Mr. Rude

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Chapter 31

Scarlett’s POV

Wow.. what a comfy and soft pillow I have. I want to snuggle to it more.

Right. The pillow is comfy. Just don’t squeeze it down with your weight.

Hey I’m not fat.

Who accepts it by own?

Shut up.

I can’t.

I tried to open my eyes but they are not in a mood to open, so I didn’t open then.

Yeah they are your eyes, same as you, lazy.

Soon the pillow under me started moving.

How can a pillow move? Omg is that a earthquake? I don’t wanna die early.

Shut up. A pillow can’t move on its own.

I touched the pillow under me and trailed my fingers to the top.

Wow this pillow have something soft and plump. I trailed my fingers over the soft thing when it opened and bit me.

Oww.. I shrieked.

This pillow bites too.

When I opened my eyes I saw I was not on pillow but a body, a freaking body of none other than my husband, Eros. And the most worst thing my finger was in his mouth.


I pulled my finger away hurriedly.

He chuckled.

“What a nice way to start a morning by eating your wifey” he teased.

His intentions are not good. Be careful.

I blushed and hid my face in his chest.

“Good morning wifey” he pecked my nose.

Can’t he see you have other body parts too.

“What am I doing here with you and why am I on the top of you?” I groaned because of headache.

I will not drink ever again.

Every drinker says the same.

I tried to get up but he pulled me towards him and placed both his hands on my waist to stop me.

“You don’t remember anything?” He asked.

What does he mean by that? Did something happened yesterday?

“What do you mean?” I frowned.

“Scarlett how can you forget our last night? It was really amazing. You are a real beauty. I didn’t knew that you like naughty stuff” he kissed my lips.

Oh no, did you both? Shit. Look he’s not wearing anything.

“Oh shut up. Nothing happened last night. I may be came over you while sleeping. Now let go off me” I said.

“Is that so, tell me then why are you wearing my shirt then?” He asked.

“I’m not wearing your...” I trailed off when I looked at my outfit.

I was wearing his shirt.

Holy shit.

Is he right? Did something happened between us? Why can’t I remember?

What did you do last night Scarlett? Have Eros seen you’re fatty body? Poor Eros.

I covered my mouth with my hand.

“Tell me you’re lying” I said shockingly.

“Why would I lie? But you’re a fiesty one. I like it. You were restless last night. You were like Eros I need you” he said in a girly voice.

My eyes widen. Did I?

Scarlett I know he’s hot and sexy. But you’re the one who don’t like him. And now. I hate you. You betrayed me.

I pushed him and stood up on my feet.

His shirt reached my mid thigh and he was staring at my bare legs.

I was on the verge of crying then he started laughing.

Why is he laughing? I know you’re no less than a joker but still It’s not the right moment to laugh.

His laughter was echoing loudly.

Has he gone mad?

Why the hell is he laughing?

Let’s call an ambulance and admit him there.

“Oh Scarlett..” he said while holding his stomach.

“You’re so naive. I fooled you and you let me. Nothing happened between us last night. BTW You’re expressions are worth for all this” he laughingly said.

When I caught his words I was fuming.

All that was a lie. Damn. I thought first time in your life you did something right.

I hold the nearest thing near me and started chasing him.

Umm.. Scar.

Shut up. I’ll not leave him today.

He ran outside the room and I also ran behind him.

But listen to me atleast.

I ignored my conscience.

While running I as usual bumped into him which made us both fall on the sofa. He was beneath me. He firmly hold me so that I won’t fall.

You really can’t ran properly. Leave that, you can’t even walk properly.

As soon as he saw what is in my hand he stopped.

“Are you seriously going to beat me with that?” He asked by raising his eyebrow.

“Are you scared now?” I questioned.

Haa! I scared him too. No one can beat me. I’m too good in scaring people.

“Very” he amusingly said and once again laughed.

Please look at your dangerous weapon.

When I looked at my hand I saw a brush. A make-up brush.

Seriously. You’re going to beat him with this. Unbelievable. Round of applause for our stupid Scarlett.

I got embarrassed and put it down. Which caused Eros to break in fits of laughter.

“Are you done?” I annoyingly asked.

“Not yet” he said.

I rolled my eyes. I tried to wriggle out of his grip but he tights the hold on my waist.

“Scar it’s fine. Nothing happened yesterday so you should be happy, and I won’t do anything when you’re not in you senses. Now be a good wife and give you super hot hubby a kiss” he said.

He’s hot.

“In your dreams” I scoffed.

