Mr. Rude

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Chapter 26

Scarlett’s POV

I was thinking what is going on the devil’s mind.

My thoughts got interrupted when he placed his lips on mine.

I froze as well as my mind. My heart started doing somersault.

He deepens the kiss and asked for entrance which I surely refused.

But for how much time?

He then hold my hands in his one hand and moved the other along my body touching.

When I didn’t let him dominate the kiss he put his hand under my shirt. I gasp, because of which he got the opportunity and he did what he wanted to do.

Soon his kisses travelled down to my neck, I felt helpless as I am hovered by this caveman. Sexy caveman.

I was trying hard to not melt in his touch when he started nibbling my neck showering pepper kiss.

I groaned but it came like a moan.

I was accusing myself when..oww, I felt a sharp pain on my neck.

He bit me.

My eyes widens.

I pushed him away from me with all the strength I got.

And covered the area of my neck with my hand.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

He grinned like an idiot while staring at me.

Do I look like a clown to him?

I’m not sure about him but for me I’m sure.

“Why did you bit me?” I asked.

“Because I can” he smirked.

“You were lying, when you said that you didn’t like my kisses and now, I got my answers dear wifey. How much you don’t like my kisses” he winked.

I groaned in response he chuckles.

Then he lied down on his side.

I sighed and calmed all my now woken up senses.

“Good night my dear Wifey” he said.

But I ignored him.

I once again reached the farthest corner of the bed and tried to sleep.

When I was half asleep a hand came under my head and turned me around.

A very comfortable pillow came under me and I snuggled to it more because of it’s calming heat.

Very familiar but intoxicating fragrance came into my nostrils.

“You smell so good” I murmured in sleep.

Someone inhaled a deep breath in my neck and kissed my lips then my cheek then my forehead.

“Sleepwell Scarlett ” were the last words that I heard before I slept into deep slumber.


When I woke up I was snuggled into someone, something so comfy, ohh, it must be my pillow. Such a nice pillow I have.

I cuddled more with the pillow when my head collided with a hard chest.

Why do my pillow have a hard chest?



I opened my eyes and a peacefully sleeping Eros came into my view, he looks so calm so innocent like he can never be someone related to Mr. Rude.

How can anyone look so beautiful in sleep, so calm so innocent and pure devil when awake.

His one arm was wrapped around me and another was on my waist. Our legs were tangled.

I blushed at our position.

Everyone looks like a baby as I have read in books but here, he’s having that stupid devil’s smirk.

I took the opportunity and started noticing every little feature of his face when I heard an husky yet sexy voice.

“It is not good to ogle someone in the early morning dear wifey” he said by tightening his grip around me.


You were going to be busted as you are so stupid.

I tried to loosen his grip but everything went to vain.

He chuckled.

“Good morning dear wifey” he said with a kiss on my lips.

I’m feeling embarrassed as I got caught red handed ogling him.

But it’s not your fault, he didn’t know that you haven’t seen someone sexy like him in you whole life.

Why do you always have to insult me?

I didn’t say anything wrong, it’s hundred percent true.

“G-Good Morning” I stuttered.

I once again tried to get up but he pulled me back due to which I landed on his bare chest.

I flushed and hide my face in his chest.

He chuckled as his chest vibrated.

“Where are you going my dear wifey? Leaving your extra hot and sexy husband alone on the bed. That’s not a good thing.” he teased.

He really can’t get enough of himself.

I rolled my eyes.

“I’m going to the washroom ” I told him.

“Okay wifey, I’m sparing you this time but don’t think that every time you’ll leave me like this.” he once again pecked my lips.

I hurriedly got away from him and was about to fall on my face but he saved me.

Thanks to him, I don’t wanna see you kissing the floor early morning.

I ran towards the washroom and locked the door behind me.

I can hear him laughing.

Oh God, where did I put myself into?

After taking a warm nice bath I decided to leave the bathroom. And being stupid much I forgot to carry my clothes. I know, I know that am I stupid.

But I didn’t say anything.

But you’re about to.

I peeked through the door by slightly opening it and for my benefit Eros was nowhere to be found.

I hurriedly exited the bathroom and tip toed towards the closet by using my ninja skills and then I bumped into.. you guys know very well,

The one and only,


When I gathered my strength and look up to in his green orbs he was staring me with his mouth was hung open.

I closed his mouth with my hand. He is so stupid how can someone look at someone so senseless.

But, why is he staring at me?

