Mr. Rude

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Chapter 3

Scarlett’s POV:

Seriously, him again, and he’s the infamous Eros Jordan.

Scar why did you bump into the billionaire. I think the wall would have been better.

First time in my life I agree with you.

As he came on the stage the crowd loudly applauded for him, and that’s when he showed his signature smile. His smile is wow. He was wearing royal blue tux and he was totally looking like a Greek God in all those lightings.

But still he’s the same Mr. Rude don’t forget that.

My inner voice reminded me.

Girls were literally drooling over him. I can see the girls how they are focusing on him only.

When he was seated at one of the seats for the guests he started looking in the crowd. I hid my face under my hand but still he noticed me and smirked his evil smirk.

I am sure that he was smirking at my way only. He was watching me with such a great intensity.

I shuddered.

“Ohh look he’s smiling at me” a girl behind me said.

I stopped the urge to laugh.

“No dumbo. He’s looking at me. Look carefully.” another girl said.

But I know to whom he was showing his smirk.

I tried to stick to the seat and not to run like a caveman out of the hall.

Why me?

Now the great Eros Jordan started his speech as our head invited him to do so, and I’m having a strange feeling that he’s looking at my side only.

Soon distribution of degrees started.

Sonya tapped my shoulder and asked “I don’t know why but kinda feel like the hot guy is staring at you?”

Because he is.

“Yes he is, because he’s the same guy into whom I bumped.” I annoyingly said.

She gasped “Omg! Don’t tell me you bumped into the most sexiest bachelor Eros Jordan. You are such a lucky girl. I think I should also start bumping into random people” she said.

If only she knew.

I hushed her as my turn to collect my degree came. I got up from my seat and Sonya and Richie wished me luck. As I reached the stage Eros smirked his dangerous smirk at me. I flushed and nervously reached in front of him and when I was standing in front of him to collect my degree he shook his hand with me and squeezed it.

He smiled.

“Congratulations Scarlett....babe”


He said babe...huh?

My eyes widen.

I snatched my hand from his grip and glared at him.

But he winked at me.

I got dumbfounded. Did he just wink at me or was it my imagination? I can feel the heat reaching my cheeks and I know my face was red from the embarrassment.

He chuckled at my situation.

Oh Mother Earth open up and swallow me, please.

Within no time I quickly walked from the stage and ran from there.

When I came away from there I released my breath which I don’t know I was holding. My heart was beating like hell.

What the hell just happened?

After flowing some colourful words from my mouth for that arrogant but hot Mr.Rude. I walked back towards the area where the party will happen.

He must have gone by now. No need to worry.

As soon as I reached there I spotted my friends standing there.

“Hey guys” I said taking a fruit punch as I was feeling thirsty.

“Where the heck were you? You weren’t answering your calls? Are you out of your freaking mind? You just walked away from the hall without telling us about your where abouts?” Sonya yelled.

“Exaclty Scar are you insane? We were worried about you. You should have told us where were you going.” this is Richie.

“Calm down you guys. I’m okay and I’m not a kid. You know I’m a graduated girl” I winked at both.

Bad moment for your humor.

They both annoyingly roll their eyes.

I chuckled.

“Now forget everything lets party. Don’t be a party pooper” I requested.

“Okay. Lets party” said Richie cheerfully.

He grabbed both my and Sonya’s hand and dragged us to the dance floor.

We danced like there is no tomorrow.

“Guys, I’m going to rest for a while. My feets are killing me” I said.

“Me too. These killer heels” said Sonya.

Don’t accuse the poor heels.

As we both got seated I noticed Sonya is looking me in a different way.

I think something ugly is on your face.


Your face.

That was so bad.

“What?” I asked Sonya.

“You know after you ran out from the hall the hot guy asked me about you” she said.


"W-who?” I stuttered.

“The Eros guy. What’s going on?” She teased.

“Nothing. There is nothing between us. He’s such a stupid conceited guy. Who don’t know how to apologize for his mistakes and don’t even care for anyone, jerk” I stated.

“Wow in few meets you learnt a lot about him.. nice” she winked.

“Shut up” I said.

“I don’t wanna talk about him. Forget about him and I’m not going to meet him again. Anyways, how’s your pumpkin and where is he?” I questioned to change the subject.

No more Mr.Rude talks.

“Okay. As you say. Pumpkin went home as his mother was not feeling well. I asked him if he need me he said he’ll manage” she said.

“You know you both are perfect for each other. I wish I could find a guy who would be perfect for me” I said dreamingly.

“Soon you’ll get your perfect match babe. Now let’s enjoy and rescue our friend from those clingy girls” she laughed.

Then we both went to Richie and helped our poor friend.

We partied till late night. Richie dropped me at my home and soon I wore my comfy clothes and jumped on my bed with my teddy baby.

Today’s thoughts came in my mind.

I hope I never meet that guy again.

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