Mr. Rude

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Chapter 34

Scarlett’s POV

After cutting the cake I asked Eros for a dance.

We both were dancing in comfortable silence and were lost in ourselves when I spoke to break the silence.

Yeah, we know that you can’t keep your mouth shut for a while.

Hey! I can.

Why not.

“When will we leave for our home?“I asked.

“Why so eager wifey? Don’t you like yourself in your hot hubby’s arm when today is his birthday? Or finding it hard to control yourself” He teased.

Is that so?

I blushed.

“, I’m not eager for anything and as for being in my so called hubby’s arm I’ll rather be in Nick’s arm” I replied with a wink.

He got furious after listening that and pressed my waist a little harder.

“I hope you won’t mind when I go to Tara?” he said.

Ha! Back on you.

I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Don’t you even think that. I’m not going anywhere you don’t have to tease me” I told him.

He chuckled.

“You look hot when you’re mad” he said.

I blushed.

Obvio man, she’ll be hot as she will be angry and may be steam will come from her eyes.

“Hey don’t blush like that. You don’t know how I’m controlling myself to not to rip your dress away from you right here right now. Don’t test my patience baby” his eyes darkens when he said that.

I gulped.

Our dance ended when people started applauding.

Why did they disturbed us?

I think there is some itching in their palms that’s why they clapped.

We both pulled away as we see the music is already stopped.

When did it stopped?

When you were busy in your own world where you both were doing naughty things.

I blushed.

Soon the time to went home came. I hope he likes my gift. I’m really nervous what will happen.

Either he’ll like it or he’ll throw you out of his house by kicking your ass.

Hey! He’s not going to kick my ass.

Means you think he’ll throw you out of the window.

I didn’t said that.

You know?


You’re stupid.

Shut up.

I hope he choose the first option.

We both were sitting in the car and discussing about the gifts.

“I loved Nick’s gift.” I teased.

“If you have a friend like Nick then only you’ll know about my feelings ” he said.

I laughed.

Nick gifted him a T shirt on which “Nick’s best friend” is written and he got same for him but “Eros’s best friend” was written on his.

What an amazing gift.

“I think you should both wear it when you both are meeting so I can click your pictures ” I teased.

He glared at me.

It’s better to keep quiet

So I shut my mouth.

“As for the gifts, you didn’t gave me any gift? Where’s my gift wifey?” He questioned.

“Your gift is waiting at home.” I told him.

“And what would that gift be?” He asked.

“You’ll soon know hubby” I mocked.

When we reached home I instantly stepped out of the car and walked towards Eros.

Hold him tightly so that he’ll not run away from you.

Shut up.

I can see the excitement in his eyes. I hold his hand and walked further in our home.

We walked towards our bedroom and I stopped at the door.

It’s time Scarlett. It’s now or never. You have to do this.

You can do it my soldier.

“Before entering please close your eyes.” I said.

He thought for while then closed his eyes.

I hold his hand. Took a deep breath and entered the room.

Here we go.

I closed the door behind me and switched on the lights.

“You can open your eyes now” I told him.

He slowly opened his eyes. I can see the confusion in them.

I hope I’m doing the right thing.

Fingers crossed.

Eros’s POV

When I opened my eyes I saw that our bedroom was dimly lit with candles which is making it cozy and in the center of the room a big YES was written with the balloons.

I frown in confusion.


What is she accepting?

“Yes?” I asked Scarlett.

She nodded.

“Yes” she said.

What question’s answer is she giving? Is that she’s mad and dumbest girl and she should be taken to the asylum as soon as possible?

Oh no! I can’t believe it.

What happened? Am I right? This speaker is going to asylum?

She said yes to me.

So? I’m confused.

"Scarlett am I getting it correct? Are you saying what I want to listen?” I questioned.

She nodded and bite her lips.

I lift her up bridal style and twirled her around.

She squealed.

Please tell me also. I’ll also twirl around like that.

I was laughing hysterically.

What happened? Why are you playing a wierd kind of ring around the roses?

She said yes to me.

No shit Sherlock! When? How? How came I didn’t hear you?

