Mr. Rude

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Chapter 32

Scarlett’s POV

Its been few days since Eros apologized to me. It has been great since then. He takes good care of me.

Yeah he must do that, as you are a small stupid baby.

Shut up.

He’s trying hard to win my trust. But what can I do. I really felt bad when he said those words to me. I started liking him but that bitch turned everything wrong.

Just because of her I started having nightmares of fake asses falling from sky.

You’re exaggerating.

I’m telling the truth.


I was sitting in the dining area thinking what is he planning to do next. And I haven’t decided what would I give him on his birthday. And the most amazing thing is that, his birthday is tomorrow.

Slow claps for you Scarlett.

Suddenly my phone beeped and Eros name pop on the screen.

When I checked it there was a message.

My dear wifey stop playing with the food.

Is he watching me? I looked around myself. But there was nothing.

Ain’t he being creepy?

My phone again buzzed.

Oh my innocent wifey, I’m not around you but I’m in your heart.

Chessy much. I scoffed.

Who’s innocent here? He should write stupid. Must be autocorrect’s fault.


Yeah I also think that it was cheesy. Forget it.

Where is he? I looked around me.

My phone again buzzed.

Relax baby.
Now get your sexy ass up and walk towards our room.

I blushed at his comment but got up and walked towards our room and entered it. My phone again buzzed.

Now go to the closet.

I walked there. My phone again buzzed.

Open it and there would be a dress. Take it with you.

I did as he said.My phone buzzed again.

Now there are shoes for you in your shoe rack. Take them also and go towards the dressing mirror.

In the shoe rack there was a box as he said. I hold the box and exited the closet.

I kept all things on the bed and walked towards the dressing mirror.

There would be a box for you. Open it.

I did exactly as he said. When I opened it my eyes widen. There are a pair of beautiful diamond earings. I took one and put it on my ear for try.

It perfectly suits you my wifey.

I again looked around me but nothing was there.

Eager are we? I know you can’t wait to see me.

I blushed.

Now stop blushing and wear all these things and get ready for your super sexy husband by 8.

I rolled my eyes at his cocky comment.

Isn’t he so cute?

I glanced at the watch and it’s 4 ‘o’ clock already. I hurriedly walked to the washroom and took a bath.

I exited the washroom and removed the dress from the cover. It was indeed beautiful. I quickly wore it.

Then I wore my heels which was pink in colour. They were true beauties. And did a lil bit of make up as I don’t want to cake my face and scare Eros away.

I pulled my hair into a bun and wore my dangling earings which completed my look and matched perfectly with my outfit. I sprayed my favourite perfume and finally completed my look.

I look beautiful. I feel like I’m a princess. Who’s going to meet his prince charming.

Eros indeed have a good taste.

But his taste got bad when he selected you.

Shut up.

When I glanced at the watch it’s 8 and as on cue my phone buzzed.

I’m sure you’re looking like a princess as you are. My princess.

I blushed.

Now, walk down the stairs and reach the front door.

I did as he said with a final glance in the mirror and walked down the stairs and exited our house.

You’ll see your ride. Hop in.

I saw a white limo waiting in front of the house and a chauffeur was standing beside it. I walked towards the car. The chauffeur greeted me and I got seated in it.

I frowned and got disappointed when I didn’t see Eros in it.

Aww princess, don’t be sad. Frown don’t suits you. You’ll meet me soon.

How can he know your expressions?

I looked around to find him but no use. I asked the chauffeur but he said he’ll meet me at the location.

Patience baby. You’ll soon know everything.

I huffed and crossed my arms and sat back like an angry baby.

Don’t be angry. Soon you’ll be in my arms.

I blushed.

The car soon came to a halt. The chauffeur exited the car and opened the gate for me.

I exited the car but as I exited the car someone put hands on my eyes. I squealed.

“Eros?” I asked.

Nope, batman. Stupid. Who called you here?

“Yes princess it’s me” he said and pecked my cheek.

“Where are we?” I questioned.

“You’ll soon know” he said.

“But..” he cut me off by something soft on my lips. Then I knew he kissed me.

Wow, how can you know that early.

“Eros..” I again said and he again kissed me.

“Atleas..” he kissed me again.

“Stop” again he kissed me.

“Baby I know as much as you like kissing me I also love to kiss you and I don’t have a problem in shutting you but we have to go somewhere” he said.

Finally someone can shut your mouth.

This time I kept quiet.

Then we started walking to don’t know where. He was guiding me.

Soon we both came to a halt.

“Baby don’t open your eyes till I say” he said.

I nodded and he removed his hand.

I waited for him to tell me to opem my eyes.

“Baby now you can open you eyes ” I quickly opened my eyes. And I froze on my spot. The view in front of me was breathtaking. We were on a beach. A tent was in the middle. In which two chairs and a table was placed. It was dimly lit by candles. It was so romantic. The path to enter the tent was lit with candles.

I looked at Eros and he was staring me with an unknown gaze. An unknown emotion can be seen in his eyes, is that love that can be seen in his eyes? I’m not sure. Why would he love me?

We walked towards the table and got seated.

“Do you like it?” He asked by scratching the back of his neck.

I must say, he’s having some hidden romeo inside him.

“I don’t like it..” he froze and disappointment can be seen in his eyes.

“I don’t like it instead I loved it” I continued.

He sighed in relief and his facial expressions changes which cause me to giggle.

He grinned.

“Are you hungry? ” he asked.

Before I could say anything my stomach told him by her own. I blushed.

When she’s not?

He chuckled.

Then he clapped his hands and a waiter came towards us and started serving us food.


I was hungrily looking at the food but Eros he was looking at me in aww.

I lowered my gaze.

When the servant left I quickly dig in the food. It was so delicious which caused me to moan.

I quickly looked at Eros and I can see that he stopped eating. I bite my lip.

“You don’t know how am I controlling myself” he muttered to himself but soon continued eating.

What does he mean by that?

I also started eating carefully without moaning.

When we finished our food Eros again clapped and the waiter took the dishes away.

We both stood up from our seats and walked on the sand bare feet.

After walking for few minutes I felt that Eros is not walking with me.

Are you walking so fast? Poor Eros can’t match your pace.

When I turned around. I gasped.

He was sitting on knees and a bouquet of red rose in his hand. His eyes show love, affection, adoration.

Where did he get that bouquet?

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Scarlett please listen to me first.” He said.

He took a deep breath.

“Scarlett, I know our relation didn’t started as a normal couple. I forced you into this marriage without your consent. But I don’t know why did I do that. I wanted you for me. I’m really sorry for hurting you. I can’t change the past but I can make sure that your future will be good. I want to make up everything perfect for you as perfect you are. I don’t know how to say that, I’m not good at words. I want to start our relationship fresh. I want you to give me a chance and I assure you that you won’t regret it. Please Scarlett, trust me on this” he said.

I was totally dumbstruck standing there don’t know what to say. He did things wrong but can I give him a chance? What if he takes me for granted again and once again I’ll break my trust. What should I do?

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