My Twin Masters

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Masters doesn't like bad pets... "Kneel." Sebastian demanded softly. I lowered myself to my knees looking down at their shoes. Sean pet my hair, stroking me. "Tell me kitten, what did you do wrong?" My bottom lip quivered not liking when I disappointed them. "I didn't ask permission from Masters." Sebastian put two fingers under my chin lifting my head. I looked to his ear not making eye contact out of respect. "Bad little pets need to be punished."

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Sebastian stared at his kitten while she slept. He wondered how he and his brother were so lucky to have been blessed with a perfect submissive like herself. Long white hair sprayed across the pillow as small snores escaped her mouth. He kissed her cheek before turning to his twin brother Sean who was also sleeping.

Standing up he walked out the room, going to make some breakfast for his pet and brother. Hearing small footsteps gave him a clue at who woke up first. Setting the plates down he smiled at the bright blue eyes that connected with his.

“Hello, my love.” He said lovingly. Juliette smiled at the name before skipping over kissing his cheek.

“Hello master, how are you today?” She questioned before snatching a piece of bacon when he wasn’t looking. Smiling at him innocently when he turned back to her.

“Feeling better now that I get to see my gorgeous pet eyes.”

“You’re a too kind master.” She said softly when noticing that he was staring at her lips with a dark smile. Walking closer to her, he pulled her close before connecting their lips, slowly and passionately as Juliette moaned into his mouth, him swallowing it up easily.

“I see no one dared to wake me for breakfast.” Sean’s husky voice floated into the room as he leaned against the door. Him being shirtless gave Juliette a chance to take in his abs and delicious v-line.

“Oh, don’t be a downer brother, I just finished cooking and was going to send Juliette for you.” Juliette’s face lit up when thinking of all the different ways to wake her master. Sean walked closer before laying a soft peak to her lips.

“My beautiful pet you look beautiful this morning.” Juliette blushed, her pale skin turning a light shade of pink.

“Come eat you guys.” They walked over before sitting down, Juliette waiting patiently for her masters to eat first. Sebastian took the first bite before Sean and then Juliette picked her fork up and began eating.

“Today you’ll be working at the club.” Juliette physically tensed, the twins knowing too well her dislike for the club.

“Don’t worry love, nothing major just some serving of drinks and entertaining the customers and remember both me and Sean are going to be there if anything happens hunny.” Juliette relaxed at the reassuring voice. Nodding her head, she agreed and the twins gave her a big smile which made her insides melt.

Once done the twins and Juliette went back to their room. Sean believing that Juliette deserved a reward for being such a good girl. Pulling her close he kissed her lips softly in the beginning before deepening it, his tongue plunging into her mouth. Juliette moaning as his hands began to explore her feminine body. Sebastian went to take a shower, leaving the two alone. Sean pulled away from the kiss, moving up to her ear.

“Such a beautiful pet.” His voice was husky in her ear. Giving it a light bite, as his fingers began to float downwards, before disappearing into her lace panties.

Rubbing her ball of nerves, Juliette moaned loudly. “God yes Master.” She said as he plunged a finger inside of her. Grabbing onto his shoulders she held onto him as she began climbing the high he was creating for her. Smiling at the bliss that laid on her face, urged him on to bring her to her release.

“Cum for me baby, cum all over my hand.” At his command she came apart, having a long moan escape her mouth. She stared at him with a bit of gaze as she fell gently on the bed.

He chuckled at her response, watching as her lips turned into an O. He walked over to put some hand sanitizer on seeing as his brother was still in the shower. Annoyed he yelled at Sebastian.

“Seb hurry up!” He needed Juliette to get in as he walked over to the closet.

Opening it up he walked in, pulling out different outfits. None fitting for what he wanted her to wear before finding a dress. It had a red lace corset under it, as the dress held a pattern of eccentric design while still having the red and blue interlaced together. Having no straps, which would show her neck and plunging neckline. Along with it coming to a stop right under her bum. Showing off her long legs that would be paired with some flats. He knew she disliked heels with a passion and he and Seb didn’t particularly like them either.

Walking out the class he came back to a dressed Sebastian and a missing Juliette, but judging by the water running he knew she was in the shower. “Okay, any meetings today?” He asked and Sebastian shook his head. “No all I have is completing some paperwork and talking to a disobedient sub.” Nodding his head he got dressed and waited for Juliette to get out so that he could dress her.

He and Seb talked before hearing the soft voice of their pet. She was looking down, her hair was damp and her body fully dry. Lotioning her up before pulling the dress over her after adjusting the corset to her comfort. He passed her over to Sebastian who did her hair, putting a braid in. He watched as Seb brushed and massaged her scalp, observing how her body relaxed to his touch and go into her subspace. Fully submissive and comfortable with full trust in her body language. He snickered when noticing the relaxed look in her eyes as she stared up at them with her beautiful blue eyes.

Both grabbing each of her hand they left their home before heading to the twins BDSM club. One of the biggest clubs in Nevada that had everything to fulfill your deepest and darkest desires. They started it when they were 25 but now at 28 their business was flourishing as it continued to grow. They smiled at Juliette as they all left the car heading into the building

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