Mr. Rude

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Chapter 7

Scarlett’s POV

Its been two days since my mom bursted a giant bomb on me.

She didn’t say anything after that and was busy in doing her work.

My mom has her own boutique. I got inspired from her and want to help her in future.

Aww, so sweet. Like mother like daughter.

I smiled.

I told all about the marriage news to my friends, both were like what the hell is your mom thinking, sudden marriage, you are so young for marriage, all these words are from Richie. It’s really great to know that someone other than your family cares for you.

But when I told Sonya she said “wow, lucky you, marrying a ceo guy. Is he sexy? Is he tall? Babe I envy you. I wish I also had a mom like you.” She is totally insane. Here I’m feeling sad that I’m getting married and she is saying all these things. But deep down I know she was saying all this to lift my mood.

I sighed.

I was in my room, busy in playing games in my phone when there’s a knock on my door.

“It’s open” I yelled.

The door opened and my mom’s face came into my view. She was smiling. She came and sat beside me showing her cute smile.

Be ready girl.. my inner voice warned.

Ohh! hush up.

“Hey honey. How are you?” She asked politely.

Isn’t she being very polite??

I ignored my inner voice.

“I’m fine mom. How about you?” I replied with a smile.

Smile as much as you can.

Can’t you keep your mouth shut.

Okay. As you say, but babes you’ll soon see, How evil your mom is?

I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll surely be fine as my little baby girl is completing her mother’s wish. Infact I’m not fine I’m on cloud nine to have such a daughter like you. I’m glad that you’re my daughter” she smiled by showing her shiny teeth.

I smiled in reply.

“I talked to your future mother-in-law about the marriage and she told me that her son is also ready, so we decided to arrange a meeting for both of you.” she cheerfully said.

See I told you to be ready.

You’re right.

Now go and meet him and make him say no to you.

I secretly smiled at my inner voice.

“So you both are meeting tomorrow at The Chelsea’s. Be ready and reach there by 12 noon. And here is a dress for you, which I specially made for my honey bunch” she said while handing me the box.

It was a white coloured box with pink ribbon knotted on the top of the box.

When I opened the box my eyes widen, it has an white dress with pearls embedded in its neck, it was so beautiful.

I’m in love it.

Me too.

I jumped from my seat and crushed my mum by tightly hugging her.

Time for revenge. Now it’s time to crush your mum’s bone.

“Thank you mum, thank you so much. This dress is soo beautiful. I love you I love you I love you so much” I said with a kiss on her cheek.

Thank God. At least something good is happening in all this drama.

I grinned.

“No problem baby. I’m glad you liked the dress. Be ready and reach there on time. Don’t make him wait” she said happily.

“Don’t fail me” she said warningly.
With that she left by closing the door.

Hey.. you again forgot to ask the ceo guy’s name.


You should have told me before.

What can I say? I forgot, after all I’m your conscience.

I sighed.

I’ll ask her in the morning.

I continued on my game.





I really want to kill the person who invented this sleep disturbing device, alarm clock.

I groaned and shutted the alarm off.

And burried my face in the pillow.

Get up. You sleepy ass. You have a man to reject.


But who the heck made this rule that we have to wake up in the morning. I hate mornings. Why mornings can’t be in the evening?

I have an idea. Why don’t you keep on sleeping then you don’t have to meet that guy?

Brilliant idea.

I high fived my inner voice.

As I was about to sleep again my door opened and my mum started yelling.

Damn! I don’t think she is gonna leave you.

“Wake up honey. You should start getting ready otherwise you’ll be late. Get up. Get up quickly” she said by clapping her hands.

I hid my face more in the pillow.

Soon the noises stopped. I think my mum left my room.

I victoriously smiled.

I don’t think the same. After all she’s your mom.

I was about to open an eye to check on my surroundings but suddenly I heard a loud noise near my ear.

I screamed and fall off my bed with a loud thud.

I rubbed my now aching bums.

When I looked up, I saw my mum laughing at me with a phone in her hand. She made that loud sound from the phone.

I groaned in protest.

“Gotcha” she said laughingly.

“Now get ready” she chuckled and left my room to let me get ready.

I defeatedly got up from my bed and went to bathroom. After getting showered I looked the watch and its 11.

Shit! I’m going to be late.

Who wants to reach there on time?

Not me, but I have to otherwise I’ll be dead.

I quickly wore my dress and let my hair fall down wore my nude heels. Applied little bit of gloss and with mascara I completed my look. I glanced at the mirror and after confirming my look I went down.

My mum was standing there ” Honey, you’re looking gorgeous” she said with a kiss on my forehead.

I was to about to leave when my inner voice reminded me.

Who’ll you meet if you don’t ask the guy’s name.

Oh yeah, thanks.

“Mum? What’s his name?” I asked.

“Ah! sorry dear I forgot to tell you, um.. his name is um... I forgot his first name. But his last name is something like Jordan. Sorry dear, but don’t worry he knows your name and the bookings are already done, you’ll find him” she said with a smile.

“Okay. I should be going now. Bye mom” I kissed her cheek and left her.

I took a taxi as I’m in no mood to drive.

Jordan, I have heard this name somewhere.

My train of thoughts got interrupted when the taxi driver told me that we’ve reached our destination.

I jumped out from the taxi and paid my fare to the taxi driver, and entered the restaurant.

I reached the reception and asked for the bookings under Mrs. Miller.

As I was about to move to where the receptionist told me that’s when I bumped into a hard chest.

Crap! Not again.

“Sorry, it was my mistake.” but when I looked up.

Noo way.

Noo freaking way.

Same pair of green eyes were looking at me.

Why you always end up bumping and specially into him?

He was staring at me with a confused gaze, his mouth is hung open. He’s looking so sexy and hot in his casual wear, but wait can anyone tell me?

What is he doing here?

He’s definitely stalking you.

I got frustrated and bluntly asked him “Are you bloody stalking me?”

“No. That’s not my style babes but for you I can do it if you want” he winked.

I rolled my eyes.

"Then why are you always in the same place as me? If you are not stalking me?” I said while narrowing my eyes at him.

"I can say the same for you. You were also always there where I was and am” he smirked and crossed his arms over his chest and glanced me from up to down.

OMG! he’s checking you out.


I shifted uncomfortably.

I pointed my index finger at him.

“You...” but I was cut off by a waiter.

“Mr. Jordan come with me. I’ll show you your table.” the waiter said to him and he was about to go when the bells of my mind rung.

Jordan? Doesn’t this name rings a bell?

My eyes widen in shock.

Can he be the same.

I think he’s the same.

Oh god no, please. Don’t let this happen. Please make it a dream.

“And mam is there any chance that you are Scarlett Miller?” he asked.

I nodded.

“A table for both of you has been booked by Mrs. Miller, so come this way” the waiter said.

I froze after listening this.


This can’t be true.

I’m surely dreaming.

Someone please pinch me.

I can kick you if you want.

Seriously why he have to be Mr. Jordan.

You forgot, remember on the graduation day? What name did you find out?

Noo way.

How can I forget his name?

Don’t mind babes. After all he’s so hot, even today he’s looking like a true greek god and don’t forget he’s the topmost hottest and sexiest billionaire.. The Eros Jordan.

Shut up.

I don’t need your mockery now.

Okay, but he really looks hot and sexy.

“God, please make mother earth open up and let her swallow me.” I said to myself. Totally flushed in embarrassment.

Why he?

Why Mr. Rude?

God, What do you want from me?

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