Mr. Rude

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Scarlett’s POV

After 5 years...

It’s been 5 years when our little bundles of joy came in our lives.

Eric and Erica. They both were like the best kids anyone can have. And not to forget their dad and my hot and sexy husband, Eros.

Yeah he truly is. You’re reaclly lucky that he chose a stupid like you.

Shut up!

I’m very happy that we both accepted the marriage and gave it a chance.

I decided to have a get together with everyone. I’m really missing them all. So I planned a dinner party at our home.

Are you trying to kill them with food poisoning?


Because you’re the cook.

Shut up.

I can cook now.

I learnt how to cook soon after our babies borned.

Forget my stupid inner voice.

Nick married Sonya soon after us and now they have a cute little baby girl Sophie. She’s three years old and so beautiful and so cute with chubby cheeks.

And the most unexpected wedding was of Anna. She married Richie, our stupid Richie. They are happily married since two years. And now she’s expecting a baby.

I was checking whether everything was ready or not when two very familiar muscular arms wrapped around my waist.

“What is the mother of our cute babies cooking?” He said whispering in my ear.

Is he trying to blow in your ear?


“Am I only related to you because of our kids” I glared at him.

“Ofcourse not, you are also the daughter-in-law of my mom” he teased.

“Okay then you should not hold me like this” I huffed and freed myself from his hold.

He chuckled.

“You look adorable when you’re mad” he said and again wrapped his arms around my waist. But this time he turned me so now I was facing him.

“I can look much more when I’m actually mad” I said by wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Is that so?” He started leaning closer to my lips.

“Vook, Daddy is voing to kiss mummy” Eric said to Erica in a very adorable voice.

Stop your romance. You’re parents now.

I pushed Eros which made him to stumble and fall on his butt.

That must have hurt.

Both of them started giggling.

“Daddy fell on the fvoor” Erica said while giggling.

Soon I started giggling with them.

“Y’all are laughing on me” he said with a devilish glare.

Both the kids started running.

He caught them and started tickling both of them. They were screaming.

“Sovvy daddy, but mommy was also vaughing with us” Eric pouted.

“Ohh, Then let’s tickle mommy” Eros said and three of them launched on me and started to tickle.

“Okay.. okay... I’m sorry. I won’t laugh at you” I screamed within my laughs.

“What do you say kids should I leave your mommy?” He asked to the kids.

Eric and Erica looked towards each other then said “Noo....” And again started to tickle me and they were also giggling.

They are devils.

Soon they stopped. I took a deep breath and relaxed myself. But all of them were still giggling. I glared at them, they stopped their giggling.

Soon we all started laughing.

Suddenly the door bell rang. Eros went towards the door to open it and I tidied myself and my kids and went towards living room.

There stood Nick and Sonya with their lovely daughter Sophie and beside them were Richard and Anna with a baby bump. Pregnancy suit’s her perfectly. She looked beautiful.

I went towards them and hugged them.

“Hello uncve and aunty” Eric and Erica said in chorus.

“Hello babies, how are you?“Sonya asked them.

“Mommy can we take Sophiee to our voom?“Erica asked.

I nodded.

All three of them ran away to their room.

“So how’s your life going after declining the sexiest man alive on Earth, hope that idiot is treating you well and if not I’m there for you” Nick teased with a wink.

I love this guy. He’s also available for you knowing that you’re stupid.

Shut up.

I was about to reply when Sonya interrupted me.

“Oh, is that so? Then who I’m to you” she said in a threatening voice.

Nick gulped.

May his soul rest in peace.

“I was joking babes, you’re the only one for me” he nervously said.

I can’t help but giggle at them which made him glare at me like ‘I’ll see you, backstabber’

I turned my gaze towards Anna who was talking to Eros. And I can feel the tension that Eros must be threatening my poor friend Richie.

I reached there and supported my friend.

“Hey, don’t you dare scare my friend. He’s such a nice guy” I said.

