Mr. Rude

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Chapter 35

Scarlett’s POV

It’s been a month since Eros’s birthday and our amazing night. Since then he was so nice to me. He’s being an idol husband whom every girl wants. Sorry girls but he’s mine. Sometimes I feel like I’m a princess and he’s my handsome prince charming.

Warning: So overly dramatic.

Shut up.

Today me and Sonya are going for shopping.

I want some new dresses and most importantly new heels.

You and your heels.

I was getting ready and I wore white crop top and denim shorts and I completed my look with nude wedges.

Suddenly I started feeling nauseous. I sat down on the bed to make myself okay.

Why am I feeling nauseous?

I don’t think I have flu?

May be it’s the food that you ate last night like a hungry person who haven’t ate for years.

I ignored my thoughts.

When I felt normal I went downstairs as I can hear my lovely friend yelling like a speaker.

But you’re the speaker no?

Shut up. I’m not that loud.

Yeah, ofcourse.

"Oh my God Scarlett, you’re glowing? Why so? Is Eros taking that good care of you?” She teased while coming to me and engulfing me in a tight hug.

Leaves the bones please.

“May be we are meeting after a long time that’s why you are finding change in me.” I shrugged.

Then she should also tell you that you’re getting fat.

“May be” she winked.

I rolled my eyes.

“Now let’s get going now. I know my babies are missing me” I said.

Babies? Who is the babies father? Leave father how can you be the mother. I’m your stupid inner voice and I didn’t knew about the babies.

“You have a baby? Sorry babies? And here thought I’m your best friend and you share everything with me” she sadly replied.

I also felt betrayed.

“Oh my melodramatic Sonya” I sighed.

“I was talking about the heels which I’m going to buy” I told her.

Seriously? Why even I’m asking?

You know?


You’re stupid.


Sonya chuckled.

“You’re so stupid Scar” she said.

Told ya.

“Now let’s get going ” with that we exited my home.

Sonya drove me to the mall and I again felt nauseous. What is happening to me?

“Hey Scar, are you alright?” She asked.

I nodded in reply.

“If something’s wrong tell me. I don’t want Eros to kill me in my sexy age. I’m not married yet” she said.

I chuckled.

He’ll surely kill her if anything happened to you. I believe him on that.

“I’m fine Sonya. You don’t have to worry” I said and turned on the music and we both started singing with the song.

Get aside people. Loud speakers are coming.

We reached the mall in 20 minutes.

When we entered the mall we firstly went to Forever 21 and started our shopping.

After 2 hours of shopping I found a few heels for me. A black, blue, white and red heels. I was in seventh heaven.

“Hey babe why don’t you buy something from there? I’m sure Eros will be happy” Sonya said with a wink and pointing her finger at a store.

When I looked at that way I found Victoria Secert store.

That would be so sexy. Eros will be in heaven after seeing you in that.

My cheeks turned pink and Sonya noticed it.

“Aww, someone is blushing so cutely” she teased.

I stomped away from her like a child.

Correction, stupid stubborn child.

Once again I felt nauseous but this time I also felt dizziness.

“Sonya why are you roaming around me?” I asked.

Why is the mall playing ringa ringa roses around me?

I’m in a mall or in a ride?

“Scar are you fine?” She asked.

Before I could reply I started seeing black dots and every thing went black after that.

I heard some yelling sounds behind me but I felt unconscious.

Eros’s POV

I was in a meeting when my phone started ringing.

When I looked at it Sonya was calling me.

Why is she calling you?

I excused myself and left the meeting room to attend the call.

When I received the call I heard a very disturbed Sonya.

Is Nick with him? Are they fighting?

“Eros?” she asked.

Duh. She’s also stupid. She called you and still asking.

“Yeah Sonya, what happened? Is everything okay? Is Scarlett fine?” I worryingly asked.

“I don’t know Eros. We both were shopping in the mall when suddenly she fainted. I don’t know what happened to her. I’m sorry it’s all my fault.” She cried.

What? What happened to her?

“Sonya calm down first. And it’s not your fault. Just tell me where are you now?” I questioned.

“I-I took her to the hospital. Please come fast Eros.” She cried.

“Sonya calm down and I’m on my way. Send me your location” I told her and hung up the phone and ran towards my car.

“Maya cancel all my meetings” I told my secretary while jumping in the lift.

What happened to my Scarlett?

Oh God! Let her be okay.

Calm down. She’ll be fine.

I drove my car towards the hospital.

