Mr. Rude

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Chapter 27

Scarlett’s POV

It’s been four days since I got married to Mr. Rude aka devil aka my husband.

He was not much rude to me as he was busy with his second wife.

No not any mistress or any lover but none other than his office.

Are you getting jealous?

Why would I be, he can do anything, as if I care.

I scoffed.

Why not?

Today Eros was at home but in his office and I was sitting in front of telivision finding something interesting to watch.

You can always watch your face in the mirror. Such a great piece.

Shut up.

Suddenly the door bell rang.

Who can it be?

For that you have to get up from your throne and move your legs and walk towards the door leaving your lazy ass behind.

I was going to do that.

I snorted.

When I opened the door there stood a Victoria Secret model, with perfect blonde hairs, long eyelashes but fake, brown eyes. Her aura was yelling bitchy. She wore a tight red dress which shows more of her body than it was covered.

I got interrupted when she clicked his fingers in front of me.

“Hey you, move out of my way.” She stated and pushed me away and started walking inside.

What the hell?

“Bring one glass of orange juice for me?” She ordered looking at me.

What? What is she thinking of me?

May be she mistook you.

Yeah, I think you’re right.

“Sorry I’m not the one you’re thinking” I fake smiled at her.

“Oh.. so who are you if you’re not a maid and what are you doing in my baby’s house?” She asked arrogantly.

What? Baby?

I didn’t knew that this house is owned by a baby.

Last time I checked this was Eros’s house.

“I didn’t get your name ”

My mouth was aching because of this stupid fake smile.

“Because I didn’t tell you” she scoffed.

Please do one thing for me.


Kick her ass out of the house.

I really want to do that.

“Hey Tara, you here? You should have told me about your visit. I would have received you by myself” Eros said by coming from my behind and hugging that girl named Tara.

Why do I get a feel like she’s a bitch.

Same with me.

“Honey meet my friend Tara, we both were in the same school and we both are the famous ones” he said by winking at her.

I forced a smile onto my face.

“Nice to meet you Tara” I fake smiled.

“But who are you honey?” she asked a bit more politely according to my consent.

What? Is She bipolar?

"Tara she’s my one and only beautiful wife Scarlett” Eros told her by giving me a side hug.

“Oh so she’s the one?” Her face showed disappointment and disgust.

“I didn’t think that you’ll marry a girl like her” she said by looking at me in disgust.

“No worries she’s beautiful” she completed with her famous fake yucky smile.

I really wanna clap my hands with her face within my hands.

“I think I must go now, I have done booking in a hotel as I don’t have any place to stay” she said looking sad which I also found fake.


“Oh no no, you aren’t going anywhere. You can stay with us I know my wife won’t mind a guest” Eros told her.

I’m hating him for doing this.

Now I want to punch him in his face.

"Really I can stay with you? I mean in this house?” She cheerfully said.

Her intentions are not good.

“Of course you can stay here, now come I’ll show you your room. You go and get some rest then we’ll meet at dinner ” he told her.

I wish I don’t ever see her.

"Okay as you say, thanks Scarlett for letting me stay here” she cheesily said.

But when did I agree?

But I didn’t got a chance to say anything as they both left the living room. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves.

May be she isn’t that bad.

And may be you’re wrong.

I also left and head towards our room with a big sigh.

When I entered someone grabbed my waist and pulled me.

The same intoxicating cologne came to my nostrils.

“Thank you so much Scar, for letting her stay here.” He said with a kiss on my lips.

When did I? But, who cares?

Obviously, you.


“It’s your house you can invite whosoever you want” I replied.

He glared at me but soon continued.

“She’s a close friend from my childhood, her father is was father’s friend, so we lived our childhood together. We also dated each other but it didn’t work out. So we both moved on our lives and now she’s here” he said remembering his memories.

So they have dated each other. Why did I felt pang of jealousy within me?

I sighed.

“So you both are just normal friends now?” I questioned.

“Yupp, nothing else. You should feel secure. Your husband isn’t leaving you ever” he teased.

“I don’t feel anything for you so you can do whatever you want” I replied.

He raised his eyebrow and gave me an ‘are you serious’ look.

I just shrugged.

“Okay then, you won’t mind if I hug her like this” he said by tightly embracing me.

“And this” he kissed my neck.

“And not to forget this” he kissed my lips.

And this kiss fully melted me. All my anger flew away. His touch erupted sparks inside me. He traced his hands on my back.

I’m wearing my clothes but I still feel like his hands were on my bare back.

He was kissing me like there’s no tomorrow. He slowly slowly moved towards my cleavage with all the soft kisses.

