Mr. Rude

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Chapter 6

Eros’s POV

Two weeks have been passed when I last met Scarlett.

I smiled at her thought.

Even her name makes you smile. Exclusively whipped.

Shut up.

Today there was a meeting with Mr. Watson. It was kind of boring.

Kind of? Are you insane it was totally boring.


I sighed and walked towards the conference room.

But soon it got finished. With a sigh I came back to my office after shaking hands with Mr. Watson.

After doing a few work I wrapped up my work and was ready to head back to my house.

I exited my office and walked towards my baby, my love, my black Audi A6 where my driver Jimmy was waiting for me.

“Good evening Sir ” he greeted with a nod.

I nodded in reply.

I got seated in the back seat, afterwards Jimmy came to his seat and we were off to my house.

As I reached my house, while entering I saw an old lady sitting on the couch. She’s your mom stupid. My inner voice scolded.


“Hey Mom” I greeted her.

Bro something is not right. I can tell you.

Oh! shut up. You are exaggerating. Everytime my mom comes to meet me you always say that.

You don’t trust me. I was with you all the time and now I’m facing this.

Such a drama queen.

I ignored my inner voice and concentrated on my mom.

“Hello my lovely son” she replied while hugging me.

See, she’s calling you lovely. Bro you’re still not believing me, right?

I chose to ignore him again.

“How was your work?” She asked while making herself comfortable on the couch.

“Good” I replied briefly.

Why did she come?

“Why are you here mom?” I asked.

She narrowed her eyes at me.

“Can’t a mother come to meet his lovely son?” She replied.

Something is going to happen. Be ready.

Now I’m also getting the same feeling as you. I said to my inner voice.

“Yes mom you can, but at this time. Is something wrong?” I worriedly asked.

“Actually, I met my bestfriend today.” she hesitated.

“That’s good. What’s the problem in that?” I asked.

“No dear, there is no problem” she nervously laughed.

“So? Is everything alright?” I again questioned her.

“Umm... I met her and as you know she is my best friend since childhood... um, as you are also getting older..umm, soo.. uhh...” she stuttered.

Your mom never stutters. Something is definitely wrong. I can’t hear anymore. I’m going.
My inner voice said.

She sighed then in a single go she said ” I want you to marry her daughter.” after saying she released her breath.


Marry her daughter?

No way.

See, see, I told you she came here to get you married. I told you but you won’t believe me.

I frowned.

Zip it up. No more words. Let me think.

"And why do you think that I’ll marry her?” I questioned her and raised my eyebrow.

What was she thinking? That I’ll gladly accept her proposal. I don’t even know that girl, what if she was fat or what if she was ugly or some slut? Noo man! I can’t see you like that, you have an image to maintain.

I sighed.

First time I agree with you.

“No mom I can’t” I stated bluntly.

You are Eros Jordan. The most droolworthy bachelor alive. Girls are dying to be at your side and she thinks that you’ll marry any girl, any unknown girl. No way. This is not gonna happen.

“Please son for your mum’s sake please marry her. She’s beautiful and well mannered. I had seen her and she is a perfect match for you. You’ll definitely love her. She’s so kind and sweet.” she requests.

Say no to her. Say noo. Say N.O. NO. A very big no. You can marry any girl you want. Don’t say yess otherwise I’ll kick your ass.

Just say no to her.

“Yes mom, err... I mean no mom I won’t marry any girl. Especially an unknown girl. I don’t even know her mom, what if she’s not kind as you’re saying? What if she’s a gold digger, you know I’m not a fan of gold digger, why are you forcing me mom?” I asked her.

“Son I’m not forcing you it’s your life and what if she’s the right girl for you? You should atleast meet her. Without meeting her you won’t be able to know how perfect is she for you, You love you mum no? Please meet her, if you don’t like her then I won’t force you, pretty please” she said while showing her puppy eyes.

How will I say no to her.

Bro I think one meeting won’t cost anything.. and then you can make the girl say no and your mum will stop forcing you and you’ll enjoy you’re life. you think so?


Okay then.

“Okay mum. I’ll meet her but if I don’t like her you’ll never ever force me in life for marriage and you’ll stop being the cupid for me. Okay?” I told her.

“Okay, my lovely son. I’ll do whatever you say. I love you so much” she said while kissing me on the cheek.

“I’ll soon prepare a meeting for you two and I know you are most definitely going to like her” she winked.

I meekly nodded with a sigh.

“Now I have some urgent works. I got to go, will meet you soon” she said while getting up with an ear to ear smile.

A victorious smile.

Your mom is a smart one, she knows how to make someone say yes.

I know.

“Okay honey, take good care of yourself. I will tell my friend that our plan worked. uhh.. I mean you’re ready to meet her daughter ” she smiled a nervous smile.


What is my mum planning??

She started walking towards the door but suddenly stopped and turned around and said “By the way the girl’s name is Scarlett”



Is she the same?

As I was about to ask her but the shutting of door’s sound came and I knew she left.

I sighed.

Can she be the same girl?

May be or may be not. We don’t know her full name yet.

I don’t think so that she’ll be that Scarlett.

You’ll get to know when you’ll meet the girl.

I reached the kitchen and eat my dinner which was made by my chef.

After eating, I reached my room and came out from my clothes and took a long hot shower and wore some comfortable clothes and lied down on my bed.

I put my hands under my head and started thinking to save myself from mom’s proposal. I think I should make the girl hate me, may be she’ll reject me.

But what if the girl is my Scarlett?

Seriously your Scarlett???

Yeah right. she’s not mine.


I sighed

And soon closed my eyes.

Within few minutes I was out.

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