Stupid, have a look at your self.

But I didn’t wore anything wrong... Shit!

Exactly you didn’t wore anything wrong.

You’re wearing a freaking towel.

Please someone kick me and tell me that it is just a dream.

May I do the honours.

He still stood there gawking at me without blinking his eyes.

I did that thing that any one who would be in my situation do.

Are you going to punch him or something?


Then you’ll kick him. I’m sure.



I ran as fast as I can towards the bathroom without looking back.

I’m truely speechless.

I heard Eros laughing sound from outside. I facepalmed myself.

Oh shit, shit, shit, why was he there? And why I have to forget my clothes. Ugh! Oh my lovely mother earth please open up and swallow me. I don’t want to face him ever again.

And mother earth don’t wants you.

After few minutes of roaming around the bathroom I came to know that no one is going to save me from the devil in the room.

As I was planning to exit the room I glanced at the mirror and a red mark was on my neck.

When I touched it, a hickey.

I’m going to kill you Eros.

I groaned by balling my fists in a punch.

I once again exited the bathroom by stomping me feet on the floor.

He glanced at me with raised eyebrow.

“How dare you?” I asked.

“What?” He confusingly asked.

I pointed my finger towards the hickey.

“How can you?” I whined.

He smirked.

“You want a demonstration? Come here. I’ll show you” He said.

My eyes widen.

“And as you know you’re my wife so I can mark you wherever and whenever I want” he stated.

I flushed at his words.

I took deep breathes to calm my nerves.

“Forget it, would you please leave the room, I need to change” I told him by clutching my towel tightly to me.

“And why would I do that? This is my room and I have no intention to leave my hot wifey here alone, besides you can change in front of me, I won’t mind” he said as he lies down on the bed and put his one hand under his head.

I groaned.

“But I do mind. Forget it, I’ll change in another room” I stated.

“You know what you change here. But soon you’ll not feel awkard in front of me whether you are in clothes or not” He said the last line more to himself and left the room.

I stood there for few minutes blushing with my racing heart.

I ran towards the door and locked it.

I hurriedly grabbed a dress and wore it.

I was in no mood to do make-up so I skipped it as I was not going anywhere today.

Be sure that Eros didn’t get scared away.

I rolled my eyes.

Then exited the room and went to downstairs to make my tummy full.

When I reached downstairs I found Eros sitting on the dining table doing something in his phone.

I peep toed there and asked him what is he doing?

“Oh you’re here, please make some breakfast for us, I’m really very hungry” he said.

Is he mistaking you as some chef?

“What? Why would I? Where are the staff members?” I asked.

“Honey, If someone was here then why would I ask you to do so?” He said.

Did they got scared by your no make-up look?

Shut up.

“Where are they?” I questioned.

“My mom gave them a day’s off so they won’t disturb our romance” he said with a wink.

“Oh right, but there is a problem that I don’t know how to cook” I embarrassingly said.

Tell me he’s lying.

“You’re lying no? Coz if you’re joking this is not a right time for your humor ” He stated.

“Nope, I seriously don’t know. What will we both do now? Do you know to cook?” I asked.

“Nope. Let’s make something together. What you say?” He questioned.

“Alright. We can try and take outs is always in the list” I smiled.

I hope the kitchen didn’t end up turning on fire.

We both reached the kitchen and started making something.

After few attempts of cooking and deciding to spare the kitchen, we both decided to order food.

And we did our brunch when the food came.

Then he gave me a tour of his house sorry, our house and I came to know he’s having a library, a theatre room, a play room( not like Christian Grey’s room but an actual play room with different games) and a boring office. The house also have a backside pool. I really wanted to swim in it but the major problem is that I can’t swim.

And I don’t want him to see me like an duckling who’s trying to swim.

An ugly duckling.

Shut up!

After taking a tour of the whole house, we ordered dinner without even thinking of trying to burn up the whole place.

After eating the dinner I went to bed and he went to his office.

I know these CEO and their obsession with work.

Who do the work on your second day after marriage?

You’re saying like that you want him to be with you all the time.

It’s not like that but he can spend his time with me.

A typical wife’s thought.

I ignored my stupid conscience and went to sleep.

After don’t know how much time the door open and he came.

He sat on the bed as I can feel the mattress dip, he pulled me closer to himself and kissed my lips and said good night.

I was half asleep so I didn’t protest him to let go of me and to forget his comfy arms.

With that I went to my dreamland.

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