But the door of our room burst open.

Why always someone interrupt your special moment? I want to file a case on this matter.

The person who interrupted us was none other than,


The bitch.

I tried to pull myself away but Eros didn’t let me.

Her face was showing anger but she soon changed it like it wasn’t even there.

But why would she be angry if she sees us like this. After all we are married.

“Tara I think you should knock first before entering someone’s room” Eros scolded her.

I tinge of happiness ran inside me.

Kiss him for me.

“Um.. I’m sorry Eros but I just lost and your room’s door came and I barged in.”

She said shooting daggers at me.

And kick her for me.

“It’s okay. Next time please knock before entering” he said.

Add hug with the kiss.

“Okay, actually I’m feeling hungry so, can we have dinner?” She asked.

“Yeah it’s time for dinner. You go downstairs we’ll soon join you” he dismissed her.

“When will you come Eros?” She asked only to Eros like I wasn’t even standing there in the same person’s arms.

Hello Ms. Bitch I’m also here.

“Tara you can very well see that I’m busy with my wife. So please excuse us” he said like he’s controlling his anger.

Eros let go of that anger don’t stop it and kick her also fake ass out.

She nodded and left.

“Sorry for her” he said.

I smiled.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say sorry for her” I said.

“I’m not saying sorry for her but for the interruption in our kissing. But no worries we’ll continue this later ” he said with a final kiss on my lips.

I blushed and he chuckled.

I ran away from the room as fast as I could.

As this rate you’ll soon get slimmer.

What is he doing to me?

We all got seated on the dining table and ate our dinner. I wish I could say peacefully but because of this chatter box, I can’t even eat properly.

Eros left the table as an important call came. So now we both were eating.

“How did you trap him?” She said.

“What?” Is she talking to me? I glanced around me.

Stupid you see any one else here?

“Don’t act dumb I know he can’t marry someone like you, so what did you do? I know him very well he’ll not marry a girl so down standard like you? So you whored around him?” She asked.

I was stopping myself to kill her with the knife in my hand.


Shut up. Don’t you dare stop me.




Zip it.



The knife you’re using is a butter knife. You can’t kill her with that.


I kept it back.

Let’s win the fight with words.

I cleared my throat.

“Listen I don’t do whoring around like you, so don’t even dare to compare myself with you. And I was not the one who wanted this marriage. It was Eros himself, he came to me and asked me to marry him. And as you know now he’s my husband so keep your dirty ass away from my husband. Because he’s mine and he belongs to me”

Bravo, I love you for this.

“Oh really, I came back to do take my Eros from you. He was always mine. You came between us and this time I’m not going to leave him” she said by standing up with a punch on the table.

I also stood up from my seat and crossed my arms.

Yeah why would you sit when she’s standing.

“Do whatever you want to do because you are not getting him, nor now or ever. He now belongs to me as he’s my husband. Don’t you dare lay an eye on him because I also don’t know what will I do if your fake body came in my hands. So stop whoring around my husband” I stated by pointing my index finger towards her.

With that I left the table and went to my room and slammed the door shut.

How dare her for saying all that bullshit to me. I’m not going to leave her.

She thinks that she’ll take Eros from me but I won’t let that happen, he’s mine.

What? Now you are declaring that he’s yours. So you love him now?

It’s not like that, um.. I don’t love him, but he’s my husband and I should save him from that fake material.

Yeah and I’ll do that.

I took a shower and wore my nightwear and jumped into the bed.

I was deeply thinking about how to make that bitch leave my house when I felt something soft on my shoulder.

When I looked at it Eros was showering kisses on my shoulder.

Can’t he see I’m busy in a serious thought.

“I thought you’re asleep” he said by trailing kisses to my neck.

“I’m awake, so now let go” I whined.

I tried to push him but it’s of no use.

I groaned and tried to bit him. But he dodged me.

I huffed.

“Aww, my wifey is getting wild day by day. Now you wanna bite me” he teased.

I blushed and hid myself under the duvet.

He laughed.

“Come out wifey you know I want you in my arms to sleep” he said.

“No I’ll sleep like this tonight” I told him.

“So you’re not coming out?” He asked.


“Okay then I’m coming in and I don’t know what’ll happen when I’ll get to cozy with you ” he said.

I quickly came out of the duvet and heard his laughter.

“Now be a good wifey and come in your too damn hot and sexy husband’s arms” he said.

I rolled my eyes but I did as he said.

What? I feel comfortable in his arms. As you know he’s my husband I can do that.

With that we both fell into deep slumber hugging each other.

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