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Bind Me

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Summer, is the alphas daughter, and never expected that her best friends, Liam, and Matty, would be her mates.... Liam and Matty, the late alphas twin sons, never expected that their best friend, Summer, was the mate of their dreams being twins they think and look the same but their personalities are extremely different... Liam with is joking devil may care attitude is the emotional of the brothers that with a smirk can leave Summer wet and ready to go while his brother Matty is the dark mysterious one that with one heated gaze leaves Summer a trembling mess. Can Summer survive with her brothers in a relationship and not get caught or will they get caught and their parents accept it or not...

Romance / Erotica
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1) Life Changes

~~Summer’s P.O.V.~~

As I walk in the house after I get home from my friend’s house, I see dad standing there looking at tuxedos in the living room.

“What are you doing, Dad?” I asked him hesitantly.

“Oh this? I am just looking at tuxedos for my wedding to Sheila. It is ne-.”

“Hold up! Repeat that dad!” I say hotly.

“I am getting married, Summer. There is no changing this,” my dad said with a fire in his eyes and determination in his voice.

My dad is getting married!!!

“What?!? This is not possible! Mom died just two years ago,” I yelled at my dad.

“Sweetie, I love Sheila and you will also be getting two step-brothers-” he started.

“Hold up, I am getting what?” Interrupting him to get answers. This is so exasperating.

“You’re getting step-brothers, their names are Liam and Matty,” he explains slowly, as if he is talking to a 2-year old.

“So, you mean I am not just getting a new mom, but I am getting brothers too?” Just great, that will be fun. As an after thought I mention, “They just happen to be my best friends too, great.”

“Honey, they are nice boys just a year older than you,” he says like it will make everything better.

Rolling my eyes, I say angrily, “Dad, I did not want any of this. I will be going to Berkeley at the end of the summer, why hit me with this now?”

“Well, your new step-brothers are going to Berkley to wach over you.”

Just great, I will have to see them every day.

“Don’t run away, Summer.”

“Why not, Dad? Is it not any better than what you are doing?”

This is going to be the worst summer ever. I might as well just stay right here in my room. Just then my phone beeps.

Carrie: Hey girl! I got ur distress call.

Me: Carrie my dad is getting married!

Carrie: I’m sorry girlfriend do you need anything?

Me: Yes, for my dad to get his out of his ass!!!

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