Mr. Rude

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Chapter 25

Scarlett’s POV

I was standing in his room debating whether I should ask help from him or should wait till morning?

Listen stop being stupid and ask for his help. Because I need my beauty sleep.


“Um.. Eros.. I need a favour from you. Can you please pull the zipper of my dress down? I’m not able to reach it” I hesitantly asked.

“Um, yeah.. Sure” he replied.

He slowly slowly undid the zipper, my breath hitched.

My heart started beating madly, I think it forgot it’s rhythm.

As his fingers touch my bare back, my whole body shivered.

When I look at his reflection in the mirror he was staring at me.

I blushed and lowered my gaze.

He started tracing fingers on my bare back, I can feel his body’s heat near me.

He came more closer and kissed my neck.

I totally melted under his touch. His touch was erupting unknown feels within me.

He showered kisses on the back of my neck and continued this torture till he reached my shoulder.

An unknown feeling erupted inside me. His kisses were doing some kind of magic to me, which I never wanted to stop.

He slowly turned me around and caressed my cheeks with the back of his palm. Then he placed his lips on mine.

Fireworks bursted through out me.

Our lips were moving in perfect sync, he deepens the kiss and grabbed my waist tightly and my hands on its accord reach towards his soft and silky hairs.

He then moved his lips towards my neck due to our lack of oxygen.

He started showering kisses on my neck and removed my dress from my shoulder and started kissing there.

I was totally drowning in that feel.

Our moment was interrupted by a knock at the door.

We both abruptly pulled away panting.

“I think your bag of clothes are here, um.. I should get them” he said by scratching the back of his neck.

Then he walked towards the door and brought my bag in.

“Mm.. you can change here. I will use the other room” he said.

I nodded.

He took his clothes from the closet and exits the room.

I released my breath which I didn’t know that I have stopped.

What just happened? Why can’t I stop myself? Why I can’t ignore his touch?

Because you are attracted to him.

May be you’re right.

I sighed and then removed my dress and wore something comfy.

Where am I going to sleep?

That’s a really good question for someone who is standing in a bedroom.

Suddenly the room’s door opens.

Eros entered only in sweatpants. Let me tell you only in sweatpants.

Looking so hot should be banned by the government.

My cheeks turned red at the sight.

He looked towards me and a devilish smirk formed on his face.

“I like your shorts” he winked.

I looked down and looked at the shorts I’m wearing. I’m wearing a spongebob shorts which are really short shorts. A blush crept on my face.

I cleared my throat.

“Why are you not wearing something on your upper side?” I questioned.

I don’t mind him if he stay in that only.

“Because wifey I sleep like this” he replied by shrugging.

Sleeping with him when he is half naked, amazing.

“Please wear something ” I requested by shifting my gaze from him.

You should also see the live beauty as everyone don’t see that daily.

“How about no, do you have any problem in looking at my abs? Baby a lot of hardwork is done to gets these” he said by actioning towards his abs.

“And you want me to hide them? No chance wifey” He stated.

He’s so full of himself.

I rolled my eyes.

“But I can’t sleep like that” I whined.

Yeah, I know you won’t be able to control yourself.

Shut up. It’s not like that.

Babe I know you very well.

“Aww, my wifey can’t control herself. How will an innocent person like me will sleep peacefully in this room?” He fake criedby covering his chest with his hands.

Innocent and he? Rofl.

“Shut up” I said.

He chuckled and jumped on the bed.

Is he sleeping here?

May be he’ll tell me about some other room to sleep.

“Where am I sleeping?” I asked.

“Here, right beside your sexy husband” he said by patting the place beside him.


“In your dreams” I rolled my eyes.

“You want to sleep with me in dreams too. I didn’t know you were that desperate.” he teased.

I blushed red.

“Shut up” I groaned.

“You’ll sleep on the couch” I told him.

“Nopes” he replied.

“Then I’ll sleep on it” I said.

Can you?

“No chance. I don’t want that you sprain your neck or something”he stated.

Aww, he cares for you.

“I don’t want anyone to accuse me that I was rough with you on our wedding night” he teased.

I take my words back.

I stomped my feet on the floor like a child.

“Stop behaving like a child and come sleep here, I won’t bite you, till you don’t want me to” he winked.

I raised an eyebrow and glared at him.

“No thanks, I’ll go and sleep into some other room” I told him.

Nice one.

Scar-1 Eros-0

I grinned.

“Oh no you can’t. Those servants are my mom’s workers. They’ll tell everything about us to mom. So you have to sleep here only. Right beside me” he seriously said.

I sighed.

Back to zero.

I don’t think you can beat him.

"Then I’ll sleep on the floor” I stated.

“So you don’t have any problems with rat? I have seen a few roaming here and there. I think they’ll like you. Wanna try?” he asked.

Rats? Oh no no no, please don’t sleep on the floor.

I also don’t like them.

I left a defeated sigh.

“Okay. I’ll sleep on the same bed with you but don’t you dare come on my side” I warned him.

“I’ll try my best, but I can’t guarantee you because my hands automatically reaches towards beauties” he winked.

I tried to hide my blush.

I walked towards the bed and lied on the farthest corner, away from him.

So you wanna fall?

He chuckled.

“Hey babe I know you’re trying hard to ignore my sexy and delicious looks, that’s why you are at the farthest corner, let me tell you. You won’t be able to ignore me ” he said.

“Don’t flatter yourself, you don’t look that good, I just don’t wanna sleep right next to you” I stated.

Liar. The main reason is you’ll end up on him in the morning. You are such a sticky person.

“Is that so? Then what was that when you were saying like I’m so hot and sexy and everyone wants a husband like me, etc. etc.,” he said.

What did he just said?

I turned towards him.

“I didn’t said anything like that” I told him.

“Oh really?”

Then he came towards me and burried me in the matteress by hovering over me and gripping my hands above my head.

“Last night you were saying something’s about Mr.Rude, like you like him and he’s so sexy and smart and not to forget you love his kisses. And not to forget you were requesting him to stay and to kiss you. Do you want me to now? Because I really want to kiss you” he said last line by coming closer to my face.

My eyes widen when he said Mr.Rude.

Shit! He do remember everything. And here I thought he forgot about that.

My eyes widen. I also thought he forgot about that night but noo.

Oh my lovely lord why you always make situations like this for me, now what would I reply to him.

I cleared my throat.

“What are you saying?” I acted dumb.

“Acting dumb aren’t we?” He questioned.

I groaned and tried to release myself from his deadly grip but nothing happened.

“All that things that I said was being said by the alcohol, I didn’t mean a single thing” I boldly stated.

Such a liar.

Deep inside I was praying this moment to end.

“Seriously? Then you won’t feel anything when I do this or anything with you” he said.

This? What does he means by this?

What is he gonna to do?

Oh god please save me from the devil.

Not any devil, your devil.

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