Mr. Rude

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Chapter 8

Eros’s POV

It’s been two days when I said yes to meet that unknown girl.


Yeah, same.

After that night my mom didn’t even disturbed me nor even said anything.

I think she felt pity on you and forgot about the proposal.

I hope you’re right.

I was in my office sitting on my chair and checking about the new deal that I signed yesterday.

It wasn’t very tough deal to crack so it was very easy for me to grab the deal.

It’s been a while since I met that bumping girl. Something is in her that everytime I see her I just get lost in an unknown feel.

I want to meet her again. There is something in her which attracts me towards her more and more. I wish I meet her again but without bumping.

I chuckled.

Hey lover boy, you should not be thinking of any other girl when your mom is booking you for another girl

My inner voice teased.

My train of thoughts got interrupted when my office doors bursted open and my mom came in with a huge smile.

And here comes the devil.

“How is my lovely son feeling today?” she cheerfully asked.

Isn’t she so cheery today?

She’s always cheerful.

“I’m good mom. How are you?” I said while getting up from my chair.

I walked towards my mom and she gave me a tight bone crushing hug.

Are your bones alright?

“I’m absolutely fine honey” she showed her toothy smile.

She proved that she had brushed her teeth.

Shut up.

“Want some water or anything?” I asked my mom out of courtesy as I took a glass of water for me.

“No dear” she smiled.

Isn’t is she smiling a lot?

“Why so happy mom?” I asked as I took a sip of water.

“Why won’t I be happy as my son would be meeting her soon to be wife tomorrow” she squealed by clapping her hands.

I choked on my water.

And here’s the bomb strucked directly in your throat.

I was coughing badly when my mom started rubbing my back.

“Honey, are you alright?” She worriedly asked.

When I came back to my senses I said ” yes mom” I cleared my throat “Don’t call her my wife, she’s not my wife.” I warned.

“Yet.” she cut me off.

“She’ll soon tie knots with you and will become your lawful wife” she stated.

And here I was thinking that your mom felt pity on you and cancelled that proposal.

“As I was saying, you are meeting her tomorrow at The Chelsea’s.
All the bookings are done and your butt should be there at 12 noon, otherwise....” she evilly smiled.

No.. no. Say yes. Say Y E S.

“Do you wanna see my otherwise honey?” She dangerously asked.

Bro don’t test her she is dangerous. I’m afraid of this side of hers.

"Oo-okay mom” I gulped.

I cleared my throat.

“I’ll be there” I nervously smiled.

“Aww my lovely son. I know you won’t say no to me” she grinned.

Pheww, you saved me from seeing a true devil.

And with that she left my office.

I hope everything happens fine tomorrow.

I also wish the same.

I took a deep breath and ignored all the negative thoughts and concentrated on my work.


(Next morning....)

I woke up on the beeping noise of my clock.

I opened my eyes, it’s 7:00 AM. I shutted the alarm off and went to bathroom to do my morning rituals.

Then after coming out of the room I wore my sweatpants and a Tee and went for jogging.

After coming back from jogging I went to my room to take a nice hot shower. After the shower I dried myself and wore my fresh sweatpants and take a look at the time, 9:30. I have a lot of time, with that I went to the kitchen to have my breakfast.

I’m not going to the office till that meeting with the unknown girl.

Scarlett, her name is Scarlett.

Oh, you are up. Good morning. Did you sleep well?

Nope, your mom’s dangerous face was coming into my view but thanks for asking.

I rolled my eyes.

Suddenly my phone started ringing and my mom’s name showed up on the screen.

Speak of devil and the devil appears. All the very best.

Oh, hush up.

I received her call within time.
“Good morning mom” I greeted.

“Oh, good morning dear. I can see you are up” she said.

“Yeah mom” I briefly said by taking a bite of my toast.

“So, you remember no? That you are meeting Scarlett today at 12?” She asked.

“Yes mom, I remember” I replied.

“That’s good. So are you ready?” She questioned.

“Mom, I have to meet her at 12. So why hurry?” I said.

“Son its quarter past 10 and you should start getting ready. I dont want you to be late. Now hurry up” she stated.

I sighed.

“Okay mom I’ll get ready. Bye mom” I said.

“Okay son, enjoy. Love you. Bye” with that she hung up the phone.

Your mom is pure evil.

First time in my life I wanna agree with you.

I left the kitchen and walked towards my closet. What should I wear today?

I took out a black jeans and white shirt and a black blazer.

After getting ready I took a glimpse of time.

Holy shit.

Its 11:30. I’m going to be late.

Run bro run, otherwise your mom will have you in dinner.


I exited my home and went to parking and uncovered my ferrari. Today I’ll drive by myself. I got seated and drove to my destination.

When I reached The Chelsea’s, I parked my ferrari in the parking. As I exited my car I can feel stares of the people.

When I turned around girls are looking at my side.

I smirked.

And continued to enter the restaurant.

When I entered I went to reception and asked for the bookings.

Suddenly a girl came and asked for the bookings under Mrs. Miller.

Her voice is so melodious so similar.



I was about to turn but I bumped into her. What the hell is with these girls and bumping?

“Sorry, It was my mistake...” when she looked up. She was not any girl, she was,


With her sparkling blue eyes.

Did she planned or is she really loves to bump in every guy she see but now the main thing is..

What is she doing here?

I was unable to move my gaze from her. She was looking soo damn alluring in her white dress which is perfectly fitted on her curves. She’s looking as beautiful as an angel.

Close your mouth otherwise flies will come in.

I closed my mouth.

She was accussing me for I don’t know what. But she’s looking hot, all worked up.

Lover boy, time to come out from the dream world. I’ll give you your favourite candy.

Shut up.

I crossed my arms over my chest and glanced her from up to down.

She is indeed beautiful.

Yeah, with perfect curves and this dress suits her a lot.

Hey stop. You are shamelessly checking her out. She’ll think she can control you with her looks.


I controlled my feelings and composed myself.

She uncomfortably shifted.

She pointed her index finger at me.

“You...” she was about to say something but was cut off by a waiter.

“Mr. Jordan come with me. I’ll show you your table” the waiter said to me.

I nodded. As I was about to move.

“Mam is there any chance that you are Scarlett Miller?” waiter asked.

She nodded.

“A table for both of you has been booked by Mrs. Miller, so come this way” the waiter said.


Seriously or am I dreaming? She is the girl whom your mom selected for you to marry? Who keeps on bumping on you whenever she meet you. I’m starting to think that she has some kind of bumping disease.
I can’t believe this. Earth is really round.
My trust on the world ended today.

She is the one whom my mom selected for me.

And she is none other than the.

Bumping girl.


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