Mr. Rude

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Chapter 36

Scarlett’s POV

Eight and a half months have passed since the day I fainted and got to know about my pregnancy.

After the news Eros totally changed. He took great care of me and my stupid cravings. I sometimes craved for ice cream and waffles at midnight. And if Eros dares to refuses my demand I used to cry like a baby due to these stupid pregnancy hormones.

We both don’t know the sex of our baby as we wanted it to be a surprise.

It is midnight now and I am craving for lemon ice cream and you know what Eros is bringing it for me.

Poor Eros.

But where is he?

You had send him for ice cream. Remember?

Why is he taking so much time?

Why don’t you call him?

I took my phone and dialled his number. And guess what? His phone was ringing beside me.

He’s becoming stupid with you.

I’m not going to leave him today.

Suddenly the door burst open and a disheveled Eros came inside.

Once hot Eros is now messed up Eros.

I chuckled at his appearance.

His first few shirt buttons were open and his hairs were like a mess.

“Aww Eros, you brought me my ice cream. I love you” I said by grabbing the box of ice cream from his hands and started digging in it and moaned as the chilled ice cream touched my tongue.

Eros came and sat beside me and kissed my cheek.

“Happy?” He asked.

“Very” I grinned.

“Are you not going to share?” He questioned.

“With whom?” I asked.

Seriously? How many people can you see in this room?


“Obviously me” he stated as a matter of fact.

I glared him with my most deathly glare at him.

“And why would I?” I asked by narrowing my eyes.

“Oh come on, I brought it for you at this time and you’re not sharing it with me” he pout.

Aww, he looks so cute.

I kissed his pout.

“Stop whining like a baby and open your mouth” I said.

He opened his mouth and I was about to put the spoon full of ice cream in his mouth. But,

My mood changed.

I put it back in my mouth.

He literally cried.

You’re so evil.

“Oh shush, you can have it. I’m full” I said by giving him the box.

After giving him I lied down on the bed to have my beauty sleep.

Eros soon switched off the light and lied beside me. He pulled me towards him and kissed my forehead.

“Good night Scarlett” he said.

“Good night ” I replied.


“Wake up sleepy head” Eros said in a high pitch voice.

What happened to him early morning?

I groaned.

“Get ready wifey. We have to go to my mom’s place. Remember?” He said.


I got up and went to washroom and did my business and took a nice warm bath.

I wore a yellow sundress and flats as I can’t wear heels.

I’m sympathetic to you.

When I looked myself in mirror I cried. Tears were flowing at a great speed.

Wow. You’re turning into a never ending waterfall.

“What happened? Why are you crying baby?” Eros asked by holding my shoulders.

“I’m not beautiful anymore. I look like an elephant” I cried.

True. Lol.

“Who said that? You’re the most beautiful women anyone can get. You look so cute in this way also” He kissed me forehead.

Means you’re an elephant but a cute one.

“What do you mean to say? I am an elephant?” I questioned.

“Noo” he said in horror.

I hope he lives.

“Um.. I meant that you’re cute like this. And an elephant can’t be this cute like you” he said.

“Really?” I asked with a wide smile.

“Really” he said with relief.

I giggled.

He kissed me.

“Now let’s have the breakfast” I know both my babies are hungry.

I grinned and rubbed my tummy showing that I’m hungry.

When I reached at kitchen I can smell the sweet smell of pancakes and my mouth started watering.


Shut up.

I sat down on my seat and the maid served me pancakes. I spread the strawberry syrup. I licked my lips at the beautiful view.

I dig in without even waiting for Eros.

“Someone’s really very hungry today” he teased.

She’s always hungry.

I smiled at him with my mouth full of pancakes.

Don’t scare him.

After having breakfast we both head towards Eros’s mom’s house.


When we reached there Eros’s mom hugged me and I hugged her back.

She asked me about my health and I told her that I’m fine.

We all sat down on the couch.

Eros walked with her mom to have some talk.

I stood up and was praising the paintings in the house.

I felt something wet flowing down my legs.

You peed?



How do I know?

Oh shit! Your water broke.

How can the water break?

Stupid Scarlett. Your water broke.

Why will it break?

