My Twin Masters

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Chapter 10

“Wake up Kitten.”

Juliette stirred as her eyes opened slowly. She wished for nothing more than her masters. She smiled as she saw Sebastian dashing face in front of her.

“Good morning master.” Her voice was low and filled with sleepiness.

He smiled at her, as he pulled her up and against his naked chest. He wasn’t perfect build as those would believe. He held scratches on his skin and marks, which Juliette made it her goal to kiss every day.

It’s always been that way with them, as their love grew, so did the feeling of wanting to protect one another.

Juliette shivered in his arms, loving the way his body felt against her body. The way her body completely surrendered to him, then she felt a feeling creep it’s way up her body. She pulled away quickly as her eyes began to well up with tears. The images taking control of her vision.

She pulled her body into herself as she rocked herself. Sebastian held tears in his eyes as he watched this female become undone. He moved closer and could see the goosebumps make their way up her body. Juliette hated this feeling. Of complete emptiness and not being able to touch her master without crying.

“It’s okay baby girl, it’s okay.” Sebastian soothing voice broke the barriers of self-torment.

“It’s okay love, just relax. Take a deep breath. That’s good, keep breathing for me love.”

Juliette felt herself calming down. Her body slowly subduing to her master’s voice. She loved that about him, how his voice could calm her down from some of her worst anxiety attacks.

Sebastian ran his fingers through her hair, finding the confidence to move closer to her. He didn’t exactly full on touch her but he gave her a comfort of having her master near her. “It’s okay baby girl, I’m right here.”

Juliette slowly breathed in and out, her body coming down from the high she was on. She inhaled his scent, tentatively wrapping her arms around his waist. She willed her body to stay calm, this was her master. She could trust him, he wasn’t like that disgusting man. She closed her eyes and visualized memories from their past. Like their one year anniversary.

She had got all dolled up and made sure to put on their favorite dress on her. She was all giddy and excited as she waited for them. She waited all day, literally all day from morning to night waiting on them. The funny part of it all was that they told her they would be there in the morning. Of course Juliette was beyond pissed and sad that they had bailed on her.

She returned inside their apartment and took all her makeup off and when she was about ready to get into bed, she heard knocking on her day. She almost stopped herself from getting it, but she went and opened it anyway. Surprised to see a box, a tiny silver box with white lacing on the top made into a cute bow. Picking it up, she slowly opened it. Amazed by the detail of print on it.

Inside was a card.

A simple card, with the following message.

Dear beautiful,

I know you are probably pissed and I don’t blame you. Meet me and Sebastian on the top of the roof and we’ll explain everything to you and you’ll be in for a surprise love. Don’t keep us waiting.

Sincerely your boys

Juliette was stunned silent, she wanted to keep them waiting. So she went back inside and took her time picking another outfit out. Not caring about the time going by. Once she found a beautiful lace pink dress that stopped right under her bum. She pulled her hair back, leaving some crinkles in the front and pulled on some simple lip gloss. They wouldn’t get her dolled up look, instead a simple and elegant look.

Walking out of the apartment she slowly began her climb to the top. Her heels clinking against the stairs as she walked. Once reaching the top she opened the door slightly. Peeking out and to her surprise, she found herself staring at roses on the ground. She fully opened the door and her eyes widened as she saw the amount of flower that completely engulfed the ground.

She began her walk and when turning the corner, her eyes began to tear up as she saw her boys. Both wearing suits and both having a bouquet of her flowers in each of her hands. They were daisies, she only told them her favorite flower one time. She was full on crying at the thought of them remembering something insignificant.

Moving closer to them, she could see that they had taken their time on this. Making sure everything was in the exact location and pleasing to the eyes. “Boys...” Her voice cracked and they simply smiled at her.

“My love”

They moved closer to her, pulled her close and immersed her with their love.

Making her night epic.

Juliette snapped out her memories with a small smile on her lips. She realized her arms were wrapped around his waist with no problems. She relaxed into his hold and caressed her fingers over his skin. She smiled softly as she pulled herself up. When she noticed his hands coming towards her she shook her hands and pushed his hand away.

Sebastian watched as she slowly brought her lips to one of his scars. He had received this one when he and Sean got into a fight at a young age and Sean had pushed him into a rusty gate. It was a bad wound and his mother was highly disappointed in Sean. Sean was of course forced to say sorry to Sebastian.

Juliette brought her lips to another one of his scars, kissing it slowly. She continued this all the way to the very last scar. “I love you master.” Her soft voice traveled into his ears and Sebastian just about melted to it.

“I love you too kitten.”

“Way to leave me out of the fun guys.”

Sean stood there smiling at the two. Not wanting to fight with his brother in front of their princess. “Come here princess.” Juliette climbed out the bed, her feet a soft sound on the ground as she walked towards him. She tentatively wrapped her arms around him and inhaled his scent as well. She knew she could trust her masters and willed her body to not feel that nasty feeling when touching her masters.

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