Mr. Rude

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Chapter 29

Scarlett’s POV

When I woke up I was tangled up with Eros. His one arm was under my head and anothet was on my bare tummy. I didn’t changed my clothes last night. Our legs were badly tangled. I tried to get myself free from him but he didn’t budge.

I groaned.

What is he? A giant? A caveman?

Or are you even trying hard?

I tried to push him in result I fall off the bed with a loud thud.

I groaned.

Why did I told you to try hard?

I think I broke my bums. I rubbed them.

I believe you because you know the hips don’t lie.

I rolled my eyes.

“What happened? What are you doing on the floor?” Eros asked in his sexy morning voice.

Shit. What would I say to him. I can’t tell him I fell.

Say that you have an urge to kiss the floor or something like that.

“Um.. I was doing, um.. yoga.. floor yoga, yeah, floor yoga” I told him.

Bravo! What an excuse.

“What? Then why are you rubbing your bum?” He frowned.


“Uh, I am doing rubbing bum aasan” I told him.

Is that even an aasan?

Don’t know.

“What?” He confusingly asked.

“Uh..Nothing, forget it” I hurriedly got up and left for the washroom.

I can hear his laughter from outside.

Why are you so clumsy plus stupid plus the worst liar?

I don’t know.

I shrugged.

I did my business and took a nice bath and wore a knee length comfy dress.

Eros was smirking at me after I came out from the bathroom.

He soon exited the bathroom when I was standing in front of the mirror.

“Now I know how you maintain your sexy body” he said looking at me in the mirror.

You have a sexy body? Since when?

“How?” I frowned.

He came near and whispered in my ear.

Is he going to scream in your ear.

Shut up.

“Because of that unique yoga of yours” he teased.

He’s smart.

I blushed hard. My cheeks turned pink. I covered my face with my palms.

He laughed.

“I again want to see you doing that aasan”he teased.

Yeah.. only if he new that how much the bum hurts.

True. I can still feel the pain.

Then we left for the breakfast.
And luckily fake ass was not at home.

I think it’s your lucky day. Enjoy babes.

I happily did my breakfast.

Eros left for his office after doing the breakfast. Not forgetting to kiss me before he left.

Now you can do whatever you want, even you can yell like tarzan. No one will see you.. but you already yell like tarzan.

I ignored my inner voice.

I watched TV as I don’t had anything to do.

Soon the front door opened, and the fake ass came with annoyed expression.

I think her face is like that.

May be, I chuckled.

“Who are you laughing at?” She questioned.

Obviously you, duh. Can you see anyone one else here. Dumbo bimbo.

“Oh nothing it’s the series I’m watching in which a girl, no.. no a bimbo... yes. She tried hard to snatch someone’s husband but instead of that she end up on the streets when the wife kick her butt out of the house. Such an amazing series. Right?” I told her.

“What do you mean by all this? Why are you telling me this stupid story?” She asked confusingly.

I sighed.

“I thought you have more brains than that. But I was wrong. Are you seriously so dumb to not understand what I’m trying to tell you?” I asked.

I can see her face getting red from the anger. I can literally see the smoke coming out of her ears.

Ohh! Finally she understood you.

“How dare you? You bloody ugly bitch. What do you think that your dear husband will choose you instead of me? No chance. Have you ever seen your face? And not to forget I’m his old friend but you’re nothing but a gold digger who married him and doing some kind of black magic on him. You think that he’ll support you,“she laughed her evil laugh.

What a bad laugh she has. I think Nick’s right that she’s a witch. True evil witch.

“You’re wrong bitch. Because he’ll select me over you. You just came a few days ago. There’s no chance. I suggest you to grab your bags and leave him before he threw you out of this house and you become the one who lands on her butt” she said by crossing her arms.

I had enough now.

What is she think of herself. She can yell at me like I’m her slave and I’ll not reply her back.

She’s wrong.

Tell her babes where does she stands.

“What do you think of yourself? You bloody psycho stupid bitch. That everyone in this world die for you, for your fake ass and your fake plastic body. You’re wrong there. No one is going to die for you. You skunk. You are staying at my home like you’re the queen. Treating everyone like a crap. You’re nothing but a useless weight on the Earth. You think I’m a gold digger, have you ever seen yorself in the mirror. You ugly bitch. If you have looks which I don’t think so you have, that doesn’t mean you’ll crush everyone. Your looks are just like you fake. And it’s not me who is going to leave this house. You’re the one who’ll soon be leaving this house. As this house is mine. Don’t even try to put your dirty self on my husband otherwise I’ll kick that fake ass of yours so hard that I don’t know where will you land” I hissed.