Argh! I’m not talking to you. You’re so stupid. Pregnant ladies water broke when they have to pop a baby out.

Oh shit! My water broke! Because I’m pregnant!

Then on cue a sharp pain went throughout my body.

Was the pain waiting for you to know?

“Eros...” I screamed by holding my stomach.

He ran towards me. When he saw me he froze.

“Eros..” I again screamed.

“Oh shit! It’s time” He screamed in much more higher pitch than mine.

Why the hell is he screaming?

Then his mom came and she screamed in the most higher pitch than both of us.

What is happening here?

Eros turned around and hold her mom.

My eyes widen.

Shouldn’t he hold you instead of his mom?

“You stupid idiot” I exclaimed.

“I’m the one who’s pregnant. Hold me” I hissed in pain.

“Oh sorry” he came towards me and hold me and carried me towards the car.

He put me in the car and her mom sat beside me and Eros drove towards the hospital.

I was flowing colourful words without even thinking that I’m with my mother-in-law.

The pain was unbearable. It was killing me.

When we reached the hospital Eros took me to the wheelchair and dragged it as fast as he can.

I’m not doing it again.

“Eros..” I screamed.

“You stupid, idiot, ass, moron.... I’m never doing this again.” I shrieked.

“It’s okay honey. We’ll not do this again.” He reasoned.

“Now take deep breathes ” he said.

“Because of you I’m bearing this unbearable pain.” I screamed.

“Scarlett we’ll do everything with protection” he said.

“Now calm down and breathe in... breathe out” he said.

“How can I calm down with such excruciating pain... Aaarrhhh” I screamed.

“Eros...” I said.

“Yes baby?” He replied.

The nurse laid me down on the bed. And Eros was standing beside me holding my hand.

“Do you love me?” I asked.

“Of course baby, I love you” he replied with a kiss on my hand.

“You’ll love me after I give birth to our baby?” I questioned.

“Yes baby. I’ll love you after you give birth to our baby. Now shush” he said.

“Eros..“I screamed.

“It’s okay baby” he reasoned.

“Eros” I again screamed.

“Calm down Scarlett” he said.

“EROS LEAVE MY HAND. YOU’RE CRUSHING MY HAND” he loosened the grip of his hand.

“Mrs. Jordan, you have to push now” Doc said.

I started pushing but I have no enery left.

“Baby you can do it.” Eros cheered.

“Keep on pushing Mrs. Jordan. You’re doing great ” Doc said.

“I know you can do it Scarlett. For our baby” he said.

I took a deep breath and pushed with all the energy I have.

Soon I heard a screaming. But this time it’s not mine. It was our baby’s scream. Tears flowed from my eyes.

“Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Jordan. It’s a boy” Doc said and covered our baby and gave him to Eros.

When Eros hold our baby I can see the tears flowing on his cheeks. He kissed our baby’s forehead.

He showed me our baby and kissed our baby’s forehead. Our baby is a exact copy of Eros but with my blue eyes. He’s so beautiful just like his father.

Suddenly another excruciating pain went through my body. I screamed.

“Mrs. Jordan push again.” The doc said.

“Why?” Eros asked.

“Another baby is on the way” Doc said.

I shocked.


I looked at Eros and his expressions were mirroring mine.

He quickly give our baby to the nurse and hold my hand.

“Scarlett... push.. you can do it. One more time, please” he said.

I once again started pushing.

After few hours of my screaming and pushing I heard a melodious cry.

I smiled with my tears.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl” Doc said and wrapped our daughter in a towel and gave to Eros.

“My beautiful daughter” Eros said with a kiss on her forehead.

“Look Scarlett our baby girl” he smiled.

I looked at our daughter. She’s so beautiful. She’s my copy but with Eros’s eyes. I kissed her forehead.

Then the nurse gave me my baby boy and asked what name will we give our twins.

“Eric and Erica” I said.

Eros nodded in approval.

“Eric Jordan and Erica Jordan” he said.

Nurse nodded and left.

“Thank you so much Scar for making me the happiest man alive” he kissed my forehead.

I smiled.

“But still I’m not doing this again” I exclaimed.

He chuckled.

“I love you my Scarlett"

“I love you my Mr. Rude"


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