Mr. Rude

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Chapter 30

Eros’s POV (I hope you missed him)

I came office after having breakfast with Scarlett.

She was quiet when she ate. I am happy for that.

She’s really so sweet and caring. I’m glad that I married her.

She’s sweet when she’s quiet but when she opens her mouth.. God knows what happen to the precious ears of the people.

She don’t speak that much.


Okay. She speaks a lot.

Now I was going back as I forgot an important file in my office at home.

I’ll able to see Scarlett once again.

You’re seriously badly whipped.

I drove back to my home.

When I entered the front door yelling noices came from inside.

Is wrestling going on inside or some yelling competition?

When I came closer I see Tara and she looked at me.

“But why are you saying like that Scarlett. I know you don’t like me but don’t say like that. I really respect you. Why would I try to snatch Eros from you he’s my friend I don’t wanna loose him? Don’t accuse me for that low thing.” She said to Scarlett.

What? Is Scarlett seriously accusing her for that? I can’t believe it.

What’s going on in here? Why are they yelling and why is Tara saying all that?

“Accusing you for such low thing” Scarlett laughed.


She continued.

“Darling you’re a low ugly creep who can make one’s like living hell. And for liking, yeah I don’t like you at all I hate you. Your bitchy nature sometimes I think you’re a whore who....” but I cut her off in the mid.

Seriously what happened to Scarlett. She’s not like this.

I can’t take it anymore. What happened to Scarlett? Why is she accusing Tara for such things.

“Enough” I yelled.

Both of them turned towards me.

“What’s going on here?” I asked angrily.

I was angry, angry would be an understatement, I was furious.

Calm down and listen to them first.

Scarlett looked me with hope in her eyes whereas Tara was happy to see me.

Scarlett is happy to see you.

“Eros she was accusing me for so low things that I want you and was snatching you from him by whoring around you.Why would I do that? You know me do you think I’ll do that to you?” Tara said as her tears started flowing.

I don’t believe her. Scarlett can’t accuse anyone like that. I don’t trust your friend here.

Scarlett said all that? But why?

I didn’t think that she’ll accuse Tara my friend for such a thing.

Hey don’t jump on conclusion like that. May be Scarlett’s right.

I can’t believe it but why would Tara lie?

“I didn’t said anything wrong. She’s a bitch and who knows how much she’ll stoop low..” I again cut her off.

“Enough Scarlett” I yelled.

She flinched.

She’s even accusing her in front of me. I felt hurt. Scarlett was not like that as I thought.

“I never expected this from you. You were never like this, you were so innocent so soft spoken. Where did that Scarlett go? Or was I mistaken. Is this your real side. Were your soft behaviour was acting?” I yelled.

Hey don’t jump on conclusions like that. May be Scar was right.

I’m really feeling bad that I chose her. She looks innocent only from face but inside she’s not like that.

How could I mistook her as innocent.

I have a feel that she’s innocent. Can’t you see it in her eyes.

“Eros you’re getting it all wrong. I’m not the one to whom you should yell at. I didn’t do anything wrong. Believe me she’s the one who tried to snatch you away from me. She wants to take you away..”

Eros believe her for me. I know she’s right.

I had enough now.

“Stop it Scarlett. I know you don’t like her. And why would she do all this when we both knew that nothing worked out between us.” I stated.

I saw Tara was crying badly. Poor Tara.

She’s not poor.

“But Eros” I stopped her by raising my palm in front of her to stop.

A tear flowed down her cheek. My heart swelled looking at her like that.

She started flowing tears. I felt bad that they were because of me. But what can I do she was wrong this time. I can see hurt in her eyes. I can’t see her crying. I controlled myself. I felt pity on Tara. She was being accused for such thing.

I’m surely gonna hate you for making hrr cry.

“Eros please don’t yell at her it’s not her fault. She felt insecure that’s why she said all that. You both knew each other for a few days, may be she doesn’t trust you that much. She should have trusted you. I think I should leave you both” Tara ran away from the front door.

I have to comfort her.

No, you should comfort Scarlett. What happened to you?

I was still glaring at Scarlett when she raised her hand to touch me but I stepped back.

Her eyes now show pure hurt.

Am I doing something wrong in not believing her?

Yes you’re doing wrong. And I’m sure you’ll regret it later on.

“I was wrong about you..” I said and left the house after Tara.

I don’t wanna talk to you. I’m going. Bye.

I found her seated on the front of the house.

