Mr. Rude

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Chapter 2

Scarlett’s POV

It’s been a week since I bumped into that Mr. Rude guy.

I hope I never meet that guy again.

I’m happy that I haven’t crossed paths with him.

Liar. You’re dying to meet him.

Why would I be?

Aren’t you thinking about him all the time?

Yeah! But because of his arrogance. Nothing else.

Sure. Why not.

Today is our graduation ceremony and our college had invited the most famous bachelor Mr. Eros Jordan, Ceo of the Jordan Trades and Co. and afterwards there will be a graduation party for all the graduates.

I came to know a little about the ceo guy, Mr. Eros Jordan. He’s so handsome and sexy. He’s every girls dream and not to forget the arrogance, rudeness and attitude with his charming looks.

Why can’t the handsome and rich guys be sweet and polite? Why are they so arrogant? So full of themselves?

You have a point there but, why would I care.

Wow! Our Scarlett rhymed a line.

I rolled my eyes.

I’m really very excited to finally get my degree. Yippiee.

Now, I’m getting ready for the party with Sonya. I want to wear my brown dress but Sonya said that I’ll look like a nerd but I don’t think so. Hey don’t you all dare think that I’m a nerd, because I’m not but Sonya is a fashion queen so she thinks I dress up like a nerd. So now I’m wearing a royal blue dress which reaches my mid thigh. I let my hair down, with minimal makeup done by Sonya and not to forget my heels. I love my heels. When I looked myself in mirror.

I gasped.

The girl in the mirror look stunning.

Are you sure you’re the same girl in the mirror?

"Someone’s going to be in the spot light” Sonya teased.

When I looked towards Sonya, she is looking fab with her red strapless dress and black killer heels she looks sexy.

“God Sonya you look sexy” I complimented.

“I know babes” she said with a wink.

“Now, lets go, we’re getting late.” she said. With that we left our house and reached our soon to be ex-college.

When I was about to enter I suddenly bumped into a wall.

I groaned.

From where did this wall came?

Seriously Scarlett? You can’t even see the Walls? Atleast leave the poor things. What if they break someday?

Shut up!

Due to the collision I was about to fall on my butt two strong arms grabbed my waist and helped me in regaining my posture.

Hey it is not a wall. Shit it’s not a wall but a chest. A very muscular chest.

Why do you always keep on bumping in the people? Why are you so clumsy?

“Sorry” I said.

But when I raised my eyes to see the face I was shocked. Shock would be an understatement. I was standing still in my place. Familiar green eyes came in my view. Damn! He’s the same guy I bumped into a week ago. The same guy I was dream- Uh, nothing.

Really? You can’t bump into another guy? Why him?

He’s staring me with a gaze I don’t know but when he recognizes me.

“Not you again” he huffed.

Oh!! Now he’s awake.

“Why the hell you keep on bumping me? I seriously think you should consult a doctor for your eyes” he annoyingly said.

What the hell is his problem?

“Yupp it’s me and Thanks for your stupid advice for which I don’t give a shit. Keep your stupid advice to yourself” he narrowed his eyes at me.

Scar - 1
Mr. Rude - 0

“Why is a freak like him is allowed in our college?” I muttered to myself.

“What?” he questioned.

“Nothing of your concern, now get away from my way as I’m not interested in talking to you. Now move” I said, by pushing him aside I carried on my way.


Scar - 02
Mr. Rude - 00

I grinned.

When I turned around after walking some distance he was no more standing there. I ignored him and entered in my soon to be ex-college.

At the entrance I saw a familiar face waving towards me. Ain’t he so sexy?

Stupid. He’s Richie.


My bestie Richie. He was standing there in formal wear. He’s looking dashing as always.
I hugged him when I reached close to him.

“Wow, someone is looking hot” I said with a wink.

He smiled with his sexy smile.

“Not too bad yourself. I never knew that you are so sexy otherwise I would surely had tried on you” he said with a wink.

I blushed.

“Oh shut up” I smacked his arm.

“Where’s Sonya?” he asked.

“With Joel(Sonya’s boyfriend)... her pumpkin” I laughed which soon he joined.

Afterwards we went to the hall where the ceremony was going to be held. We got seated on our allotted seats and soon Sonya joined us with his pumkin, holding their hands. They make such a cute couple.

Yeah! A girl with a fat veggie.

Joel is a hansome looking guy with grey eyes and black hair and height around 5′9". He gives an aura of a bad boy. But he’s perfect for her as he can handle someone like Sonya. Sonya and Joel were dating for a few months. But they make a cute couple. I adore them a lot.

Soon the sound of microphone echoed in the hall and our professor started his rather boring speech. He introduced the chief guests. Soon I heard the name of Mr. Eros Jordan. When I looked at the stage I froze on my spot.

Nooo.. it can’t be happening.

He’s the same guy with green eyes.

Into whom I’m keep bumping.

Who is,

None other than.

Mr. Rude.

Oh God! Kill me now.

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