Shut up.

Hey, are you going to throw her out of the window? If yes, I’m so excited man.

Keep quiet.

I hate you. You don’t love me anymore. Oh cruel world why am I here with him.

How melodramatic my conscience is?

I know. You love me.

I ignored those stupid voices and put her down after a few minutes.

Hey make sure she doesn’t fall on her face because of your stunt.

“Scarlett are you really going to give me and this marriage a chance?” I confirmed.

Oh! She said yes for that. This means she’s not going to asylum. Damn.

You want her to go?

Um.. it’s not like that. Concentrate on your wife please.

She came forward and cupped my cheek with her hand.

“Yes Eros. I want to give you and this marriage a chance. I was stupid that I didn’t answered you on the spot. I want us to start fresh. I want us to become real husband wife without any grudges and forgetting whatever happened in the past.” She said with a smile.

Is she saying the same thing?

Scarlett’s POV

I want to give him and this marriage another chance. I’m really getting attached to him.

I moved forward and kissed him on the lips. I can sense his shock but he soon recovered and kissed me back.

My one hand went behind his neck and another in his smooth and silky hairs. His hands were on my waist firmly gripping me.

I broke the kiss and touched my forehead with him.

“Eros” I said while panting.

He was also panting because of our passionate kiss.

“I want to give us a chance. I want you to be mine.” I kissed him.

He thought for a few minute.

“Are you sure about it?” He asked.

I nodded.


His face erupted with a big grin. I smiled at him. But inside a tornado was going on. This is my first time and I hope I don’t make a fool of myself like I always do.

He lifted me up and went towards bed. And put me on the bed. He hovered my body with his.

Now it’s time for you to go to sleep my dear conscience.

But I don’t want to.

Good night.

I once again diverted my concentration back to my sexy hubby.

He smiled and started showering kisses on my face and started moving downwards towards my neck.

Because of pleasure my mind stopped working. My mind was numb. I can just feel the things that he is doing with my body.

“Eros” I moaned.

I haven’t felt like this in my life. He’s making my body do different things. Different good things.

I hope I’m doing the right thing.

I let him do whatever he wants to do with me.

And with that he made love to me that night.

After our exhausting love making he lied beside me and was stroking my hairs with his hand.

I was totally exhausted.

“Thank you so much Scarlett. This birthday was my best birthday ever and all that is because of you. Thank you for trusting me and giving us a chance.”

He kissed my forehead.

I smiled at him.

I was about to fall asleep so I snuggled to his chest more.

“You smell nice.” I murmered.

He chuckled.

“Baby I’m yours you can smell as much as you want” he said.

“I love you Eros”

These words left my mouth without my consent.

The stroking of my hairs stopped.

And I was too exhausted to think about it. And I was sleepy so mind was not with me.

After some time I heard something like “I love you too wifey” were the last words that I heard and I drifted off to a deep slumber in Eros’s arms.


I can feel someone’s stare on me.

When I opened my eyes it got connected to my favourite green orbs.

“Good morning love” he said with a smile.

He was staring at me constantly while playing with my hairs.

“Good morning” I replied with a smile.

Last night scenes came to my mind which turned my cheeks red. I covered my face with the duvet.

He chuckled.

“Oh my dear wifey. Don’t hide from me last night I have seen how beautiful you are. But this blush makes you more beautiful. So don’t make it hard for me to ravish you right here right now ” he said by snatching the duvet from me.

I groaned.

He kissed my forehead.

“I’m going to take a bath.” I told him.

“Can I join?” He asked.

“No..” I said.

“Baby we should save water and shower together ” he said and got up from the bed.

I closed my eyes due to his naked glory.

“Aww baby, you have seen everything last night. Don’t blush” he teased.

But I didn’t opened my eyes.

I felt myself lift off from the bed.

“Let’s have a bath... together” he said and started walking towards the bathroom

I opened my eyes and tried to wriggle out of his tight grip but failed.

He chuckled and walked inside the washroom.

That morning first time in my life I bathed with someone. And not only bathing but much more.

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