She hugged me. I had no other option so I hugged her back to comfort her.

You should have comforted your wife. But why am I talking to you?

I thought you were gone.

I was but I can’t leave you alone with this Tara.

I took her to one of my hotel so she can relax. I can’t take her back to my home.

Yeah then she’ll say rubbish to Scarlett.

This time you’re on wrong side.

You know? I really don’t wanna talk to you.

We reached the hotel room and she went to washroom. I ordered someone to bring her clothes from my home.

I lied down on the bed thinking that why did Scarlett do such thing?

No she didn’t but you didn’t believed her.

Now you’re talking?

I can’t shut my mouth that’s the main reason and when you’re doing stupid things I have to tell you.

Why are you supporting Scarlett when you also have seen her accusing Tara for all that rubbish?

But you entered in the mid, you haven’t heard the whole conversation. May be Scarlett was right. You very well know how Tara is.

A few minutes later the bathroom door opened and Tara came in room wearing nothing but bathrobe which was loosely tied to her.

Is she sad? From where? I can’t see her sadness.

“Are you okay?” I asked her.

She nodded and hugged me.

I tried to pull away but she didn’t let me. She started roaming her hands around me. Soon she started showering kisses on my body.

If I have Scarlett in my life. I would be glad to do so. But now I feel like I’m cheating on her.

It felt wrong. I felt disgusted. I pushed her away.

She stumbled back.

“Tara, stop it. You know very well that I’m married. I can’t cheat on my Scarlett. She’s still my wife. So be in your limits” I turned my face away from her.

Thank God atleast you remember that.

“What does she have that I don’t have? I’m more sexier than her, more prettier. She has nothing. She’s an ugly bitch. She don’t deserve you.” She said.

“Then who deserves me? You?” I asked.

“She have everything that I want to be in my wife and you know very well I like you as a friend, nothing more will happen between us. She deserves me more than anyone else.” I stated.

“Why? Why can’t you love me like her? I did everything that I can do to get you back. I waited for you for years. But when I came to know you married someone. I got mad and came here as soon as possible. Why can’t you look at me like you look at her? Eros atleast try I’ll surely make you happy than she makes you” she requested.

“I can’t, I just can’t cheat her. She’s is my wife I will never ever cheat on her and you know we can’t be anymore than friends” I told her.

“You’ll be only mine Eros. You know how much I have done to make you mine. I tolerated that shit of your wife, I’m the one who provoked her to say all that. I knew that’s the only way you’ll hurt her. She thought that you’ll choose her over me. Stupid much. Huh! But I broke her thought. She never deserved you. She’s a gold digger nothing else. She whored around you and trapped you...” I shutted her up this time.

How dare she say all that about Scarlett. I told you she’s right but you didn’t listened to me not even Scarlett. Are you going to slap Tara or may I?

“Enough Tara. Don’t you dare say a single word about my wife. I chose you over her that’s my worst mistake. All the time when she was begging for me to listen to him she was right. But I chose friendship over my wife. How can I be so dumb that I chose you over my wife, my Scarlett? How could you Tara? I thought we were good friends” I was on the urge to broke down.

Bro.. you screwed up big this time.

I accused my Scarlett for a thing that she never did. Her eyes were showing the truth but I chose to ignore her. How stupid am I? How will I get her back?

I thought she’s stupid but you beat her this time.

“I don’t want to be your friend because I love you Eros. Please forget that bitch and come to me. We’re perfect for each other. We’ll be so happy in our future. Forget that ugly bitch” she said by coming closer to me.

I pushed her away.

“Tara everything’s over between us. I don’t want to have any connections with you. You’re dead to me. I don’t wanna see your face in my whole lifetime. Just get lost from my life ” I huffed.

With that I left the hotel.

How will I get my Scarlett back? Will she forgive me? I hurted her. I can see how I crushed her under my stupid decision. I was really stupid to believe Tara when my heart was telling me that she’s right.

Oh God!

Just apologise to her. I think she’ll forgive you.

But what if she didn’t? I can’t live without her.

Think positive man.

I drove back to my home praying all the time that she’ll forgive me.

When I reached there, the front door was open. I yelled for Scarlett but no one was there.

May be she was in another room.

I checked the whole house but she was not at home.

Did she left me? Will she never come back?

I can feel my whole world breaking down. I felt broken.

I fall on my knees.

I hold my head with both my hands.

Where is my Scarlett?

Will she come back?

What have I done?

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