“Yeah that’s why I’m warning him to be nice, otherwise..” he left it hanging.

I rolled my eyes.

“Shut up” I snapped.

I heard giggling which was from Anna.

“You both are so cute” she said in Aww.

I haven’t seen anyone got blind by pregnancy.

Hush up.

“More than us?” Nick said from behind.

“Yes” Anna giggled.

Nick huffed in annoyance.

“So Anna how’s your pregnancy going?” I asked her.

“Good, I can’t tell much though” she said.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fine” I said.

Yeah, experienced people.

She smiled at me.

Once again door bell rang and this time our mums came.

Huggers alert.

As soon she entered they hugged us or more like broke our bones with their deadly hugs. After that I took all of them to the dining table.

Because it’s time for food.

When we were eating I felt a sudden wave of nausea. I covered my mouth and ran towards the bathroom.

Eros came after me and he hold my hairs. After clearing my stomach in the pot I relaxed.

“What happened? Are you alright? Did you eat something wrong? I thinm I should-” he said but cut him in the mid by...

Will something romantic happen?

Do you think so?




Because I again threw up.


When I finally stopped I told him that I was fine and he should join them. They must be worrying. I’ll join them after cleaning up.

He firstly made myself comfortable then he went towards the guests.

When I came out of bathroom after brushing my teeth and washing my face Sonya was seated on the bed.

“Are you alright? Eros told me you’re throwing up? Is everything okay?” She asked worryingly.

“Yeah I’m fine must be a bug” I told her while wiping my face.

“Did you ate something wrong?” She asked.

I ate pancakes, waffles and strawberry smoothie in the morning. Then in lunch I ate pasta and some tea. Then I baked a cake.

“Nope” I told her.

It’s not called wrong it’s known as eating like an elephant.

Hey! That was mean.

But I was never polite.

“Babe when did you have your last period?” He asked.

“Oh that....”


Oh God!


My eyes widen.

“Last to last month” I told her.

“Means you’re pregnant… Yippie” she clapped her hands in excitement.

Another one’s on his/her way.

“I’m not sure..”

“But I am” she said.

“Let’s tell everyone” she started walking out of the room.

“Wait, I’ll tell them” I said and walked towards the dining area.

Everyone was worried so I told them I was fine because I firstly want to share this with Eros.

I took a seat beside him and poked his thigh.

“Is everything alright honey?” He asked.

Yeah, its known as lack of your control and precaution.


“Um.. actually..” I started.

“What happened?” He asked now getting serious.

Oh God! Listen to her first.

“I think I’m.. I’m” I once again started.

“I’m calling the doc, I don’t think you’re fine” he said a little loudly which caught everyone’s attention.

I faceplamed myself.

I think he doesn’t want to listen your voice.

I once again started but got interrupted by my mum.

Are they for real?

I groaned.

I took a deep breath and once again very calmly tried to tell Eros.

“Eros.. I think I’m preg-”

When I looked at him he was talking to Nick.

What the hell is happening here?

I glanced around and everyone was literally shouting.

Fish market is in the house.

Quiet now.

“Eros” I said.

“Everything is going to be fine” he assured me.

He dialed doc’s number and put his phone on his ear.

I huffed.

“Eros..” I calmly said.

“Eros..” I said a little louder.

“Eros.. ” still he didn’t responded.

That’s enough.


Finally. Pheww.

This time everyone listened and shutted their mouths.

“What?” Eros said.


“Oh!” He said.

“You’re pregnant?” He said more like telling himself.

“Oh Eros, once again. Seriously? Have mercy man. I’m on my first child and Richie’s baby haven’t borned yet and you’re on your third. Oh my dear Lord” Nick shouted dramatically.

Everyone laughed at his comment.


I blushed.

And most amazing thing Eros was also blushing.


I hid my face in Eros’s chest.

Everyone once again laughed.

“We’re having another child” he said and kissed my forehead.

“I love you so much Mrs. Jordan”

“I love you too Mr. Jordan”

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