“There you do lot of things that I can’t even tell you” he murmered under his breath.

But I heard it.

I blushed and looked down.

When I look up he was staring at me.

Check yourself. You sure you aren’t drooling.

Shush. I won’t do that.

“You look beautiful when you blush like this” which made my cheeks heat up.

Ohh. That’s why he was staring.

He caresses my cheek and pushed my head forward with the support of his hand. Our lips meet and sparks exploded all over my body.

We were passionately kissing when once again as usual someone interrupted us.

This teaches us to do romance in a close room.

But this time the one who interrupted us was my mother-in-law.

“Oh my.. I didn’t see anything ” his mom said and covered her eyes with hand.

Yeah sure, she’s still peeking in between her fingers.

We instantly pulled away.

“I’m so sorry for interrupting my grandchildren’s making process” she exclaimed.

I didn’t knew that a kiss can make babies.

I blushed and lowered my gaze and I can feel that Eros is smirking.

“It’s okay mom, we’ll continue it later” he said still smirking.

His mom chuckled.

“How are you my lovely daughter-in-law? I hope he’s on his best behaviour?“she said by glaring at Eros.

I glared at him then chuckled.

Mr. Rude is not Mr. Rude now a days.

“Yeah Mrs. Jordan I’m fine. And he’s treating me well” I replied.

“Oh dear, you can call me mom” she stated.

“Okay, umm.. mom” I said awkwardly.

She kissed my forehead.

“Hey mom where’s my part of love? Or you’ll shower only her with you love” he whined like a baby.

Jealous much.

We both chuckled at his childishness.

She moved to him and engulfed him in a tight hug.

Thank god your bones are safe.

“Anyways, I came here to invite you both to your husband’s birthday party I’m arranging. I’m sure that he didn’t told you about that. So I’m telling both of you to come there on time ” She ordered.

He didn’t told me about his birthday.

Oh yes, he didn’t but who cares. I just wanna party.

“But mom you know I don’t want to celebrate my birthday like that. Let’s do a small gathering, that would be enough.” Eros said.

“No dear. You’ll have a grand party. It’s my dear son’s first birthday after marriage. I want a grand celebration. ” she cheerfully said.

“But..” his mom cut him off.

“No ifs or buts, you both are coming and that’s final” his mom stated with her dangerous glare.

“Fine. We’ll be there” Eros huffed.

That was intimidating.

I smiled.

“Okay honey I should go now. You can continue making my grandchildren” she teased and left.

I blushed hard.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your birthday?” I questioned.

“That slipped from my mind. And I don’t like celebrating them anymore. It makes me feel like a child ” he pouted.

I shaked my head and chuckled.

“Let’s continue then” he said.

“What?” I confusingly asked.

“Baby making princess” he said with a wink.

I blushed.

He came forward and wrapped his arms around me. But I pushed him and ran towards our room. And calmed my unstable heartbeats.

What would I gift him on his birthday?

You can put that fake asses on your butt. That would be fun. And from fake asses, where’s that fake assed girl?

I forgot her. Seriously where’s she? And I should be angry with him. He chose her over me.

Soon the door opened and Eros came in.

I crossed my arms with a huff and narrowed my eyes at him.

He raised a his eyebrow and came towards me. He tried to wrap his arms around my waist but I slapped them away.

“What happened to you? You were good a few minutes ago, what suddenly happened?” He questioned.

“Oh honey don’t be angry. Come. We’ll make a few children.” He said.

“Shut up” I hissed.

“You, you chose that Tara over me and you accused me for such things. I won’t forger that. And now I’m angry with you.” I huffed.

He sighed and hold my both of hands and said ” that was my worst mistake to believe her not you. I’m really stupid to think that you’ll accuse her for such things but me being me didn’t trust you. I’m really sorry princess. Please forgive me. I’ll never do that again” he apologised.

“Eros I need some time. I started trusting you but your words really hurt me. I’ll think about it. Give me sometime.” I said.

“Okay Scarlett. Take as much time you want. And I assure you that I’ll win you back.” He said with a peck on my lips.

“But where did she go?” I asked.

“I ended everything between us and told her to leave our house” he said by kissing my palm.

Now I don’t have to see those fake asses.

“Her asses were not that bad, but yours are amazing” he said.

Did I said that aloud?

“Yes you did” he said and gripped my bum.

I blushed and pushed him away and went to closet to grab some decent clothes.

My heartbeats were on high rate.

Why is this closeness makes me go insane?

Why I like being with him?

What is he planning to do?

Eros what are you doing to me?

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