett.


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