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Meet Desi a lesbian demigirl just struggling with the world of hate and trying to find people like her, maybe even a girlfriend, Desi sure doesn't know.. Prolouge: "Desi, the church can help you, its just a phase," Desi's ex best friend told her. "No it's not," Desi says, her voice filled with stress. As Desi walked away from her "friend" she knew things would never be the same.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1. Realization

“UGH! How could I be so stupid, thinking people would accept me!” Desi complained after accidentally coming out through jokes to the most homophobic person in the world, her best friend, or should I say ex best friend? Desi flops on her bed listening to some music but feeling so pitiful. “CLOSETS SHOULD NOT BE FOR PEOPLE!!! CLOSETS ARE FOR MOTHBALLS!!” Desi complained to her wall that was probably tired of hearing her complain.

“DESIRAE! Come downstairs!” Her older sister, Mei screamed up the stairs.

“Just a minute!” Desi says taking her sweet time and realizing that people in real life are nothing like people online, people in real life were ten times as homophobic.

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