Mr. Rude

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Chapter 5

Scarlett’s POV

It’s been two weeks since graduation and I was looking further to get some coaching related to fashion designing.

After fully wasting two weeks sitting at home doing nothing, today Sonya and I planned to go for our favourite thing.


I love shopping. Isn’t it amazing to buy new dresses, accessories, make-up and heels, how can I forget them.

They are true love.

So we both are going to the nearby mall as they have a very good collection of dresses.

I was wearing a beige coloured jumpsuit with black heels. My hairs in are tied in a messy bun, mascara and lip gloss. I don’t like to be covered in make up all the time.

After getting a final glimpse of myself in mirror. When I was picking up my purse I heard sound of a car honking.

Sonya’s here. Now let’s do some shopping.

I hurriedly walked towards the door telling mom that I’m leaving. Sonya came into my view, sitting in her red Mercedes. She look hot as always.

I got seated in the passenger seat after hugging her and soon we were off to the mall.

As we reached the mall we firstly went to buy the dresses.

After trying dresses for uncountable times, I got exhausted. After buying dresses we decided to buy heels. Soon I felt more energetic.

I grinned.

Magic of heels.

I bought five pairs of heels, they were literally begging me to buy them and I can’t listen them begging, so I bought them.

Heels were begging? Seriously?

My inner voice asked which I chose to ignore and kept on completing my shopping.

When we finally got exhausted we came to the food area to feed our poor tummy.

“One cold coffee and one ice tea and two blueberry muffins please” I ordered to the waiter with a smile.

Soon our orders came and we were gossiping, so we took a pause and started our eating continuing with our gossips.

After some gossiping we headed towards our home.

As I entered my home I felt something fishy was going on, maybe your mother is cooking fish. my inner voice joked..“very funny” I said to my inner voice.

“Scar... are you home?” My mum asked.

“Yes mom” I replied.

“Please come in my room I want to have a talk with you” mum said.

Why doesn’t it sounds nice??

Same with me.

“Yes mom?” I asked. She was sitting on her bed. She was in some deep thoughts. I knocked the door to gain her attention. She looked at me.

“Have a seat” she said patting the space beside her. I walked towards her and sat beside her.

“So how was your shopping?” mum asked. “Good” I replied.

I have a feeling that your mom is about to burst a bomb on your head. I think you should wear helmet first.

"Shut up” I said to my inner voice.

“Honey? Are you listening?” Mum asked.

“Yeah, sorry mum.. uhh. .what were you saying?” I asked.

“Yes, so I was telling you that I met my best friend Carol yesterday. You know her right? My childhood friend?” mum asked.

I nodded.

“So she was asking about you and I told her that you just completed your graduation and now preparing for the further studies in fashion industry” mom is getting nervous. Is something wrong?

I bit my lip.

“So she asked me if.. uhh.. you... uhh... mmm....” mum stuttered.

“Yes mom? Is anything wrong? Are you alright?” I patiently questioned by squeezing her hand. “She asked me that she...ehh.. she wants you to marry her son and become her daughter in law” she said after which she released her breath.


I told you. Now look a bomb bursted and you didn’t use any protection. Now handle this new problem.


“Noooo” I yelled.

“No mom I can’t and I won’t marry someone like this” I stated. “Mom I’m 21.. just 21. I have my dreams ahead. A whole future ahead of me. I can’t sacrifice my dreams for a marriage, nooo noo ,I won’t marry any one, sorry to disappoint you mom but no, I won’t marry anyone this soon. Please try to understand” I said still in shock.

“But honey it is best for you and you can fulfil your dream after marriage also and the guy whom you’ll marry he’s one the famous ceo. You’ll be happy my dear. Please don’t say no. You know I have very strong relationship with Carol. She’s the only one for me who supported me after your dad’s death. Your no will cost me my friendship and I don’t want to loose my only friend. And I don’t see anything bad in it.” she said.

Yeah why would you she see something bad in it? She’s not the one marrying an unknown guy.

I was standing there in shock, battling with myself. What should I do now? And this bloody inner voice always leaves me when I need her the most.

“Honey you know I’m getting old day by day and I don’t know how much life is ahead of me, but before dying I want to see you happy. Don’t I deserve this. I only want to see my daughter happy. Please baby please. Listen to me this time and I guarantee you that you won’t regret this decision. Please Scarlett, please understand what I’m saying” she said with tear in her eyes.

I can’t see her like this. I can’t make her cry, after dad she’s my only family. But I don’t want to marry so soon. What should I do?

I can meet the guy and then make him say no to marry me. Yes. That would be perfect.

This is the best idea for now.

My mother is about to go I stopped her and hugged her and said “I’ll marry him mom. I’ll marry him. I’ll marry whosoever you want me to marry I’ll marry him”

She tightly hugged me and clapped her hands.

She smiled squealed like a kid.

“Okay honey I’ll tell your soon to be mother-in-law about your acceptance” she smiled and kissed my forehead.

When she was leaving the room I heard her muttering yes. Was this her plan?

No. My mom is so sweet and innocent. She won’t trick me.

Its time to think what should I do now?

Who knows may be that guy rejects you.

Your idea is not that bad. I have to convince that ceo guy to not to marry me, may be he was facing the same thing as me.

When I was leaving for my room for a good sleep I heard my mum “my daughter agreed. I know she can’t see me cry. I used this against her. I know I know but this is for her own good” mum said while talking on the phone.

What the hell?

Exactly what the hell? My mum my innocent mom fooled me to say yes for this marriage.


And I got fooled so easily. Damn. But who’s gonna marry that guy.

I evilly smirked.

My mom is something else. I laughed at my mom’s plan. She totally fooled me.

Now I have to meet that Ceo guy.

I came to my room and took a shower and wore something comfy and lied down on my bed.

Hey! I forgot to ask that ceo guy’s name.

As I care about his name. Afterall I’m going to make him say no to me. I squealed in my mind and finally closed my eyes.

I hope that the guy don’t find me beautiful.

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