Mr. Rude

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Chapter 4

Eros’s POV

After attending the meeting and cracking the deal with Mr. Watson. I was very happy that I cracked this deal. My rival company wanted this deal but me being me, won’t let that happen.

After all you’re the famous Eros Jordan.

Thank you thank you.


I was totally exhausted and moving back to my penthouse but suddenly my phone started ringing, and the caller was my secretary. I picked it up.

“Yes Maya” I asked.

“Sir, there is a graduation ceremony in Trinity college in which your presence is requested.” she said.

“And when is this ceremony happening?” I questioned.

“Next week Sir and there are no other meetings on that day. Would you be able to go?” she asked.

Means you have to attend that function.

While talking to Maya suddenly a girl came and bumped into me and she fell on her butt, and due to bumping my phone also fell down. I cursed under my breath “Shit”.

Where the hell was she watching while walking?

The girl got up while rubbing her butt and brushing dust from her clothes.
“Sorry” she said.

“You should be” I huffed without looking at her. I was in no mood to talk and it’s all her fault why didn’t she moved away when she saw me coming.

You were also not seeing where are you going.

My inner voice said.

I know but I’m not going to apologise. I’m the Ceo I don’t apologise to anyone.

“What?” She asked shockingly.

Is she deaf? Can’t she hear it in first time?

When she looked up our eyes met.

Wow. She’s so beautiful.

She had sparkling blue eyes, her hair were brown, pale skin, full lips, her whole look screams innocence. She’s a true beauty.

But she’s also the one who bumped into you. My inner voice reminded me.

Bad timing.

I regained my posture and started blaming her.

Why do I take all the blame on me?

“Huh” she asked.

Oh man! She was checking you out.

I repeated myself after clearing my throat.

When she didn’t replied I contined accusing her.

After wasting some time with the stupid argument with her.

I pushed her aside and kept moving on with shooting daggers on her side.

She yelled at me. But I ignored her and continued on walking on my way.

When I turned around she was standing there still shocked.

I smiled to myself.

She’s cute I hope I meet her soon.


It’s been a week since I bumped into that girl. I never saw or bumped into her again. She was so innocent from her looks what would be she like from inside? I really wanna know her.

I sighed.

I wish I could meet her again.

Man you’re whipped.

Shut up. I don’t have feelings for her. I have met her only once. And it was not a proper meeting.

Today is that graduation ceremony in Trinity college and I’m on my way to the college.

When I entered the college, I was walking inside when I suddenly bumped into someone, and that someone was about to fall I grabbed her waist as soon as I came to know that someone is she and when she lift up her face, same sparkling blue eyes. Yes, I mean no, she’s that girl to whom I keep bumping. She’s looking sexy in her royal blue dress but still looking cute and soon I came to know I am checking her out.

We are kind of matching.

You’re so happy to see her. Totally whipped.

“Not you again” I huffed.

Fake acting.

I’m not acting.

Everyone knows.

“Why the hell you keep on bumping me. I seriously think you should consult a doctor for your eyes” I said.

I know this will make her furious. I grinned to myself.

Now tell I’m whipped or not.

Yupp.Totally whipped.

I groaned.

After a small argument she walked away from me. But this time by pushing me aside.

Not so innocent. She’s fiesty, but I like it.

Then the head of the college came and I walked away in with him.

But what was she doing here?

Don’t know.

After sometime when I have to enter in the area where ceremony is happening, a large crowd came into my view. Who were hooting and shouting. I just gave them a smile and got seated to my alloted seat.

Let’s get over with it.

I was looking in the crowd when someone catches my attention. Who is none other than that bumping girl. She was hiding her face under her hand, her gesture made me smirk.

She thinks that she’ll hide herself from this whipped man’s gaze. She’s so wrong.

Hey! I’m not whipped.

Afterwards I gave a speech on my business by looking at her side only. She’s talking to a girl sitting beside her and a guy next to her. Is he her boyfriend?? I shaked my head and ignored all the thoughts and concentrated on my speech which was written by me. liar.

My inner voice scolded.

Okay... it was written by my secretary Maya... happy?

You can’t even think.
My inner voice teased.

Soon the degree distribution started and one by one students came.

Then Scarlett Miller’s name announced and the bumping girl came. ohh bumping girl has a name... I chuckled.

With the looks of her she was nervous and I know somewhere it is because of me. I smirked.

She came in front of me. I gave the degree to her and shaked my hand with her giving a little squeeze.

She flushed.

“Congratulations Scarlett... Babe” I said with a wink.

Her face became scarlett red just like her name. She was blushing... because of you.

My inner voice said.

I smiled a genuine smile..

She snatched his hand from me and quickly walked away from there.

I chuckled at her cuteness.

After distributing all the degrees my eyes were searching for that blue one, but I can’t find her.

Then I saw that girl who was talking to her in the ceremony.
I approached her.

“Have you seen Scarlett?” I asked.

She shaked her head and said ” I’m also looking for her whenI’ll find her I’ll surely tell her that you were asking for her”. She smiled.

I nodded and walked away.

I thought I’ll talk to her this time, but,

No problem.

Better luck next time.


With that I headed towards my penthouse as I am in no mood of working.

Yeah! You want alone time for your bumping girl’s thoughts.

After reaching my penthouse I freshen myself and wore my sweatpants and lie down on my bed and closed my eyes.

Blue eyes came into my view,

Her name is Scarlett, it totally suits her.

“I hope I’ll meet you soon, Scarlett” I said.

With that I fall into a deep sleep.

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