When I entered the hospital I saw Sonya crying. I quickly went to her.

“Eros.. I’m sorry. I’m not a good friend.” She cried loudly.

“Where is she Sonya?” I asked.

She took me to the room in which my Scarlett is.

When I went there I saw my Scar lying on the hospital bed. I felt bad seeing my wife lying on a bed.

Aww. Poor Scarlett. She looks good in her speaker mode.

Doctor was checking her.

I quickly walked towards my wife and sat beside her holding her soft hand firmly and kissed on her hand.

“Are you her husband?” Doc asked.

I nodded.

“What happened to her? Is she fine? Why did she fainted?” I questioned.

“She’s fine. And a few test were going on. When the result will come I’ll let you know. I can’t say anything till then. Dont worry. ” she said.

I nodded as I was not in a mood to talk. And the Doc walked away from the room.

“Scarlett.. what happened to you? Please wake up. I can’t see you like this” I sadly said.

I was on the verge of breaking when her hand moved in my hand.

I gripped her hand firmly and stroked her hairs with my free hand.

Soon her eyes fluttered open and my eyes came in contact with the blue orbs.

Thank God. She’s fine.

I smiled and kissed her forehead.

“Are you okay Scarlett?” I asked by rubbing circles on her hand.

“Yeah, why am I here? What happened to me? Where is Sonya?” She croaked.

“Shh, relax baby. Sonya is fine and sitting outside and you fainted in the mall while shopping” I told her.

She nodded.

Soon Sonya came in the room.

“Scar are you fine? I’m sorry for being a bad friend” she cried.

“Oh shut up. You’re the best friend anyone can get ” Scarlett replied.

Such an emotional moment. Tissue please.

And finally Sonya’s waterfall stopped.

Finally. I thought a tsunami was going to come.

Soon the Doc came with report in her hands.

“Are you feeling alright dear?” She asked Scarlett.

Scarlett nodded.

“What happened to her Doc? Why did she fainted?” I asked.

She smiled.

Why the hell she’s smiling? Is she insane?

“It’s normal Mr. Jordan.” She replied.

Normal? She’s insane man.

“How can it be normal. She fainted. It can’t be normal. Tell me what is in the reports. What happend to my wife” I yelled.

Scarlett’s POV

Isn’t it amazing to see someone fight for you. I’m feeling that right now. When does it happened? Eros and I became so close.

I smiled too myself.

What good things I had done to get a husband like him. I’m glad that I married him. Not only marriage but also I’m in love with this amazing guy.

My trail of thoughts broke when Doc said something.

“Jeez, calm down Mr. Jordan. Nothing bad happened to your wife. She’s totally fine. And I’m happy to tell you that she’s pregnant “she smilingly said.

I froze on my spot.






Oh when you both made lov-

I mean scratch that. I’m going to be a mother.

I can feel my eyes getting watery.

I heard a gasp. Which is from Sonya.

“You mean a baby pregnant? When the stomach swells and baby pops out? Is she going to pop a baby?” She said.

No shit Sherlock. She’s going to pop a baby elephant out.

I chuckled.

What an intelligent friend I’m having.


Suddenly I heard a thud sound.

What fell?

When I looked at Eros.

He was not standing there.

But lying on the floor.

Omg!! Eros fell. On the floor.

He fainted?


I laughed out loud.

The doc called some one who put Eros on bed.

Why did he fainted?

I shaked him but nothing.

I pinched him but nothing.

Sorry Eros.

What are you going to do?

I looked at my hand

Noo nooo nooooo, stop.

and smashed it with his cheek.

He jolted up.


“I’m pregnant I’m pregnant” I glared at him.

What the hell is he saying?

“I’m sorry.. um.. you are pregnant. Yes, My wife is pregnant. We’re pregnant. We’re going to be parents. I’m going to be a handsome and hot father” he said with an ear to ear smile.

I rolled my eyes at his word.

He jumped up from his seat and crushed me in a bone crushing hug and showered my face with kisses.

He’s so cute.

“Thank you so much Scar. Thank you so very much for making me the most happiest man alive on the Earth. I love you so much wifey ” he said.

“I love you too hubby” I replied.

With that he smashed his lips on mine.

I heard a click sound and we broke the kiss.

That sound came from Sonya who was holding her phone in her hand.

We both looked at her.

“What? You both were looking so cute. I can’t stop myself” she shrugged.

Then we all laughed.

We’re going to become parents.

I hope everything goes well.

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