Well done. Amazing. First time in your life you did something that good.

“But why are you saying like that Scarlett. I know you don’t like me but don’t say like that. I really respect you. Why would I try to snatch Eros from you he’s my friend I don’t wanna loose him? Don’t accuse me for that low thing.” She replied by flowing fake tears.

What happened to her? Why is she behaving like a victim?

Whatever. I don’t give a damn about it.

“Accusing you for such low thing” I laughed.

“Darling you’re a low ugly creep who can make one’s like living hell. And for liking, yeah I don’t like you at all I hate you. Your bitchy nature, your fakeness, sometimes I think you’re a whore who....” I was interrupted by a familiar sound.

“Enough” Someone said more like yelled.

Who dared to stop you in middle?

When I turned around Eros was looking here with fury in his eyes.

Yippie, your night in the shining armour came.

Yess. Now the bitch will know. Whom she messed up with.

“What’s going on here?” He asked angrily.

I crossed my arms and a victorious smirk formed on my face.

Now she’ll know who’s the boss.

Can’t he see? The fake assed bitch was badly treating his wife.

“Eros she was accusing me for so low things that I want you and was snatching you from him by whoring around you. Why would I do that? You know me do you think I’ll do that to you?” she said by flowing alligator tears.

Little she know that her tears won’t work on him.

I chuckled to myself.

“I didn’t said anything wrong. She’s a bitch and who knows how much she’ll stoop low..” I was cut off in mid.

“Enough Scarlett” he yelled.

At me.

My eyes widen from shock.

My heartbeat speeded.

I think he mistaken your name with her.

He came forward and stood in front of me.

“I never expected this from you. You were never like this, you were so innocent so soft spoken. Where did that Scarlett go? Or was I mistaken. Is this your real side. Were your soft behaviour was acting?” He yelled.

How dare he? He believed that cunning bitch?

My vision blurred. He’s accusing me for a thing I never did. How could he?

I controlled my tears and spoke with the strength left.

He don’t believe me. Is she right that he’ll choose her over me. Was I expecting much. That he’ll be on my side.

I audibly gulped.

“Eros you’re getting it all wrong. I’m not the one to whom you should yell at. I didn’t do anything wrong. Believe me she’s the one who tried to snatch you away from me. She wants to take you away..”

“Stop it Scarlett. I know you don’t like her. And why would she do all this when we both knew that nothing worked out between us.” He stated.

“But Eros” he stopped me by raising his palm in front of me to stop.

I really want to punch his beautifully sculpted face.

A traitor tear left my eye which didn’t go unnoticed.

With that tears started flowing on its own. He don’t wanna believe me. He’s accusing me without even knowing who is wrong and who is right. Here I thought he’ll believe me but he believed her. He believed that girl who is a bitch disguised as a friend. Someone said it right that don’t expect anything from any one. He proved it right. I was a fool to believe that he’ll prefer me over her.

I looked at Tara she was smirking at me telling that she’s right that Eros will believe her.

Eros you’re going to regret this.

I stood there numb. Everything inside me feel broken.

“Eros please don’t yell at her it’s not her fault. She felt insecure that’s why she said all that. You both knew each other for a few days, may be she doesn’t trust you that much. She should have trusted you. I don’t want to create more problems. I think I should leave you both” with that she ran away from the front door.

I think she had done masters in acting. Stupid Bitch.

Eros was glaring at me still annoyed. I moved forward but he stepped back.

“I was wrong about you..” he left after saying that calling Tara’s name.

I was wrong about you...

I was wrong about you...

I was wrong about you...

It kept on repeating in my mind.

I groaned.

My whole world crash down. I felt like I’m broken. I was totally numb.

I fell on my knees and cried for don’t know how much.

I feel broken.

I can’t stay like this forever I stood up and went away from the house without glancing back.

Yeah, you don’t need him. Let him believe whosoever he wants to believe. He’ll regret in the future.

If he doesn’t believe me let him be then, I can’t do anything for that. I walked and walked don’t know where.

I don’t need you Eros when you don’t even trust me.

I was right.

You are Mr. Rude.

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